Uploading more photos to Flickr

Just a quick heads up for those that might be interested. I just switched over to Flickr for hosting pictures a couple of months ago, and up until today I’ve only uploaded pictures from current trips. I’ve decided to go back and add pictures from previous trips, so for those interested in seeing pictures of premium cabins of many foreign airlines along with their destinations, feel free to check out my Flickr account. I’ll continue to upload more pictures over the next few days, so check back often.

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  1. Gah, I just started using Flickr after switching from Photobucket! 😀

    At the end of the day I can’t keep switching around. I’m not going to keep changing the location of my 10,000+ pictures everytime a service becomes outdated. Or maybe I should just stop uploading pictures online?

    Thanks for the advice, though!

  2. Using the software (free as well) they provide, you could actually transfer everything in one swoop. If you have a good connection, just set it up and let it run overnight. Anyway, don’t mean to be pushy… just was surprised to hear you went to Flickr. Thanks for all you do – great blog!

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