European Security Officials Confirm The US Will Announce Electronics Ban On Thursday

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For a while we’ve been hearing rumors of the US electronics ban being extended to all flights from Europe to the US, and that an announcement could come as early as this week. The Daily Beast is now reporting that European security officials have confirmed that a laptop ban on all flights from Europe to the US will be announced tomorrow, Thursday, May 11, 2017. Per the story:

The Department of Homeland Security will ban laptops in the cabins of all flights from Europe to the United States, European security officials told The Daily Beast. The announcement is expected Thursday.


Not surprisingly, the DHS isn’t officially confirming this, and issued the following statement:

“No final decisions have been made on expanding the restriction on large electronic devices in aircraft cabins; however, it is under consideration. DHS continues to evaluate the threat environment and will make changes when necessary to keep air travelers safe.”

What’s interesting is the use of the term “laptop ban” rather than “electronics ban” on the part of The Daily Beast. I’m not sure if that’s intentional or not, but perhaps there will be slightly different terms associated with this one.

I guess tomorrow we’ll find out exactly which flights will be impacted, which devices will be banned, and when these new restrictions kick in.

I can’t believe this is happening, and I suspect it will be permanent. “Security enhancements,” much like “carrier imposed surcharges,” don’t ever seem to be repealed…

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  1. If this is introduced it could cause some pretty serious outrage from flyers, especially those of the business traveller variety…

  2. What a bummer. On top of it the flights from europe – USA are mostly daytime flights where you can get something done.

  3. @GottaFly: Really? Like flyers have a say on anything it is imposed on them. I still have to buy an incredible overpriced bottle of water inside the airport because someone thinks the one I bring from home is a threat to the National Security.

  4. This *really* affects us bloggers. Yes, we have smartphones, but we’re all a carry-on/cabin bag group. We don’t check bags in for various reasons (as I’ve learned with the AB issues). Also smartphones are really fiddle to type on.

    Not to mention the other issues with our inability to work in lounges during long layovers -OR- short layovers on separate tickets. I’m absolutely floored by the confirmation!

  5. This is getting ridiculous, and I fail to understand why some sort of enhanced screening could not be used (if there was a real and known threat) instead of inconveniencing millions of passengers. Air travel is once again becoming more and more miserable…

  6. I wonder does this make it harder to justify business class if you can no longer do any real work?

  7. I don’t know whether to be happy or nervous about the fact that Air Canada has not yet introduced such a ban.

  8. It sucks to be a budget airline!!! aka Norwigen, level, or wow !! What would passengers do on these transatlantic flights!!! Hello Canada!!

  9. The current administration in the US appears intent on making it so difficult for people to visit or ” transit” the US

    To the outsider they appear not to want anyone to travel there

    There was talk of a wall on the Mexican border.

    It appears as though a wall is being built around the entire country

    Travelling from one to another international destination already requires passengers to hold visas / ESTAs clear customs , collect bags etc

    International transit does not exist

    This simply means avoiding the USA entirely if it’s not your intended destination therefore not booking with a US carrier

    There are plenty of options flying to Central, South America and Caribbean

    Security at European airports is probably the strictest and most comprehensive in the world

    It’s going to create a nightmare at Euro airports

    2 screenings at schiphol transiting from
    south America to London recently. Likewise at Charles de Gaulle

    I love visiting the USA. It is a wonderful country , but I think the tourist industry is going to head in a downward spiral putting jobs in the USA at risk

    Business travelers can video conference

    It’s really time we Europeans responded and ask Americans to apply for visas at a similar fee to the ESTA

  10. By permanent do you mean until we.get rid of Trump et al? Wasn’t this all started after he met with US carriers and he agreed to take measures to level the playing field with the Middle East carriers?

  11. Good maybe this will force AA to retire some of the old 772s that don’t even have a working IFE, nothing ruins a trip more than a plane swap from a 77W to a 772.

  12. It’s not just about not being able to use laptops onboard. There is also the non-trivial risk of having your laptop stolen or interfered with, coupled with the not-inconsequential damage of losing your laptop with privileged business info on it, the time it takes to wait for the luggage to come out with your electronics in it (many people just travel with carry-on to speed up arrivals). And if you’re traveling to work remotely, are you meant to decide between risking your company’s​ IP or not taking a laptop? Stupid, stupid, stupid

  13. This is really just too ridiculous.
    I can’t believe they’re actually gonna push this retarded policy.

  14. I know business travelers want their laptops, but my kids want their Nintendos and iPads. i can drink/sleep/drink and know my kids are safe and content with those things! Sure am glad we went to Europe and the ME last year, and are going to Asia this year in 3 weeks. (hopefully i didn’t curse myself and the ban will be expanded

  15. The next viral airplane video will feature someone bludgeoning a fellow passenger with a hard-bound copy of War and Peace. Afterwards no one will be allowed to have any carry on baggage and everyone will be required to be sedated for the entire flight.

  16. I hope they do better at checking baggage tickets to the person walking out with the luggage. Anyone can walk into baggage claim and this could be huge and way to easy for those what want to take advantage of this and walk off with a few laptops/tablets

    Of course this also then prolongs the amount of time to get through and out of baggage claim.

  17. But, why just select countries in the Middle East and Europe? People can just fly via another city that’s not part of the ban. It’s not that much more difficult. And what about departing from the US?

    Bets on how long it’ll take for the US to ban electronics for any flights to/from/within the US? Because that’s where this is heading.

  18. If it really happens, I’ll definitely book my return trips via Canada. There is no way I’m checking my stuff. I’m not even that scared of someone stealing my laptop, but I’m actually terrified at a battery fire in cargo hold. Over the Atlantic, there’s not many places to land so that’s a no go.

  19. Life will go on. For those of you who think you’re so important that you can’t go for 6-8 hours without your laptop, you’ll get over yourself.
    I’m not happy about it, but I’m also not so self righteous to say that “I need that time to be productive”. If I can’t, then poor me.”

  20. “For those of you who think you’re so important that you can’t go for 6-8 hours without your laptop, you’ll get over yourself.”

    Sorry honey, but some of us have proprietary information on our laptops and we need to keep them with us at all times. Checking them, so any minimum wage baggage handler can swipe them, is not an option.

    The world is a littler bigger than you.

  21. Darn it, I really hope it’s JUST laptop. I am flying BA First from LHR to SFO in late June… As an aviation geek, I photo all my trips with my camera and it would be an absolute shame if I can’t bring my DSLR on board… Also, BA better offer something similar to what ME3 does now: gate check my laptop etc. My layover in LHR is over 5 hours & It’d be unbearable without a laptop/tablet/camera.

    Also, is this only for EU to US flights or does it apply both ways? I travel to EU 2-3 times a year and I’d say EU major airports probably do a better job than the sloppy TSA here in the States!

  22. Well that’s a bummer for ME 5th freedom flights from Europe to the US. Also I can Foresee Air Canada’s revenue skyrocketing through the roof.

  23. Wow this is insane. I mean i travel every year to the US – and on every single flight I used my laptop at least once to get some work done. If this really happen, how long will it stay? 4 years+ like the president?
    I had no problem with Trump administration, and even supported some points, but now I can`t believe his ideas! What should this effect? Nothing! Nada! I`m really pissed when this is really released… Hopefully I`m not alone on this sight…

  24. A bit ill willed but it just takes one fatal plane accident attributed to batteries in the cargo hold to really question a policy like this and get the administration to think straight.

  25. @Brian But it’s also people who want to carry with them sensitive electronics, even if they dont intend to use it in flight. They shouldnt be forced to check sensitive equipment in bags and risk damage. Who should pay for repairs/replacements when it happens?

  26. Well, at least I can think of one potential silver lining: maybe it’ll put a blogger or two out of business.

  27. Ouch. I’m booked on Wow air next month and betted 9 hours of flights on having my laptop for entertainment.

  28. Laptops are horrible to checkin/loose as there is strict personal info there I would hate to get in some wrong hands. But my camera and my very expensive lenses I have collected over the years? WTF???
    Am I gonna be able to explain some stupid security guy that my lenses are fully manual?
    I travel to take pictures.
    This is basically crossing the point where travel becomes too much of a hassle.

  29. Just so simple minded. I would presume that any threat to aircraft by terrorists with “exploding laptops” would not be contained by just banning them on flights from the Middle East / Europe to the USA.

    Would not the “terrorist” just fly into the USA from elsewhere?

  30. I really hope this doesn’t happen. I actually keep a to-do list of tasks to get done on the plane, which require steady concentration and many hours. I’m flying next week and will have a BRU-IAD on the way back. I paid for C class specifically so I can stretch out with my papers and get some work done on my laptop….

  31. I am in Europe and really mad. I hope I can re – route my trip home. I can’t afford to lose 2 laptops or have them messed with.

  32. This ban is based on actual testing where auditors used simulated explosives in electronics and got them on board a huge percentage of the time. Its not just to mess with entitles bloggers and business people. If they have solid intelligence that this is an imminent threat I am all for it.

  33. Curious if this is just laptops or all electronics larger than a phone. I know several friends over in Europe on business currently, bet they’re really pissed off

  34. @Icarus said: “To the outsider they appear not to want anyone to travel there”

    To some of us insiders it appears that way too. Shameful and embarrassing, really.

  35. “Lapan reminded reporters that DHS Secretary John Kelly has alluded to the ban “likely” being expanded. DHS officials, however, are still deciding where and how the new restrictions will be implemented.

    The chief concern is passengers bringing laptops into the cabin — something high on the law enforcement radar screen, ever since an attack on a Somali airliner where an explosive device built into a laptop detonated in flight and injured two people.”

    There, is your reason.

  36. Somebody please explain to me how my laptop or digital camera is dangerous in the cabin, but not dangerous in the cargo hold?

    I never check luggage because of the wait at baggage claim, and the number of times my luggage has been damaged or “misdirected” by the airline. I can live without my laptop en route, but I really need to have it at my destination.

    Let’s hope airlines come up with a gate check for electronics.

  37. This is terrible if it goes ahead.

    I have had a laptop stolen out of baggage checked in at Chicago O’Hare airport some time ago.

    EBay is about to be flooded with second hand laptops being sold by crooked baggage handlers!

  38. This is terrible if it goes ahead.

    I have had a laptop stolen out of baggage checked in at Chicago O’Hare airport some time ago.

    EBay is about to be flooded with second hand laptops being sold by crooked baggage handlers!

  39. Unreal.

    The two big winners of this will be Air Canada and Apple. The rest of us lose. Badly.

  40. This is a load of bull.
    You can’t possibly tell me that you would trust your laptop in cargo.
    Those guys throw your stuff around like it was trash. Plus, they open it and steal stuff on occasion.

    I would be furious if they lost my luggage and it took them 5 days like it did on my trip to Paraguay.

  41. Nightmare for everyone.

    I don’t need my laptop on the plane, but its where it goes when i’m not with it that concerns me.

  42. Some airline really needs to jump on getting a major operation somewhere that isn’t affected by these bans. Maybe the UK is excepted, and BA is the new king? If not, someone needs to open up a new hub somewhere that can act as a quick-stop when flying trans-Atlantic. The stop wouldn’t be for everyone, but I’d do it to have my laptop.

    The other option, and likely the one our government would prefer, would be having their airports fix whatever the problem is with their security that’s leading to this ban. If they can’t actually fix whatever the issue really is, though, we’re all kind of screwed. Maybe the TSA could handle security in Europe? I mean, they’re the gold standard and all….lol

  43. Anyone who books an Air Canada flight assuming the ban will not be in place by the time they fly is crazy.

    Canada mirrors (but is often a few weeks/behind) most US security action items.

    Can you imagine the bad PR and lawsuits for negligence Air Canada would get if everyone but them was banning something, and an incident occurred as a result?

  44. I don’t presume to know what they know, however, whatever it is, the logic of the implementation of the ban is, imho, ridiculous.

    Water dangerous? Water banned everywhere. Period.
    Shoes dangerous? Shoes checked everywhere. Period. (modified by Precheck later)
    Laptops dangerous? All laptops out, everywhere. Period. (modified by Precheck later)

    So, now laptops are so dangerous they must be checked? OK. Then why were they not banned everywhere, period?

  45. Waiting for this to be all inbound flights. Quietly mourning g my plan to watch 8 movies LAX to SYD in July.

  46. Like others, I am not concerned about having it on the plane. I can read a book, watch IFE, converse with my family (oh horror!), etc.

    I am, however, exceptionally concerned about when the items are checked and how they are checked. Airlines don’t cover loss and most credit card coverage excludes electronics. My homeowners insurance policy will cover it but at a high deductible and a subsequent increase in my premiums.

    I am leaving for Europe in a few days and would love to scramble together a new plan. But man…I really need to bring my laptop to work while I am in Europe. My DSLR is also a necessity while vacationing. The iPad is hit or miss and I could leave that for the few weeks (and just carry actual books?).


  47. Why don’t the just do the ultimate in security and simply ban passengers?

    I am in the process of planning an African safari for my 2018 vacation. No, a cell phone is NOT an adequate camera for a safari! But if I check my DSLR and lenses, I risk never seeing them again. And I flat-out WILL NOT check my iPad, as it has sensitive info on it – and using it for travel was the major reason I bought it!

    This useless security theater makes me livid.

  48. any idea whether the ban will only apply to foreign airlines (again) ?

    if so – which will be the first European airline/government to take the US government to the WTO for implementing blatantly protectionist measures ??

  49. @Brian – blinkered troll with all the analytical capability of an over-boiled vegetable that you are, you do realize that people don’t want to run the risk of having corporate information that maybe on their laptops stolen or otherwise swiped whilst in-transit? or that that there is a whole legion of contractors, like me, who enjoy the ability of working remotely but for whom now taking a laptop abroad becomes a far-more fraught affair? Of course you don’t. ‘tard.

  50. We’ll just have to fly via Montreal, Toronto or Mexico City, i guess, or do RTW fares and fly back home via the pacific. Did it a few days after 9/11. BRU-NRT-JFK in oder to get home on time.

  51. Wouldn’t it be cheaper and less of a hassle to put dogs at every checkpoint? Not to mention, more effective?
    Or is there not enough money in that?

  52. NEVER let the nose of the camel inside the tent. This is not the end of it. THEY will ban all this stuff domestically soon. No more video of being dragged off a plane!

  53. Yanks out of control, again. Inflicting their paranoia on us.

    I don’t necessarily do work on my flights anyway, I am more concerned about having my electronics stolen. Especially when it gets to the USA. Those baggage handlers in that place are usually minimum wage, unskilled immigrants.

    I have 2 remaining flights to the USA already booked this year but both start in DOH and are with QR. They are so across the issue so I am not concerned.

    But I can assure you I will not be flying to the USA again except from the ME. I will stop travelling to the USA which is such a shame because I love the place and I love going there.

    The alternative I guess is crime-infested Mexico or expensive Canada.

    Air Canada, yeah right, LOL. Gotta be one of the worst, if not the worst, in North America.

    I am sure the Asian, Pacific and European markets can only benefit from this ill-thought-out electronics ban. But being ill-thought-out is not unexpected from the bombastic Yanks.

    Wait until tourism numbers start dropping dramatically, and they will, then the Yanks will come back begging us to start travelling again. Personally, my response will be to tell them to bugger-off. You made your bed, now lay in the damn thing and suffer the consequences. This whole thing shits me.

    And the sooner we in Asia-Pacific and Europe impose bans on electronics for American passport holders, the better, see how they bloody well like it.

  54. What are Government or Private employees supposed to do when their laptops contain sensitive and sometimes ‘top secret’ information on them? These people fly commercial as well.

  55. Two questions:
    (1) what does El Al do about laptops and other electronic devices? Their security is legendary, so if they don’t ban devices why can’t others adopt similar security approaches.

    (2) how to control TSA and baggage handler thieves? I lost a wonderful Canon SLR camera to the TSA thieves some years ago and have never checked anything valuable since then. How can we put important, valuable devices with crucial information in checked baggage, when we know baggage is just slung around carelessly and is liable to be opened by thieves?

  56. Amol – So no one deserves liberty or safety? You’d be hard-pressed to find someone objecting to all forms of freedom impingement given you’d have to be against things like the police having the power to arrest people…

  57. If this happens, do you change your view on avoiding the middle east carriers (since virtually all transatlantic options would be blackout zones, why not just fly the most enjoyable ones)?

    Or do you shift routings elsewhere (i.e. Toronto, Mexico City, etc) and try and collect your bag before boarding trans-atlantic segment?

  58. About one year ago, I was prevented from leaving my laptop in my checked bag due to the airline not allowing any device with lithium ion batteries in the hold – at least that’s what they told me. I cannot recall the airline. I find it funny that this rule change would force many such batteries into the hold.

  59. Robbo, you seem to assume the electronics ban doesn’t affect US citizens. It affects us FAR more than it affects you! You have a choice, and you can choose to avoid future travels to the US in favor of visiting other parts of the world (though I’m sorry you may have to choose that, I truly am). For Americans our only choice is going to be foregoing all travel to Europe and the Middle East unless we are willing to return by very circuitous and expensive routings, and possibly in the future foregoing all international travel at all if this ban continues to be extended and we actually value our electronic devices. This has barely begin, and I already am beginning to feel like a prisoner in Stalag America. And there’s nothing we who love to travel can actually do to get this nonsense policy changed, which is the most frustrating part of all.

  60. Run for the hills!
    Starting to think that it was a great idea that I left the U.S. 10+ years ago, now living in the South Pacific.
    I visit my family in the U.S. about once a year; but every visit seems a bit harder:
    Crammed planes, hoards of stressed impatient people, everyone seems addicted to hand sanitizer, and enough junk food to make you turn diabetic within days of arrival (though it does bring back fond memories of growing up as an American kid :).
    May have to convince my mom and sisters to leave before the ship sinks, to join me in in the sunny southern hemisphere.

  61. What I don’t understand is why they won’t tell us what the threat is. At least with the liquids, they explained the specific intel. It all seems fishy to me.

  62. For those of us that read on ipad, airlines will now start enforcing carry on limits more because we will be carrying books. You know how that is going to end.

  63. GUYS CALM DOWN. Im sorry but I value MY LIFE over 8 hours of work I could get done on one flight. Clearly there is some sort of threat to national security, and it SUCKS, YES, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Life is too short and too precious to get your knickers tied up because of this.

    1) Work on your US outbound flight
    2) Work at the country youre staying at
    3) Work at the airport lounge up until the gate
    4) Sleep, eat, drink, or watch a movie for 8-10 hours on your flight home.
    5) Fly via Canada or Mexico.

    So stop complaining, this is clearly for our safety, and as much as I agree that those hours on the plane could be productive, it’s only one leg of one flight back and forth from (you guessed it-WORK.) Americans are already known to overwork themselves and have minimal vacation. Consider this as a gift.

  64. schar, 3,000 people died on 9/11/2001, which was the worst single terrorist attack the US has ever experienced. Over 30,000 people died that year in traffic accidents. Which is the greater threat?

    You are FAR more likely to be killed driving to the airport than by a terrorist attack.

    There comes a point when “more safety measures!” become too burdensome and/or too expensive to be justified. The electronics ban, which will have a large negative impact on millions of travelers, is an excellent example of such an overly-burdensome policy.

  65. So since President Trump is getting rid of 2 regulations for every new one, I want to know which 2 they are to bring this fraud in.

  66. As most people here will recall, the 9/11 attacks occurred soon after takeoff on planes leaving the US, for the very specific reason that these planes were heavily loaded with fuel, so the crash would be far more destructive than if the plane were close to the bottom of its tanks. If this really is based off of specific intel, and the US agencies involved are trying to protect the US, why is it only inbound flights (and piecemeal inbound flights at that)? This whole thing just reeks of stupidity.

    Also, @Callum You don’t recognize the famous Ben Franklin quote? The meaning is that people who are incredibly eager to throw away their freedom for the impression of safety will end up with neither, and since they were complacent in that revocation of freedom they deserve their situation.

  67. this is a great news. i see airfares to and from europe dropping in near future. it’s a good deal for us.
    Thank you President Trump.

  68. I haven’t checked luggage in over 10 years, and won’t start now.
    There has to be a better reason,an exploding laptop can happen just as easily in the cargo as the cabin.

  69. This is an understandable precaution being taken with the proliferation of unscreened “refugees” overrunning Europe. However, it would be ideal if the intel and security agencies would work with the airlines to provide a carve-out for 1st/biz passengers that volunteer to subject their electronics to additional intensive screening protocols. At most you are talking about only 40-60 passengers so the cost / time to process would not be as burdensome.

  70. So, M Simon, are you going to leave your camera, laptop, iPad, etc. at home and just travel with a cell phone? I can understand why you’d choose that option if it works for you, but for a lot of people it’s not a viable one.

    (And I don’t think we can count on re-routing our return trips through Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, or Asia and the South Pacific as a long-term viable alternative. What’s to keep the electronics ban from eventually being expanded to include all international flights? It’s for our safety, after all… Too many Americans won’t give a sh*t unless it expands to affect domestic flights. Since they rarely if ever travel internationally, THEY aren’t burdened by this ridiculous security theater.)

  71. I suspect there’s an element of wanting to intimidate/control US citizens who have the audacity to travel out of the country. Systematic limitation of rights…

  72. I’m confused. I’ve been told I can’t check spare camera and cell phone batteries, and had to keep them in my carry-on. But my laptop with a larger battery is now going to be checked?

  73. And how is it safer to have a laptop with a bomb in the cargo? It can still be detonated or brought into the country (which seems like the main fear of the administration since only flights to the us have the ban)???
    Also funny story: i did not realize that some airlines actually forbid laptops in cargo; Etihad from GVA to AUH: the printed and illustrated list of banned items included a laptop…i asked the checking agent who had no idea why and how this would be handled in the future.

  74. Best thing to do: avoid the US and US carriers at least until Jan. 20th, 2021!
    For me: since the US government is totally out of bound: avoid US products, US built airplanes, all that has to deal with the US….if the rest of the world starts doing this, it will take a few years and the US GDP will drop like crazy! Maybe then, some brains are going to start to function!!

  75. @Susan, I’m afraid you have a valid point. Xenophobes are running our country now, and really don’t understand why anyone would want to leave the U.S. anyway. Most Americans never do. My over-under on an electronics ban on domestic flights is 90 days from now, and maybe there’s a slight chance that will wake up Congress to the constant erosion of our freedoms in the name of the security state. Yes it is John Kelly’s job to obsess about security. It is the job of any adults in the government to evaluate his ideas and determine whether they are really of any merit. They’re not doing that.

  76. @ZO you can fuck off for all I care. Yes, I realize it’s a pain to check a laptop. But what are you going to do? My company bans checking laptops. But they have relaxed that ban on flights where they must be checked.
    Everyone will be fine. Have you ever heard of a backup?

  77. Zymm – Of course I recognise the quote…. It being famous doesn’t make it a) true and b) relevant in this situation.

  78. Doing a RTW in November which will include flights to USA from Europe, we are doing this how we always travel and that’s hand luggage only, I have heard too many stories of stuff going missing and I prefer to just walk out the plane/airport without waiting (amazing race style) this means I can’t take an iPad, Dslr, and some Bose headphones and will have to document/photograph the entire trip on a phone. If my flights/hotels/activities weren’t already booked I would skip America, this will most likely be my first and now last time there.

  79. “I am in the process of planning an African safari for my 2018 vacation. No, a cell phone is NOT an adequate camera for a safari!”

    I’ve done two safaris with an iPhone 6+ and will do a third next month. Everyone on the planet has seen enough animal photos by now that yours and mine likely won’t make a huge difference.

  80. For those worried about losing IP. Use bitlocker. It is part of any business class Windows OS. If you are on Apple. You prob got nothing to lose anyways, short of expensive hardware.

  81. Whatever the outcome, I just hope it doesn’t go into effect until I return from Europe on the 18th – currently traveling with a laptop, iPad and RX 100 that I would hate to check in my soft side, non locking carry on.

    I guess I’ll be buying luggage while in Rome……….

  82. What a joke. I’ll need to check how I can rebook my flights to the US over Canada now.
    I could cry.

  83. I really hope that EU will highly impose same sanctions to ALL US inbound flights to EU.

  84. This is a very bad thing. An overheated laptop battery is much easier to detect and being taken care of if the device is in the passenger cabin, whilst a hot battery in the cargo compartments can quickly become a disaster (even though there are smoke detection and fire fighting systems installed in the cargo hold).

  85. I’m in Africa right now and will be flying back via Europe. I have no checked bags. I’m assuming they will grandfather this for a few days.

  86. There should be no technical problems to guarantee the security of PCs in the cabin, perhaps it is more a problem of incompetence of the security managers and politicians.
    Flying with the PC checked in is not an option; I personally prefer don’t fly. Because what is guaranteed is that there is no safety in checked baggage containing a PC or any other valuable object, there are thefts and lost luggage at both European and American airports, especially when they detect that the luggage carry valuables. And when you lost your PC, is nor just a material cost issue, is the huge and incalculable cost of the loss of information and your work tool
    If the airlines and countries that approve this absurd measure would notice a reduction in the number of travelers and profits, it could be possible that they look for other solutions. So the traveler’s choice is to boycott this measure, avoiding flying with airlines and destinations that implement it. Not without my pc!

  87. Note the intended ban is for ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICE IN CABIN, excepted small smartphones: Laptops, Tablets, E-Readers, Cameras, Portable DVD players, Electronic games, etc.

  88. In my opinion checking a labtop is not an option as it was in every company I worked for it was explicitly stipulated in the IT policy that checking in labtops is not allowed, just like it’s not allowed to leave your labtop in the trunk of your parked car. As our labtops contain confidential client information, the rule is: your labtop goes where you go.

  89. Yeah, I really hate it when the government cares about our security.[sarcasticlly]… seriously, why are people complaining that the security is too high? I value my life quite highly. I need my laptop in flights for my work but if they have evidence that it’s no longer secure, then I’ll happily check it in. And to everyone says that they should tell us what the threat is – why should they reveal their sources or info. In espionage, it’s better to not show all your cards.

  90. It will be interesting whether some of the airlines will offer complimentary cancellations. I am flying to the US next month. While I can spend 10 hours without my laptop in the air, I need it for work in the US. Checking it in is no option because of sensitive data. So there is no sense in going to the US in the first place, unless I can rebook to a flight via Canada.

  91. @Brian: It’s not about “what am I going to do for 8 hours”, it’s about the integrity of the data I carry *and* my electronics not being stolen. My company’s contracts (including some government ones) require that we certify we have been in possession of the data and no one else has had access to it. When I check into a hotel, the laptop gets checked into the hotel’s safe deposit box at the front desk, security seals attached by me for the screen/keyboard, security seals from IT over all of the storage device compartments. If anything were to happen, we immediately place a phone call to our insurance carrier first, IT second.

    The more important problem is that of faulty lithium batteries. There have been numerous reports of lithium batteries faulting in firey ways on aircraft. If these batteries are shoved in the cargo hold, these lithium battery fires *WILL* bring down aircraft — far more than any terrorist would. Sadly, our governments will point to the crashed aircraft and claim it was a terrorist when it was nothing more than an electronic device faulting and our government preventing air crew from handling it.

    Yet another case of governments, the USA in particular, helping the terrorists achieve their goals.

  92. I was looking into making a trip to the US this summer.

    Then I noticed that EU citizens can get visa to Azerbaijan online.

    Guess where I’m heading..

  93. Like what Oscar Munoz said

    “Policy above Values”

    If Corporates put $$$ and systems ahead of customers, Governments put Governing and Enforcements ahead of people and this is the result

    Problem with a headache is because you have a head chop off the head and problem solved.

    Where is the common sense?

  94. @Lucky – not sure if it is possible on this website format, but may I suggest possibly turning off the comments section for articles like these (ones that deal with news stories like this, people getting kicked off planes, fights at the airport, etc.)? I understand that as part of a travel website, these “travel related” articles are worth mentioning, however, as I continue to read these comments, regardless of which side of the argument I stand on, it is clear no one has any valuable information for which they can contribute, nor are any legitimate questions being asked that anyone on here is really in a position to answer. I am sure I am not alone here in thinking all the comments section on articles like this does is allow people to get riled up, complain about one thing or the other, angrily demand answers to questions that cannot be answered here and ultimately start heaving insults back and forth at your fellow readers. This is not your “bread and butter” article of a flight review, credit card comparison, fare deal, etc. where your readers might have legitimate questions that you can answer, or be able to add from their own experiences. That simply does not exist on articles like this, and while I am sure some people on here might enjoy the opportunity to type comments extra extra hard to vent their frustration, does it really add anything of value to your website? Just a thought…I’ll show myself out if everyone here wants to continue being able to squabble though.

  95. If this continues, I bet companies will start designing laptops where you can easily remove the hard-drive or equivalent component that holds data. That way you’re only checking in a physical, data-less shell.

    Also, how sure are we this is going to be announced today?
    It’s 2pm Eastern Time now, and no word yet.

  96. @Kevin – Thanks for bringing that up! The key takeaway I had in that case was that an *insider* provided the laptop/bomb to the attacker *after* he had cleared security. It did not go through the standard screening process.

    Presumably, if you are actually scanning those laptops (and the TSA, for its part, does make you pull them out), you’d still see the bomb material inside, even if it otherwise worked as expected. What needs to be locked down are the insider threats. With as many people working in aviation as there are, that will be a challenge, but at least it can be overcome…

  97. how much extra would it add to a flight from Europe to land in Gander (YQX) and put everybody through security there … before flying on to the US ?

  98. @Todd: Yeah right, stop comments? In other words, stifle debate. Give yourself an upper-cut dude. And you’d be a Hilary fan I am guessing, almost guaranteeing

  99. @robbo – give myself an upper-cut, really? I think you just proved my point about what a comment section on an article like this does to Lucky’s readers, unless you are always that incredibly immature and ignorant and waiting for the right times to show it off? Turning off comments on certain articles does not stifle debate because you cannot state that this comment section is a debate, at least not a proper one, because no one on here has complete information on which to base their arguments and more importantly, no one on here has any decision making authority whatsoever over the implementation of this ban. All this is is a place to vent and whine (not saying this complaints are not legitimate) and eventually degrade into disrespectful arguments among people that think they know everything and therefore their opinion should be dispositive to our national security decisions, and further lead to partisan accusations like the one you made because for some reason every single thing that happens in this world today must become about right vs. left (I am actually surprised people have not figured out a way to politicize the Coke vs. Pepsi debate).

    I made a mere suggestion to Lucky – this is his website and he is free to take or leave any advice his readers offer him. If he does not think it would be good to shut down comments and that these comments are actually beneficial to his page, then by all means I encourage him to leave them open. He has that right, just like you have the right to be an internet comment section hero acting big and tough behind a keyboard if that is what you feel is beneficial to yourself.

    Oh, and for what it is worth, MAGA you ignorant asshole. Good thing internet comment section heroes don’t need to back up their “guarantees”. Carry on dude…

  100. STOP blaming the airlines people. It’s the Trump Regime that is demanding this…NOT the airlines. Comparing this to carrier imposed fees is ridiculous. BLAME THE US GOV’T…..that is who is responsible.

  101. @Fenwyck: You ar so off the mark. It smacks of the bully-boy US airlines crying like snowflakes, a bit like the Liberals after they lost the un-losable election LOL. Snowflakes, cry babies

  102. @Todd: Oh dear: “Incredibly immature”, “ignorant”, “degrade”, “disrespectful”, “partisan accusations”, “hero acting big and tough”, “MAGA you ignorant asshole”, “carry on dude…”

    Up you go, thanks for showing us all the level snowflakes reach, attack the person, that’s what Hillary did and we know what happened to that thing, get over yourself mate. I am surprised you didn’t call me racist. Actually, disappointed LOL.

    Like I said, give yourself an upper cut, better still, let me do it for you.

  103. The funny thing about this discussed ban is that people are, for a good reason, afraid of their electronic stuff like laptops and cameras to be stolen from check in luggage. And that is the truly week link in air travel security. If airlines and airports can not prevent the common theft from passengers luggage, how can they prevent the dishonest staff to put a bomb in a suitcase if they want to? This is where the future danger is, not in the laptops or electronics of the passengers. This idea of electronics ban in cabin luggage is not addressing this large security breach in the air travel.

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