US Airways announces double EQMs *AND* double RDMs!

Now this is what I call a promotion. US Airways is offering Dividend Miles members that register double elite qualifying miles and double redeemable miles for travel between April 13 and June 15. A ticket is only eligible for this promotion if you register before you book your ticket, and of course only travel on US Airways counts (as opposed to their partner airlines).

This is huge news. I wasn’t expecting a legacy to have this type of promotion so early in the year, but US Airways is always full of surprises. If US Airways miles couldn’t usually be had for about a cent a piece I might actually be tempted to fly them during the promotional period and pick up some status, but the other benefits they offer just don’t justify mileage running on them when I could just outright buy the miles for less.

Of course the big question is whether the other legacies will match this promotion in any way (in particular by offering double elite qualifying miles). While I’m not as confident one way or another as I’ve been in the past, I’m going with yes. I fully expect we’ll see another legacy match, and then the rest will quickly follow. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the airlines only counted future travel for this promotion, though. In the past, after a letter campaign to the airlines, they have often switched the terms to allow previously booked travel to qualify, but I have a feeling they won’t this time around.

For what it’s worth I’ll be holding out for another week or so before I book any more tickets…

Oh, and by the way, I’d actually prefer to see United not match the double elite qualifying miles promotion. With unlimited domestic upgrades there are just too many 1Ks. I’d much rather see them offer a double redeemable miles promotion.

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  1. Oh, and by the way, I’d actually prefer to see United not match the double elite qualifying miles promotion. With unlimited domestic upgrades there are just too many 1Ks.

    Can’t blame you there. But with 15K booked on UA through the US DEQM period, I’m naturally hoping for DEQM with prior purchase applicability. Don’t care much about RDM as long as I get my EQM. 🙂

  2. If you’re going to fly 200K on UA anyways, DEQM might be pretty bad for you. But for someone like myself who only plan on flying 100k, I’d have to say the DEQM is much better for me. Let say I fly 50K during the promo period, with DEQM that means two more SWUs and 25K more RDM because of the elite choice award, much better than the 50K i’d get for DRDM.

  3. I need UA to match this, I have SFO MEL coming soon, it would be nice to get 40K EQM on one trip 🙂

  4. Ripper, that’s 75% of FTers who bother to input their stats to, a highly self-selecting group. We have no idea what the real percentage is, nor what it will be once we get past this initial stage of many elites not realizing that tickets booked before 3/19 require manual UDU requests. I predict that the real clearance percentage (whatever it is) will drop in the coming months for everyone but GS, hopefully not by too much. This will probably have some effect on hub-based 1Ks like myself who are usually on S/T/L/K fares.

    We also can’t say for certain how many fewer 1Ks there are this year relative to UA’s capacity reductions. Should be an interesting rest of 2010.

  5. @GoAmtrak – none of my pre-3/19-booked tickets required manual intervention to be UDU-eligible.

    The only ticket that didn’t automatically show the pending status was one I booked last week through a 3rd party reservation system.

    @Ben – why would you want US elite status?

    If UA matches and doesn’t qualify existing bookings, I won’t benefit a whole lot from this. I have one ticket that I need to book, but I don’t have the time to do a lot of additional travel in that time period.

  6. @bmvaughn- Yup, and 90% is north of 75%. I was giving a low estimate since the numbers may be skewed.

    Either way, in my opinion 1K’s are clearing UDU a lot, even with near 6 months of DEQM last year. (Yes I know travel was down)

  7. Great. I just bought 3 mia-ord on aa (2 hrs ago), and have 2 more the next 2 weekends i bought a couple weeks ago. I really hope if AA does offer, they will go back and honor tickets bought prior.

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