Heaven: The TWA Hotel’s JFK Airport View Infinity Pool

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Update: Here’s my review of the TWA Hotel JFK.

On May 15, 2019, the TWA Hotel is opening at New York’s JFK Airport. As an aviation geek, this 500+ room hotel will possibly be the coolest thing ever.

I wrote about the TWA Hotel a couple of months ago, and just about everything about this hotel is aviation themed, and I’m living for it. While some airport hotels are better than others, I’ve never before wanted to vacation at an airport hotel.

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We knew that the TWA Hotel JFK would have a rooftop pool, though they’ve now revealed even more details about it, and OMG.

The TWA Hotel JFK will have a rooftop infinity pool with incredible views of the airport. The pool will be 63 feet by 20 feet, and will be infinity edge. In summers it will be a traditional pool, while in winter it will turn into a pool-cuzzi, with temperatures of up to 100 degrees.

The water in the pool will also be purified every 30 minutes; they claim that a standard pool recirculates every six hours.

The infinity edge pool is inspired by Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Cap d’Antibes, France.

The pool will overlook JFK’s runway 4L/22R, and will have views to Jamaica Bay. Then the observation deck will also have views of runway 13R/31L, which is 14,511 feet long, making it the second longest commercial runway in North America.

The rooftop will have a cocktail lounge, called The Pool Bar & Observation Deck. There will be signature aviation-themed cocktails, like the Mile High Spritz, as well as a full menu for food.

The deck and pool are open to hotel guests, or non-hotel guests will also be able to reserve a table at the pool bar, which could be a fun way to kill some time during a layover.

Bottom line

I still can’t get over how awesome the TWA Hotel is going to be. JFK has been among the worst airports in the country when it comes to the quality of airport hotels. At this point, several hotels have closed and turned into homeless shelters, including the Sheraton, which I used to frequent.

So to see JFK go from having no good airport hotels to having what’s without a doubt the world’s best airport hotel is an incredible development.

I think the big question mark with this hotel will be the service, though. When I think of JFK airport and hotels in the area, amazing customer service isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. I’ll be curious to see if this hotel can set a new standard.

I just can’t get over how cool this pool looks…

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  1. Can not wait, booked in for the 22nd of May, 1st time in New York and decided to stay here for one night.

  2. Ben – perfect photo opportunity. You and several other big name bloggers need to get together and take an epic photo with the apron/runway behind you. Watch those Instagram follower numbers (read: ad revenue) soar. You’re welcome in advance.

  3. The bill for that pool during winter means it won’t last more than a year. Accountants will cut it.

  4. I have never before sought out an airport hotel to stay. But this one is a MUST. I could sit at that pool and just watch the planes come and go for days.

  5. Darn, I’m hoping for a soft opening late afternoon on May 3 when I swing by on the beginning of Round The World 2019 2.0 I was looking forward to a beverage in the lobby bar :-(. Oh, well FWP! 🙂

  6. I visited this on Saturday night and saw some hotel rooms with their lights on and you could see everything inside of them. They looked really cool and “old fashioned” but I had privacy concerns on this front. It seems they didn’t use tinted glass (unless they haven’t installed them yet). They were right next to and clearly visible from the T4 and T5 entrance. Also, most of it is completed (furnishings wise) and while I was taking off I saw the pool as well which was awesome. They had lights around many parts of it at night so it was easy to see.

    And the entrance was awesome. And the old TWA terminal also had its lights on and it looked amazing. It looks just like it did in pictures (maybe better) and I had never been there when it was open so it was even cooler. Can’t wait to visit!

  7. “Without a doubt the world’s best airport hotel” and you’re questioning the service? I think it’s a bit early for all the accolades. I would agree with the world’s best airport hotel concept.

    I dug up your review of Grand Hyatt DFW, which you didn’t seem too impressed with. TWA’s pool seems nicer, but the Grand Hyatt has a spa and is a points hotel. I chuckled as I’ve also stayed in 802 – they claim it’s their nicest non-suite.

  8. It might be the “camera” perspective, but I’m curious to see if there are any perceived security concerns and how they address them.

  9. @Aviators99: no security concerns at all, there’s the whole Terminal 5 between the apron and the hotel. I’m sure the view in that render is a little bit imaginative and exaggerated.

  10. Idea itself it is interesting with pool looking over airport. But air and noise pollution thing I am concern about. For me relaxing in pool is not bad air and noise.

  11. Double marks for using the term ‘pool-cuzzi’ instead of the much more drab “heated pool”.

  12. @Aviators99, what security concerns might there be? Plenty of airports have public areas nearby where you can see the planes. The actually hotel is located behind T5 so, it is not near the sterile zone of the airport.

  13. Thanks for this article Lucky, I’m doing a night stop in NY in late May and I just cancelled my booking at the Courtyard for a Runway View Room here instead. That pool bar is going to be my spotting home for the afternoon!

  14. No one is concerned about how quiet the pool will be? 😀
    OK, it’s a cool hotel! I’ll definitely extend a stay at JFK just to try it!!

  15. While the idea of the TWA Hotel is an amazing use of this space and I look forward to seeing the inside of the hotel in person, the rooftop pool is a great idea. BUT! Having spent over 30 years working at JFK I would expect that on a hot, hazy and humid summer afternoon they will have to supply respirators for anyone at the pool due to the heavy stench of jet exhaust

  16. As a former TWA flight attendant, I am ecstatic that our name and pride will be carried on. The TWA terminal was utilized by many and the architecture was absolutely Superb! Bravo to this gentleman for restoring this Beautiful building!!

  17. @Lucky….

    “So to see JFK go from having no good airport hotels to having what’s without a doubt the world’s best airport hotel is an incredible development.”

    “The world’s best airport hotel” – YOU HAVE NOT BEEN THERE!!!!

    Why bother staying at any hotel when you can determine ahead of time which is best?

  18. Anyone know what restaurants are serving food and what types? I have a reservation to stay in May and I’m trying to figure out food but it’s confusing and I just got an automated response to my email to them. It seems Paris is serving all meals and Pool is serving lunch and dinner. The Sunken Lounge opens at 8am so maybe they are also serving all meals? It’s unclear what they will have as far as food opens. Connie I think is just a bar. No mention of in room dining…not that I would want to here…but just saying! If anyone has any more info on this that would be awesome.

  19. Staying mid-week in early June before a morning flight to LHR on Virgin. Booked as soon as it opened for bookings, just made dinner res at Paris Cafe. Plan to go early to explore all it has to offer. Even found our old TWA Aviator frequent flyer cards. Just too bad we don’t drink alcohol because some of those cocktails sound amazing. Can’t wait!!

  20. @AK, I think it’s best to send an email to them. My understanding is May 15th is a soft opening but it does seem like it’s more like a full opening if all the restaurants and pool are open that day as well.
    I booked a table at the Paris Cafe on May 15th! Can’t wait!!!!

  21. So under what banner name will the hotel be? Big chain or independent….got a website yet?

  22. Already booked a runway-view room for May 26! I find the 4pm check-in time very unusual; 3pm or even 2pm are more the norm.
    I understand that day rooms are proposed for later, just not right now.
    Hoping that service will be outstanding; such an iconic new hotel should attract top-drawer talent!

  23. I have been in that terminal so many times as a child. My mom worked for TWA at jfk. That’s where my passion for aviation came from. It would be too emotional for me to go the TWA hotel. Flight 800. Some things are better left in the past.

  24. We have a reservation for a runway room in late May. I hope the noise from the airplanes will not interfere in my swim at the pol.

  25. Can’t imagine to sit at the pool and have hundrets of jets starting with 100+dB right over my head. Would prefer a quiet retreat…

  26. Staying a week after opening in May! Landing late night at Terminal 5 so had the perfect opportunity.

    Can’t wait to see it myself!

  27. One person’s “heavy stench of jet exhaust” is another person’s “perfumey fragrance of pure propulsive power.” 🙂

    I think if I knew that I had 2 days to live, this is the place I would go to die.

    As an aviation geek, this is the best thing ever made ever in the world and in all of history period! The 747 comes in second place.

  28. Well I made reservations at all the restaurants/lounges during my stay so I’m trying them all! This is definitely the most excited I’ve ever been to go to JFK!

  29. The hotel responded to my email asking about what each restaurant will serve. Not sure what “snacks” will mean but I assume bar type appetizers. Still going to try them all!

    -The Paris Café will serve all three meals & snacks
    -The Sunken Lounge will service drinks and snacks
    -The Pool Bar will serve drinks and snacks
    -The Connie will serve drinks and snacks

  30. There are some serious problems at this hotel. I was at JFK Wednesday with a couple of hours to kill and was trying to find this hotel. I went to the website and there were no directions, and there isn’t even a phone number! Ironic, because the contact page has a picture of a telephone.

    Also, this article appeared in the Guardian with the headline “Shocking Pictures Reveal Disarray”, but somehow in the last day or so the headline has been changed. Fortunately the article still talks about many of the problems at the hotel including no phone number.

    In the next year, only six days are sold out. I don’t know why all of the glowing reviews haven’t pointed out any of the problems. I think this hotel is headed for some serious trouble if it’s managed this way.


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