Video: Turbulence So Bad That Flight Attendants Hit Ceiling

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There are lots of videos of inflight turbulence on YouTube. For example, here are a couple that I’ve seen over time:

Sometimes we’ll even hear stories of people being seriously injured due to turbulence because their seatbelts weren’t on. I’ve heard stories of people hitting the ceiling due to turbulence, though I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video of it… until now.

As reported by AvHerald, several people were injured on yesterday’s ALK Airlines flight from Pristina to Basel/Mulhouse. The flight was cruising at 34,000 feet and was about 30 minutes from landing when it encountered serious turbulence.

10 passengers were injured, though according to the airport authorities the injuries were only minor, which is at least good news. There were reports that the turbulence was so bad that some of the seats were even ripped out of their anchoring. Despite that, the plane was able to operate another flight that day, and was only on the ground for about 2.5 hours

Here’s the video footage, which some might find disturbing:

So this is a good reminder to always keep those seatbelts fastened while seated, no matter what.

(Featured image courtesy of Juke Schweizer, tip of the hat to Renes Points)

  1. Passengers on TK 10 were certainly more relaxed … a possible selling point for traveling Turkish Business Class.

  2. I’m calling BS…there’s NO WAY that “seats were even ripped out of their anchoring” and the plane was turned around 2 1/2 hours later.

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