US Airways Star Alliance award chart changes are coming

The inevitable has (sort of) happened. US Airways has finally released their new Star Alliance award chart which goes into effect on January 6, 2010, coinciding with the other award chart changes that are coming. When I first saw that they announced the changes on a Friday night I was expecting the worst, since that’s pretty low.

Anyway, it’s not really that bad. Yes, prices for some popular awards are going up, but they’re still cheaper than United and Continental in most markets. Most of the price increases seem to be in business class too, while first class award rates aren’t changing for the most part. The two worst changes are business class awards from North America to Europe and South America, which go from 80,000 miles per ticket to 100,000 miles per ticket.

Sorry for the lack of a detailed analysis, but I’ve been up for 20 hours and have a 6AM flight, so….

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  1. Wow great news!
    So I’ll buy 500,000 more miles with current US Airways promotion. 🙂 My only concern about buying miles in December was the potentiel increase of miles redemption.

    I’m only interested in F awards from Hong Kong to Canada, with a stopover in Switzerland. And nothing changed for that! 125,000 miles, that I can get for 1,500$US with current promotion! That’s amazing!

  2. I found a few areas where United’s redemptions are cheaper, but good luck getting them with *net blocking. I’ll be trying, of course.

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