TWA Hotel JFK Getting Ice Skating Rink

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The TWA Hotel JFK opened this spring, and is a dream come true for any aviation geek. I reviewed my mixed experience at the TWA Hotel. While the soft product leaves a bit to be desired, I was so blown away by the attention to detail in design.

This hotel goes way beyond getting a good night of sleep, and they’ve just announced their latest new addition.

The TWA Hotel JFK will be opening an ice skating rink on November 30, 2019. They’re calling it the Runway Rink, and the custom 56′ by 44′ rink will be located right next to the hotel’s famous Connie (a 1958 Lockheed Constellation).

The plan is for the rink to be open seven days a week through the end of February. It will be open during the following hours:

  • Monday through Thursday from 4 PM to 9 PM
  • Friday from 4 PM to 10 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 10 PM

Admission is $15, and it’s $10 for kids under 12. Ice skates can be rented for $10 ($8 for kids under 12). Furthermore, they’ll be selling all kinds of TWA-themed winter accessories, which can either be purchased online or at the hotel.

It will be installed and managed by Ice Rink Events, which has built similar rinks all over the world. This won’t be the only winter-themed feature of the hotel, as it will also have holiday lights and a tree.

As Tyler Morse, CEO and Managing Partner of MCR/MORSE Development (which owns and operates the hotel) explains:

“Normally, when you hear about ice at the airport, it’s not good news. But in this case, people can get excited about a frozen tarmac at JFK — we’re creating the Rockefeller Center of Queens.”

Bottom Line

What a cool concept! While there are aspects of the TWA Hotel soft product that are disappointing, I appreciate that the hotel is trying some unique things, from selling gym memberships to having an ice skating rink.

I love this concept, though I am curious what market they’re going after — those in transit at the airport, those who live nearby in Queens, or do they think people will make the trek from the city?

I would totally do this, but I’m so uncoordinated that I can barely walk without tripping myself, so I think ice skating probably isn’t for me…

Could you see yourself visiting the TWA Hotel ice rink?

  1. I went the other day for a cocktail and was told the rooftop required a fee to enter.
    Went to the Connie Bar and was a bit shocked that its “so intimate”. Def not the place to “hang out”…… but unusual and fun, nonetheless.
    It’s def a destination. Not that one would want to spend too much time there, but still a destination.
    It’s about a 20 min excursion.

  2. @1987 they added the fee not long ago. People kept going to the rooftop and not buy anything, while taking up hotel guest space. They now require you to pay a pool fee or buy 50$ + gratuities iirc. Almost as much as the AirTrain fare 😉

  3. Interesting, but kind of lame when compared to MUC’s ice ring. Free ice skating in an area with direct walking access to both terminals. Additionally it is surrounded by christmas markets. Did I say it’s free? 😉

  4. The Airtrain is going up to $7.75 next year, so it’s kinda hard to see how anything at TWA Hotel is pitched at locals or people who want to go into or out of the city; $15.50 tax round trip PLUS train or subway fare to Manhattan…

    It’s definitely pitched to people at r airport or AVgeeks…

  5. DEN has an ice skating rink around the holidays. I’ve met people out there who came out just for the rink and weren’t flying. Probably not super common, but it happens. I think DEN’s is free, too, just rentals for the skates.

  6. @eponymous coward, I passed through Jamaica station earlier this week and sadly the Air Train fee is already $7.75.

  7. @M just went last night and was charged the usual $5 (or $5.50, whichever it is… Tired from a sleepless Copa flight… But it definitely wasn’t $7.50)

  8. Stayed here once. It’s a customer service dumpster fire with amenities that aren’t reliably available. I would avoid at all costs.

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