Woman Fakes Attack While Deplaning Southwest Airlines Flight

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Here’s an inflight disturbance story that doesn’t involve masks, for once. A passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight is getting quite a bit of attention on Reddit over her refusal to get off the plane.

Passenger refuses to get off Southwest Airlines flight

This incident involves a passenger who refused to get off a Southwest Airlines flight. No, to be clear, she wasn’t being kicked off the plane, she was just being asked to deplane at the end of the flight. I’ve certainly had some flights that I wish didn’t end (like when I flew the Etihad Residence), but I’m not sure that’s what was going on here…

Nowadays airlines encourage passengers to deplane one row at a time to minimize the amount of crowding in the aisle. In a 36 second video, a passenger can be seen staying seated when it’s her turn to deplane.

We don’t know what happened prior to what we see, but the video starts with another passenger who is behind her saying the following, while trying to deplane:

“Are you going to get off the aircraft, or are you going to sit there and scream?”

Then another passenger who is also seated behind her chimes in:

“I’ve gotta pee, I’ve gotta get off of here.”

Since the problematic passenger doesn’t respond, the woman who has to go to the bathroom just walks past her, at which point the passenger starts screaming at the top of her lungs as if she’s being attacked.

At this point a flight attendant approaches the problematic passenger, and the conversation goes as follows (I’m trying hard to ignore the fact that the flight attendant lowers her mask to speak to the passenger):

Flight attendant: “I’m watching you attack her.”
Passenger: “You go outta here.”
Flight attendant: “Excuse me, I work here, ma’am.”

Here’s a video, should you want to watch it:

Karen refusing to get off plane pretends to be attacked by black woman shuffling by. from TravelFreakout

Will Southwest Airlines ban this passenger?

We don’t know what happened prior to what we see above, but regardless, faking that you’re being attacked because someone else is trying to get off the plane after the plane has arrived at the gate is outrageous. There’s simply no justification for acting that way. It also seems like that may not have been her first time screaming on that plane, since a passenger asks if she’s just going to “sit there and scream” prior to the screaming that we see.

While Southwest Airlines has banned quite a few passengers over mask compliance, I’m not sure if the airline is banning rude passengers, as Delta is. As far as I’m concerned this woman shouldn’t be allowed to fly Southwest anymore.

One of the challenges with these kinds of airplane stories is that it can sometimes be tough to figure out whether someone has legitimate mental issues, or is just a jerk. If someone is just having a freakout and not trying to harm others, then I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt.

However, if someone literally starts screaming as if they’re being attacked while being seemingly stubborn, I do think some accountability is appropriate. Take “do you know who I am” Amex Platinum Karen, for example, who refuses to wear a mask and refuses to provide her ID when buying alcohol at a drugstore because she has an Amex Platinum (note that there’s some bad language in the video):

Does she have a few screws loose? Probably. Should she be held accountable for acting this way? Definitely.

Bottom line

For unknown reasons, a passenger didn’t want to get off a Southwest flight. Not only that, but she didn’t want others seated behind her to get off the plane either. So when a passenger behind her finally decided to deplane, this woman screamed as if she was being attacked.

(Tip of the hat to C Boarding Group)

  1. They deplane by row?! I’ve flown AA at least 15 times since COVID started and deplaning is just as much of a mess as it was before COVID.

    And you think the FA lowering the mask for 5 seconds is such a big deal? Half of the J cabin on my MIA-PHL flight last week weren’t wearing masks as we deplaned and the FA’s didn’t even say a single word.

  2. That woman is whacked and she should be banned as she def has some mental problem. Who knows what she will do next time she flies. Can you imagine she screams at the top of her lung while airplane is flying to its destination? Or worse yet she goes psycho and starts to do other irrational things. Why take chances with a whack job like this?

  3. I’ll say it again want to be proven how society is degrading just go to an airport and look around. Pigs can’t fly? I would love to go back to 1965 and go up to a group of nicely dressed and properly behaved passengers waiting at the gate for a flight. I’d say I have a special magic device called an Iphone that can look into the future. Want to see what air travel will be like in the year 2021, more than 55 years from now? Of course as faces light up with glee. Then show them a video of air travel today. I can only imagine the look of horror on their faces.

  4. I honestly feel she could be on the autism spectrum. If that’s the case, everyone on the plane was doing the complete opposite of what she needed to help deescalate.
    Definitely easier for all the keyboard warriors to call her insane and scream ‘BAN HER!!!’, but we all need to try not to judge someone when we do not know their situation.

  5. @Endre, idiot why are you still commenting on here. With all the nonsense you used to post, you’d better keep quiet

  6. These are some of the reasons why the US is the laughing stock of the world right now, thanks to whom? dumb leader, even dumber white nationalist followers

  7. @Sel, D.

    It’s always convenient to wish for the other group to take the high road, rather than take accountability for the system you’ve built to maintain the status quo.

    Ignoring racism is not the way to post-racialism.
    Post-racialism is not an excuse to ignore the present, and the past.

  8. Is there going to be a post every time there’s some sort of weird incident involving some portion of a flight experience? Is that what we’re going to be subject to in the absence of trip reports? Honestly, I dont see the point of this post, I’m sorry. Some lady has an issue getting off a plane and she screams. News at 11. Ugh

  9. No doubt she is mentally unstable. Why should anyone be subjected to that behavior, especially children? I would hate to be “stuck” with that woman on a plane in the air much less on the tarmac. Ban her.

  10. @Sel,d is correct.

    What if we called every problematic Black woman a LaKeisha…
    Or every problematic Black man a Leroy.
    Or every problematic Latina a Juanita

    Not good

  11. I was wondering why this was an issue based on the description but if you watch the video closely the woman has her hand on the seat across the aisle, blocking everyone else from disembarking. I don’t know the context, but I’m less confused now.

  12. Did anyone else cringe more at the fact that she was using the platinum card to pay instead of a card that has a bonus category for drug stores?

  13. There are a lotta metal cases out there fueled by a sense of entitlement and anger.
    I agree with @ George N Romey, there is no decorum left in air travel.

  14. People do not like the delayed deplaning procedures but most people comply whether they think they do any good or not- just as with mask mandates – on airlines and flights where the airline and/or crew remind passengers about remaining seated.
    However, I was on two flights this weekend and on the first, a uniformed crew member (not of the airline operating the flight) got up as soon as the seat belt sign was turned off. Of course, everyone else did the same even though flight attendants reminded passengers to take their turn in deplaning.
    On the second flight, two non-English speaking passengers (they were both talking on their cell phones in a non-English language) decided to push their way from their seats in the back of the aircraft and past passengers that remained seated. of course, everyone got up to keep the entire back of the aircraft from walking past the front of the aircraft.

    For whatever reason, some people won’t comply w/ whatever requests are made of them.

    The best strategy in our fractured world is for people to non-aggressively either respond to the inappropriate behavior or just let those that won’t comply do what they are doing – and prepare for that inevitability when in public.

  15. So the US is still not ready to talk about free healthcare for all the citizens, but you should definitely at least consider free psychological and psychiatric treatment (including medicine)… it would do wonders for the country as a whole.

  16. The fact that anyone with median income and good credit can get Amex Plat makes it quite mundane in terms of exclusivity. I guess if this lady flies FA, she would demand royal treatment on flight.

  17. That AMEX Plat video is pure cringe. Would’ve been hilarious if someone pulled out another Platinum or even Centurion lol

  18. @Sel,D Karen is not an ethnic slur, but it is a female one. I feel sorry for the nice Karens.
    But I know two who fit their names.

  19. Remember when 2-y-o s didn’t get to act like 2 yos? It was only 50 years ago. And now full grown women get to throw temper tantrums on airplanes. Better change her diaper and warm up a bottle. Cant help being So unsympathetic about her mental illness. If the family needs to keep her at home then do it. Don’t put her on an airplane and make the rest of us raise her.

  20. The white woman needs to move and get off of the plane for sure. But, it looks like the black woman pushed the white woman really aggressively with her elbow as she is passing by.

  21. Ima call AmEx and have them revoke the Plat.

    She deserves a Black Card to go with her attitude. Oh wait, all the Black Card holders I know don’t go to CVS to get some “desperate date juice” in their PJs

  22. The woman is likely mentally ill, and should be banned until she has her condition under control, and can prove it. BTW, the author wrote, “that’s even though the passenger walking past her didn’t make any sort of contact,” which is not true. The soon-to-be-screaming woman was blocking the aisle with her arm, and the “need to pee” woman understandably pushed her way through her rigid arm.

  23. @Martin Karen is used as a pejorative against white women, and is therefore an ethnic slur, by definition. While one could (rightfully) argue that it doesn’t carry the weight of some other ethnic slurs, it still is one. The fact that it is used openly and often, and even celebrated in an increasingly sensitive race-based culture, shows that we have it WAY wrong when it comes to fixing problems with inequality in our country.

  24. In the mid ‘70s I worked a very late inbound 727. I came up the aft air stairs and saw a flight attendant leaning toward a passenger in a window seat. She begged him to get off. At 0200 she was tired and wanted to go home. I was a Foreman and told her to go ahead and go, tell the agent to grab a cop, we’ll get the passenger off. Once it was him and me I hollered, “ hey asshole, get off my fucking airplane before I throw you off.” He woke up and asked me where he was. I said in LA and the end of the line. He got up and stumbled toward the jetway. As he deplaned, the agent and a police officer showed up. The pax thanked me for being so kind, hahahaha. I told them to not let him drive since he was inebriated to o point of not knowing himself. I found the officer later and he said he put the Pax in a cab.

  25. In video above she is correct an ID is useless!!!!If someone steals your credit card they get their pix put on your name ID~~~

  26. @ Sel, D. — White woman here, and I’m gonna side with @ Martin.

    The term “Karen” isn’t used against anyone due to their race, and is certainly not an ethnic slur. I can see how you’d be confused, given that many white women often demonstrate an astounding level of privilege and rudeness that would inspire someone to mock them as being “a Karen”, but it’s no more race-driven than saying someone who is excessively optimistic is being “a Pollyanna”.

    Put another way, adults throwing tantrums or haranguing low-wage frontline employees is atrocious behavior, but one that (barring disability) is chosen and spans all races, genders, religions, orientations, national origins, and so forth. That we see so much of it from certain demographics in America right now feels more like a commentary on the times than anything else?

    Which is all to say, I absolutely appreciate where you are coming from here, and generally agree with you that name-calling isn’t helpful.

  27. Why on earth would anyone feel safer deplaning row by row after being CRAMMED in seats for hours inches away from the same people deplaning in the aisle? Why not suggest to those feeling unsafe that they stay seated until those who could care less are off the aircraft?

  28. I propose the name “Spoiled Brat” be used for anyone acting out. Non-sexist, non-racial, non-religious, non-ageiest.

  29. Why did any of the passengers feel a need to talk to this woman? Why not just walk past that row and keep your mouth shut? Are people so conditioned to obedience that they think they are committing a felony if they deplane while a person is sitting in a row in front of them?

  30. When you watch the video closely you can see the seated passenger has her arm blocking the aisle so no one else behind her can pass. Its unknown why she decided to block the aisle with her arm but then when the passenger behind her just had enough and wanted to get off the plane to use the restroom she pushes her arm with her body so she can pass and deplane. Thats when the seated passenger starts to scream as if she was being attacked. Its ridiculous that someone can sit there and inconvenience everyone else behind her row.

  31. I don’t think it’s entirely fair to pass judgment. There’s a strong possibility that the passenger could be struggling with their mental health or worse.

  32. As a flight attendant flying the disturbing skies…If you look closely at that nut job’s arm , she is blocking the woman that has to go to the bathroom. Although they deplane by rows trying to maintain as much distance as possible. She has no right to “block” the aisle. I dont blame the woman who has to go to the restroom! I say ban her butt!

  33. I really find it hypocritical for those who think name calling is ok for us Karens in the world. Why us?
    Be a grown up and start describing behaviors and stop the name calling.
    That’s what grown up people do. They don’t name call because they recognize that somebody out there might have that name that they just used as a pejorative.

  34. This doesn’t appear to be a average “Karen” situation… It sure seems like the screamer is autistic, or somewhere on the spectrum. Many autistic / special needs people are very ‘rule based’, and things are either right or wrong…
    Someone ‘cutting the line’ would be against those ‘rules’, and then pushing her arm could be overwhelming. Loud noises and unexpected physical contact can quickly escalate the situation. (Not saying it makes her reaction socially acceptable) Some people are high functioning ASD. You would never know it until something goes wrong. Don’t be so quick to judge people. You never know what’s going on. I believe F/As should probably have specific training for this sort of thing.

  35. Ben, you missed the point entirely…The screaming woman is holding her arm across the aisle disallowing any passengers of deplaining. The woman who has to pee physically moves the “arm barracade” and the barricaded responds by screaming as if being attacked.

  36. in my post, please change “and the barricaded” to “and the barricader” in the last sentence.

    Thank you.

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