Up Next: Qantas 787 Business Class, Malaysia A350 Business Suites, Singapore 777 First Class, And More

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Ford and I just returned from Tahiti, where we had an amazing time. Very last minute I decided to sneak in one last review trip for 2018, which I wanted to share the details of here.

The planning for this trip sort of started a couple of months ago, but not really. At the time I booked a one-way business class ticket on the Qantas 787 from San Francisco to Melbourne.

Qantas is stingy with award availability, so when I saw the award seat I figured I should lock it in. Since I was redeeming American miles, I could always refund the ticket if I decided to cancel.

I had written at the time about an itinerary I had looked at booking, but as I went to book the availability just didn’t work out as expected, unfortunately. Then I decided I already had enough longhaul travel, so I was better off not taking it. But then I changed my mind again, and figured I owe you guys as many new product reviews as possible (yes, even if they’re not in premium economy). 😉

So just a couple of days before departure I booked the rest of the trip. What did I book from there?

  • Singapore Airlines had award availability in their 777-300ER first class from Melbourne to Singapore for 80,000 KrisFlyer miles; I haven’t yet flown Singapore’s “new” first class on their 777 with just four seats in the cabin, so I figured it would make an interesting review
  • Then I redeemed 40,000 AAdvantage miles for Malaysia’s A350 “Business Suite” (formerly first class) from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo Narita; the airline just rebranded their first class, so I’m curious to experience it
  • Then I redeemed 70,000 Alaska miles for Japan Airlines’ 777 first class from Tokyo to New York; it has been a few years since I’ve flown Japan Airlines first class, and I’ve heard they’ve made some service updates

Japan Airlines’ 777 first class

I’m excited to share my thoughts on these flights as I take this trip over the coming days.

I know I still have a lot of past trip reports to write, though part of the thing I love about review trips is how efficiently I write previous trip reports during these flights, especially on flights without wifi. So you can expect lots of new trip report installments over the coming days.

  1. Lucky, i would love you to review garuda indonesia’s business class on regional and long haul route… you can fly from melbourne to jakarta and jakarta to kuala lumpur 🙂 . I would love to see you compare garuda’s food on regional business class to other airlines! Cheers!

  2. It would be irresponsible for you not to give us a review of Air Mauritius from SIN to KUL. I’m just saying…

  3. These are interesting flights. Looking forward to it. I was in KL few days back and immigration was a horrible mess. Hope you won’t get stuck there for a few hours as I did.

  4. Very curious about the 777 SA First, it’s a product that does not come up very often in the type of reviews you (or others) offer.

    Thnaks in advance, looking forward to the rest also !

  5. Singapore 787-10 business you could have continued from Melbourne to Perth and flown SQ 787 to SIN also hopefully you can review PER – LHR in the future

  6. +1 for @Ben’s comment. If you could fly Air Mauritius that would make it an even cooler trip report than what it already is

  7. @Ron: I live in KL these days and travel around for work often. Unfortunately you probably encountered the school holidays period, that meant crazy crowds. And it didn’t help the immigration’s System was undergoing some issue, so the e-gates weren’t working either.
    Not that Malaysia is as efficient as Singapore 😉

  8. Just did the MH88 KUL to NRT and JL4 NRT to JFK both in F a few weeks ago. JAL was very impressive, and I would rate the experience better than CX in F.

  9. Just flew Singapore’s 777 first 3 segments for about 28 hours. I thought the seat was great and the soft product was excellent.

  10. @RNS

    I am frequent visitor to KL and usually things go quite smooth and fast there. This time around it was an indescribable mess. There were probably 4-5000 people clogged up in the arrival area before immigration. To make matters worse, about 1/3 of the booths were not staffed.

    On the e-gates you are likely correct. On the way out the immigration lanes for foreigners were quite empty, but the lanes for Malaysian passports had long queues so clearly something was not working there.

    And yes agree, Changi immigration is EXTREMELY well planned, well staffed and efficient. the e-gates there also work very quick.

  11. Aside from rather seeing an SQ 787-10 review from Australia, excited for the reviews on this one, especially the Qantas 787

  12. I like these oldies but goodies. You’ve had some weird ones in the past 6-12 months (TAG Angola) that are frankly better for a laugh than for making my own travel plans. So it’s nice to get updated views on some of the highest-regarded and most practical airlines to actually fly on.

  13. “The planning for this trip sort of started a couple of months ago, but not really”

    That line kind of makes sense, but not really.

  14. Sounds awesome! but seriously, HOW DO YOU HAVE NEVER ENDING MILES?????

    also ANA would be more interesting than JAL…

  15. Looking forward to your review of SIngapore First on the 777 as well as Malaysian’s A350. I flew on JAL business from Tokyo to Vancouver last summer that was underwhelming…..

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