Turkish Airlines Is Offering 15% Off App Bookings

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Turkish Airlines flies to more countries than any other airline in the world, and they also consistently have among the best fares out there, both in economy and business class. They have a lot of seats to fill, so more often than not when I’m doing an airfare search between two markets, Turkish Airlines is among the cheapest. It has been years since I’ve flown them, though I’ll be giving them another try in a few months, and am very much looking forward to it.

For the next few days you can score an even better value when booking a ticket on the airline. Those who download the latest version of the Turkish Airlines mobile app and make a booking through it will receive 15% off their base fare. Here are the basic things to be aware of:

  • Valid for tickets purchased through January 20, 2018
  • Valid for travel through December 31, 2018
  • Both one-way and roundtrip travel is valid
  • Both economy and business class tickets are valid
  • You only save 15% on the base fare, so that doesn’t include taxes and fees
  • There’s no promotion code needed when booking through the app, but rather the discount should automatically be applied

This is an exceptionally good deal given how few strings there are attached. You can save 15% on virtually any ticket through the end of the year.

While I’d absolutely take advantage of this deal if booking a ticket on the airline, I do have to say that in general I don’t like booking airline tickets through apps. Call me too traditional, but I just like a bigger screen and a keyboard for making sure I’m doing everything correctly. If a company gives me an incentive to book through a mobile app, though, I’ll absolutely take advantage of it.

Do you plan on taking advantage of Turkish’s excellent mobile app promotion?

  1. Sounds Nice but for most cheap economy tickets that’ll be less than 5% off of the actual price if they aren’t reducing the fuel surcharge element. More expensive/business class a better deal of course.

  2. Strange… priced 2 flights RT/J CAI BKK on Mar and Apr on GF and followed thru to TK’s desktop site to price and on both times, they were approx. 15% cheaper than the mobile app. And I priced the flights on the mobile app till ressie and confirmation thinking the price would be adjusted.

  3. I love comfort class on Turkish but find that the cabin is kept at such an insanely hot temperature that I wouldn’t ever fly them again – for me it makes the journey so uncomfortable it’s not worth it no matter how cheap. It’s a pity too because the food and the price and the seat (especially in Comfort out of JFK) is great. In business I can’t believe they still have middle seats: no thanks.

  4. Could anyone please suggest some good city pairs for cheap J class tix starting in Europe on TK? I need to do a *A mileage run and hope this is my chance. Many thanks

  5. @Joe: same here! Can’t find the ‘get the discount button’ either – and not visible at different tickets (semi-flex, full flex and business)

  6. @Nick
    Turkish has been phasing out “comfort” class for a couple of years now. Are you sure they still fly it out of JFK? It hasn’t been on any of my recent flights.
    Anyhow, I always change into light sweatpants and a T-shirt for sleep attire. In a warm cabin it helps immensely.

  7. No more PEY or Comfort Class on TK.

    For most territories, you will have to enter in manually the Promotion Code TKSMART18 at the Credit Card details to enjoy the discount.

  8. There is four more hours till the promotion ends (Istanbul Time), and when I wanted to issue a ticket on the app, it shows “We are unable to process your request. Please try again later”. I have tried it 10X, refreshing the app and search, and same result. It’s so frustrating. What should I do?

  9. hi, thanks. fully agree with yr comments abt booking via app.

    just booked HAM-BKK in J, all fine until I came to “address” : was impossible to put in. tried 10 times but always rolled bck to start on top of form. closed app and loaded with my saved address. when going back i didn’t see in the choice of some 10 flights there are 2 connections with “my” departure 18:35h, the intended one has 2 hrs in IST, i however booked another choice with 22h layover, got fooled by same ETD.

    never wud have happened on pc where you see all flights at same time. in the end i saved 180 euro for discount but hv to pay 100 for rebooking, which is abt same i pay on cheap flight search engines. never again by app…

  10. do u hv any gold status? TK quite generous with status match. send copy of card and last statement to TK and ask, for quite sure they will accept

    anyhow easy to get gold: 40K miles ( e.g. 2 x business Europe – Bkk) gives you 2 yrs gold and than just 25K needed to extend 2 yrs. guess you know http://www.wheretocredit.com : makes it easy to choose which programme gives best mileage. happy landings

    my app- result by the way much worse than expected: rebook same etd ex HAM = 600 €, other flight same day “only” 300 so i will stay in IST for one day…

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