Turkish Airlines’ New Safety Video Is Magical

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Over the past few years safety videos have become a marketing tool of sorts for airlines, as we’ve seen airlines come up with cool, fresh concepts that keep passengers engaged. Air New Zealand is perhaps best known for their creative safety videos, as they generally have a new video every quarter. Millions of people who have never flown with Air New Zealand have seen their safety videos, which is pretty incredible.

Well, Turkish Airlines has just come out with a cool new safety video, starring Zach King, who is a well known magician on platforms like YouTube, Vine, etc.

Here’s the new safety video video, which will have you watching very closely the whole way through:


Perhaps the best part of the video is that they managed to make it interesting while keeping it under three minutes, meaning they’re able to do this without adding time to the safety video. While I appreciate airlines trying to be engaging, so many safety videos nowadays are unnecessarily long, to the point that they become annoying.

Now, of course Turkish Airlines has much bigger things to worry about than their safety video, but kudos to them nonetheless. I like the video.

The bad part of this new safety video is that it reminded me of their hold music… which is… addictive. That’ll be stuck in my head for days to come.

What do you make of Turkish Airlines’ new safety video?

(Tip of the hat to Chandan)

  1. They say to inflate the life jacket immediately, but that’s dangerous, as if the aircraft is sinking, then you wouldn’t he able to get out and would get pinned by the water to the top of the cabin. That’s why many people died when an Ethiopian airlines jet crashed after being hijacked off the Comoros Islands…

  2. Pretty cool and entertaining. Waaaaaaay better than having to listen to the Delta CEO bragging about himself (I am the Delta CEO…) and his company.

  3. The most addictive music for me is the Air France one. I even have the original song, lol.

    “France is in the air, uh-oh oh-oh” lol

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