TWA Hotel JFK Opens “Runway Chalet” For Winter

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The TWA Hotel JFK opened in spring 2019, and is a dream come true for any aviation geek. I reviewed my mixed experience at the TWA Hotel when I stayed last summer. While the soft product leaves a bit to be desired, I was so blown away by the attention to detail in design.

This hotel goes way beyond getting a good night of sleep, and it has been cool to see the activities and themed venues they’ve added, including several temporary ones. For example, through the end of February they have an ice skating rink, which is pretty awesome.

Well, they now have another cool seasonal pop-up. One of the highlights of the TWA Hotel is the incredible rooftop pool overlooking the apron and runway, though in general the space is a lot more fun in summer than in winter… at least that’s what I assumed!

For the winter, the TWA Hotel JFK has opened The Runway Chalet at The Pool, as they call it, which is intended to replicate a 1960s ski lodge-themed getaway. It’s open daily from 11AM until 11PM for the entire season.

This is operated by the Gerber Group, which also operates The Sunken Lounge and Connie at the hotel. The tented and heated bar offers a fireplace and all kinds of seasonal food & drinks, including:

  • A Hot Toddy with Sailor Jerry spiced rum, hot apple cider, and a cinnamon stick
  • The Weather Delay, which is a hot chocolate with vodka and marshmallows
  • Fondue, with the choice between Vermont cheddar and chocolate

Best of all, they’re turning the pool into a jacuzzi of sorts, with minimum temperatures of 95 degrees the entire winter.

This sounds so awesome! Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a hotel guest to visit The Runway Chalet. This sounds like a much more pleasant way to spend a layover at JFK than in any terminal or airport lounge.

Anyone plan on checking out The Runway Chalet at the TWA Hotel?

  1. I stayed a few weeks ago and went up on the rooftop at night. Very cool to watch the aircraft movements from the pool whilst it’s 20F outside…although getting out of it was a bit painful! 😀

    These same drinks were being offered in the Sunken Lounge.

  2. I think that you greatly understate when you say “While the soft product leaves a bit to be desired…”. The ‘soft product’ is a trainwreck, as continually reinforced in ongoing reviews…I am floored that they still haven’t pulled it together. The hotel don’t answer their phones, and if there’s an issue, it doesn’t get resolved.

    As far as attention to detail, it’s awesome that they do these side things, because it distracts from the fact that all of their rooms face the restaurant and main building, which is awesome when you come out of the shower.

    Visit for the gimmicks, but if you’re smart, you’ll overnight somewhere else. 🙂

  3. Wow love the Chalet missed it in November but the pool was putting off steam, but geese I hate to think of the energy/climate impacts of this “awesomeness”? 🙁

    Hypocrisy alert – This is partly sour grapes that this wasn’t set up in November – I did walk by construction of the ice rink on way to the Connie.

    I can envision soaking in the pool then putting on the TWA Robe from the room then sitting in the chalet with a hot toddy 🙂 Not sure I wouldn’t ‘cross the picket line’ and take a dip 🙁

    I’ll be much better next July for a stay Before Seat 1A on CX to HKG on RTW2020-BDay68

    BTW, for Nov 2019 stay, my service was tremendous! check in folks, holding my luggage (with baggage claim tags, the lobby greeters, Sunken and Connie folks, maintenance in the hallways – granted the restaurant server was not pleasant nor attentive, but only bad and don’t Id eat there in July – probably get by with food at roof top pool 🙂

  4. JFK is a horrible airport. I had no time for the TWA hotel because of the 2 hour Checkin process with Aeroflot.

  5. Ben –
    I’ll be flying out of JFK in 10 days or so and would love to stop by and check this thing out. Would you be interested in a review for the blog? In any case, I’m very excited, and hope their cocktails are better than their hotel service!

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