Trunkster Zipperless Luggage — Thoughts?

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Last month I posted about Bluesmart, the world’s first (self proclaimed) “smart” luggage. What made it so “smart?” It came with a digitally controlled lock, location tracking, trip data tracking, a battery charger, built-in scale, etc.

They went the route of crowd sourcing to fund the idea, and did remarkably well — their goal was to raise $50,000, though they raised over a million dollars. Yow!

Call me a traditional, if you’d like, but I just don’t “get it.” Location tracking and trip data tracking? Why would I need that for my carry-on? And while a battery charger and built-in scale sound nice in theory, presumably they also add weight to a carry-on, and for me one of the most important things about a carry-on is that it’s lightweight. But clearly a lot of people disagree with me.

Well, it looks like the “smart” luggage industry is quickly expanding, as a new bag called Trunkster is in development. Here’s a video about it:

Trunkster is running a Kickstarter, which has already been more than funded.

So what makes this bag different than others? Two things.


First of all, it has similar “smart features” to the Bluesmart bag, including a built-in scale and battery charger. The charger is a nice built-in feature, though it adds weight and takes up space, and in practice I’m not sure how often I’d use it.

And then the other selling point is that it’s “zipperless.” In other words, rather than being opened by a zipper, the entire bag is in a hard case and has a sliding door. I don’t like spinner luggage and I don’t like hard-case bags (since I can’t maximize the space by over stuffing it), and frankly I don’t see the benefit of a sliding door either. If you want to get just one thing out of the bottom of your bag you’ll have to slide the “door” all the way down as far as I can tell.

Anyway, clearly others feel differently, and by supporting their Kickstarter you can pick up a carry-on for $255, or a checked bag for $245.


What do you think about “smart” luggage? And do you actually prefer hard-shell, spinner luggage to two wheeled soft-shell luggage?

(Tip of the hat to John DELTA)

  1. I love the concept, but with airlines (incl in Europe) weighing the carry-ons I need something ultra-light. With it weighing 8lbs, that’s more than twice my current carry-on’s weight.

  2. I do like the zipperless entry but don’t know about the other features. When was the last time someone’s carry-on got weighed?

  3. I’d also prefer a smaller 20″ option over the 22″ option. I rarely pack enough to justify a 22″ bag, as I’ve streamlined my packing significantly in the last couple of years.

  4. I agree, the added weight defeats the benefits of charging. And the sliding door sounds problematic.

    @gobluetwo, which 20″ options have you tried or are you using?

  5. I don’t know about this – though I love new innovations and specially travel accessories and carry ons I would be afraid and skeptical that those features wouldn’t be working at their fullest potential. I am old school and love having my Tumi carry on and briefcase with me. I can always personalized them with my own touch and feels exclusive. Cool concept though – props to them for raising such a amount of fund for this new gadget.

  6. “And do you actually prefer hard-shell, spinner luggage to two wheeled soft-shell luggage?”

    Well, my Rimowa Salsa cabin two wheeled doesn’t fit neither category, so I guess my answer would be none? šŸ˜‰ :p

    I looooooooove Rimowa, perhaps as much as you love Krug and Lufthansa First Class combined (heck, is that even possible?) I also have a Rimowa Salsa XL multiwheel (4, to be exact) that I check in. My next suitcase will be a mid-size Topas aluminum.

  7. I can see how the on-board charger might come in handy if one is in an airport or somewhere without a access to an electrical outlet, and doesn’t have a mofie or extra battery.
    Other than that, agree with John Carter-kudos to the team for the ideas and ambition, and the innovative spirit. Not sure on the full potential otherwise.

  8. At first I was like WOW. After some thought, and re-thinking the price with shipping plus the hidden cost of buying online not shown is the ‘customs/duties’ taxes. Then, I was, that is a lot of ‘do$h’.

    A few days went by, and I realized I would NEVER charge my mobile in my luggage..well maybe ONCE in five years. And the gps is nice but…will it be disabled by the thief ? And as far as spinner bags go..I have a $40 dollar American Tourister one I bought on sale in Asia..large case. It’s the BEST bag I’ve owned in years. Extremely light wieght and mobile. Spinner wheels are not good for European sidewalks..but fek that at my age, I’ll spend 30 euro and take a taxi.

    Result….is this is highly gimicky and over priced. Have to see one in person to see how AMAZING it is and if it is really durable etc.. I’d price it at 200 dollars..then downward for sale units.

    Conclusion. GIMICK.

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