Two Ladies Fly For The First Time

Want a Friday afternoon smile? Check out this amazing video of two ladies flying for the first time:

It’s easy to take things for granted, though it’s videos like this that remind us of the little things (though I’d argue flying isn’t a “little thing,” but rather a miracle). Be sure to watch till the end, because their reactions after the flight are probably the best part of it all.

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  1. I flew into LGA this morning as I’ve done before a trillion times, taking everything for granted. The couple seated behind were obviously not seasoned flyers and were so enamored by the NYC skyline on approach to LGA and it was the most adorable thing I’ve ever overheard. “Look at those buildings! It looks just like the movies!”

    I love being around new flyers/travelers, because they don’t have the jaded cynicism the rest of us have build over thousands or millions of miles. Everything is new and exciting to them.

  2. YES, sometimes we forget that not all people have had the joy of flight. Thanks Ben for such a great video!

  3. Ben,

    I’ve loved your blog afar for years and this video prompted my first comment. Thanks for sharing all your experiences and memories with us- this video made me remember that travel is not only enjoyable but a true miracle. Your a great blogger for all generations. Thank you.

  4. This so reminded me of one of my greatest experiences. Three years ago I had the glorious pleasure of flying with my 86 year old grandmother from St. Petersburg to San Francisco. This was her first flight and her first time outside of Russia (with the exception of some visits to other Soviet republics back in the day). I was worried the trip would exhaust her but it was the exact opposite; it invigorated her. She savored every moment with the enthusiasm of a particularly inquisitive child. During our transfer at FRA my normally quiet, reserved babushka somehow got happily entwined into a German singalong. We landed at SFO 14 hours after departing LED…and far from being exhausted, she was disappointed that it was over! Thankfully the over the top exuberance that is San Francisco (especially when compared with stern Petersburg) kept her perpetually entertained. She saw her first drag queen…but that is a tale for another time.

  5. Utterly charming and another reminder of how incredibly fortunate we are to travel however frequently we do and wherever go. Thanks, Ben!

  6. This is so great and thank you for sharing. I just got home from travelling for the past 24 hours – BWN-SIN-AMS, on SQ and I often take for granted the novelty and/or thrill of flying for people because for me, it is just so routine.

    What is even better was that these women were Dutch (and I live in The Netherlands)

  7. Spectacular! I only wish the cameras had also followed them on their presumably commercial flight home, to compare the experiences. I bet they enjoyed it almost as much, even without the over-the-top luxury. 🙂

  8. What a great video. I loved these ladies, and I am so happy that they received the royal treatment on their flight. They deserve it! Thanks for sharing.

  9. The video is a great reminder to stop and simply enjoy. There is so much reason for joy and wonder. We need children and grandmothers to remind us. Thank you for sharing!!!!

  10. I’ve been flying since I was 3 year old so it always seems strange to me that there are so many people who are afraid of flying, so this was very interesting to see — very moving and heartwarming.

    Delightful to see that Vodafone sent them over on a private jet — definitely a great way to make your first flight memorable! 🙂

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