Video: Lady Goes On EPIC Rant, Gets Kicked Off Plane

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Just under two weeks ago we saw Dr. Dao dragged off a United flight. He didn’t do anything wrong, other than refuse to get off a plane because they had more passengers than seats. He was calm throughout the situation, unlike how he was initially portrayed by the airline.

Well, on the end of the spectrum, some insane video footage has just emerged of a lady getting kicked off a Delta Connection flight in San Antonio. In this case she wasn’t physically dragged off, and sure enough seemed like she may have been misbehaving.

But my gosh, as inappropriate as this lady is, she’s hilarious. I don’t need to watch Real Housewives of Atlanta/Beverly Hills/New York this week, because this lady provides all the drama and humor I need.

If you have eight minutes, you have to check out this video:

The lady doesn’t even seem to take herself too seriously, and says the situation is Trump’s fault, that they don’t know who her momma is, and to forget bipolar, because she’s about to go tripolar.

Is this a situation we can all just get a laugh out of? The passengers around her are laughing, the lady almost seems to have fun with this, the cops are well behaved, etc. At the same time, I assume no one was too happy when they requested all passengers to deplane.

What a video!

  1. As usual, privileged Lucky pointing his nose down at commoners, who are only good for entertainment. Something tells me this lady probably had a legitimate reason for the shit she talked, regardless of how you choose to judge the way she expressed herself. I wonder if you would write a white woman in the same situation off as being “insane”?

  2. How many of us have felt like hostages stuck on a plane that’s going nowhere and with no information about when they are going to release us form the heat, discomfort, lack of toilet facilites etc etc.

  3. That was a bit of a non-story. She appears to be a flyer who while animated, was being vocal about a delay and the cabin temperature. Without seeing the full story, we are left to fill in the blanks. Maybe the cabin crew just decided to eject her without actually addressing her concerns?

  4. I know this is off topic a bit, but what is with the country version of purple rain delta keeps playing?? You can hear it at the end of the video.

    Btw, I might have to use the tri polar line!

  5. “They about to give me a cheque, I need all the cheques”

    And thus the rabid efforts to be deboarded for compensation ensue.

    Hold on to your weaves.

  6. @Lucky – I like your blog but I think you’re really going a too far with how you describe some of your stories. This video is nowhere near ‘insane’ like you describe. The lady was a little heated yes, but I’m fairly certain many frequent fliers will have seen this kind of behaviour in some sorts on their travels – likely more than once. And the EK cutting some US flights is not ‘WOW’ – it was inevitable with the electronics ban. Report it yes, but don’t over hype it.

    I know I’m only one reader – but please – stop posting non-stories, or over-hyping existing ones (Dr Dao was clearly a story but you guys went way over the top with your coverage.

    It would also be nice if you replied to comments a bit more.

    As I said – I like the blog – but you’re trending downhill in content in my opinion for what it’s worth.

  7. @theox The term ‘insane’ in this article accords with the following dictionary definition:

    US informal
    …shocking; outrageous.

    Further, the nature of the video is fairly obvious from the front page, so why bother watching it – unless you only wanted to do so in order to complain

  8. @J Dee

    I left my feedback like every adult is entitled do. Less complaint more constructive feedback.

    Unfortunately, I don’t engage with people that feel the need to try and pick on all the silly little things. Good try.

  9. He didn’t do anything wrong?

    He disobeyed a direct order of the Pilot and the Crew.

    He did just about the only thing you can do wrong.

  10. Sorry to be a wet blanket here but I don’t think videos like this should be used as entertainment.

    I also don’t like the mischaracterization of mental health terms as “insane” and “forget bipolar, she’s going to go tripolar”, which only further blurs the already way to blurred line between mental health problems, entertainment, and bad behavior.

  11. Really don’t like what your blog is becoming, I wish you would stick to more relevant coverage. The number of posts on Dr Dao was frankly disturbing and lately there’s been an increase in useless non-articles.

  12. “He didn’t do anything wrong…”. You sir are wrong, he refused to comply with a lawful request from a uniformed police office and even went so far as to state that he wanted to be dragged off the plane (right after informing someone on the phone that he wanted to sue united). All of that occurred after re-entered a SECURE area that he no longer had access to, the jet bridge and aircraft, which post 9/11 is not allowed for any reason. Please don’t try to paint a man who willfully disobeyed orders from a police officer as anything other than wrong. Bad behavior, on anyone’s part, cannot be rewarded. In addition his own admission of being unwilling to follow rules makes him a security risk and would have necessitated that he be pulled from the flight.

  13. Sounds to me like she was frustrated from being stuck on a hot plane, not given a drink and delayed for hours. I didn’t see anything really threatening. She used colorful language but mostly I thought she was funny. I would have laughed my butt off, if I had been sitting near her.

  14. adi is correct. This post is in very poor taste, and Ben once again shows that he has an enormous blind spot when it comes to his prejudices.

  15. @adi

    Did you watch the video? The woman in question is the one who made the tri-polar reference in regards to herself.

    I personally didn’t find her to be funny or entertaining. I understand that all the passengers were uncomfortable and irritated being stuck there , but for me personally when I am feeling like that, the last thing I need is to hear someone pop off.

  16. @Jenny you are so far off base. He had already boarded the plane which means United couldn’t point to their “Denial of boarding” policies. Your description of it as lawful is overreaching. Also, you seem to forget that he had a concussion after they hit his head while taking him off the plane. If you cause someone to hit their head that hard and then don’t secure them off the plane and get medical treatment for them immediately that is on you not the passenger.

  17. she says, gonna beat yo ass. Yeah, threatening language. Off you go. Aggressive passengers need to stay on the ground, crews do not need that behavior in the air.

  18. people need to get over themselves in regards to uniform police and following commands. Just because a cop says to do something doesn’t mean they are in the right, just ask the good Dr from the United Flight..

  19. Airlines want to operate under the rules of Ships at sea when they are actually Air buses. This whole rigmarole of it being the Captain’s plane is kind of getting old. Captain being the law on a ship 1 months away from land with no radio during the 19th century is very different from a bus driver in the sky where they are always on top of the CONUS. For International flight over international waters maybe the Plane is the Captain’s plane but domestic flights over land should behave like buses. If there is a disturbance stop at the nearest airport and let the local police handle it.
    In this case the cops seem to have handled it OK given the circumstances but the circumstances are because there is a lack of regulation on how long people can be denied refreshment and toilet facilities while in a hold pattern for takeoff. Its not an unsolvable issue but it costs money to solve it and no airline will do it till all are mandated to by law.
    When a seatbelt light is switched on and kept on for more than 30 minutes and someone wants to use the toilet it gets irritating. Planes should board when they have a window to takeoff not just board for the sake of boarding and meeting the Gate Agent’s quota.

  20. It looks like the plane’s delayed by several hours.
    I would be pissed and moaning and hopping mad too if the cabin was burning up on top of all that mess.
    Now that’s my kind of woman speaking her mind without a hint of inhibition.
    And I’m tired of seeing captains and stewardess going on power trips by calling the airport police at the slightest damage to their ego.

  21. This human is an embarassment to the human race. How would you like to be stuck sitting next to this volcano? Unsafe!! I would relocate if at all possible. Luck is right on this one! Dr. Dao was a perfect gentlemen and within his rights.

  22. Prabuddha hit the nail on the head with his comment. Airlines use 911/security as an excuse to treat us all like sheep when we fly. I hate government interference but this is one industry that begs for it.

  23. the lady is obviously not healthy. Videoing her, posting the video, then disseminating it as entertainment is in poor taste.
    You wouldn’t do this if you saw a disabled person fall down a flight of stairs or a blind person walking into the telegraph pole. Have a little more compassion for the less fortunate Lucky. You never know when you find yourself in their shoes.

  24. @theox

    Pity half your complaint is based on a lack of understanding of the term ‘insane’.

    “Unfortunately, I don’t engage with people that feel the need to try and pick on all the silly little things. Good try.”
    Yet you responded to my post – so you misunderstood or misused the term ‘engage’ as well. Nice try, as someone once said…

  25. Ben or Lucky,

    After such experience within the last 2 weeks, and the feedback provided to you by guests, it is extremely disappointing witnessing your failure to learn.

    You have disgraced yourself here.

    Take a break from your blog, seek some balance, and then maybe try to make a comeback.

  26. I love it how everyone is calling this one “Delta Connection” yet on the Dao’s video, everyone kept saying “United Airlines” instead on United Express… Things that make you go hummmm……

  27. Lucky, you only think this woman is insane because you’re very timid when it comes to poor customer service situations. You always complain afterwards rather than raising the matter at the time. Some things are best dealt with at the time. This woman went a bit too far but it sounds like she had a legitimate concern about sitting on a hot plane with no hydration. That situation could drive a lot of people “insane”. Your perspective of this seems to be highly influenced by your submissive personality. I’m not criticising you for that, that’s just you. I just think you should bear that in mind when making subjective judgments about people who are louder than you in raising their concerns.

  28. I would NOT want to be sitting beside this person!! She should have been escorted off n not all the people. Passengers need to learn that they must act civil on the aircraft or be put off and if necessary by force ! Otherwise we are all going to feel unease and unsafe more than we already are !!

  29. People need to act civil on flights or be put off the plane even if by force. I would not be comfortable sitting beside this person!! We need to feel safe on our tracpvels n how can we with people like this acting up?

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