Travel over the coming week….

While I won’t be going to Israel this week, I will be doing some other travel. Tomorrow I’ll be heading off to the beach for a couple of days, and then on Saturday I’ll be doing a mileage run on United. Double EQM season is still in full swing on my end, and I’m burning past 250,000 EQM’s for the year (after DEQM), and counting. Since I’m Royal Ambassador with InterContinental again, I’ll be spending Saturday night at the InterContinental San Francisco through the great Travelzoo rate.

By the way, if anyone in the Bay Area will be around this weekend, I’m hosting a FlyerTalk dinner on Sunday night. All are invited.

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  1. Thanks for the valuable tip! 🙂

    Although Travelzoo says “Travel is valid the following dates: … June 1-7, 12-26, July 2-12, 16-26 …”

    IC allowed to book and confirmed stay for 26.6-3.7.2009 at TZ rates — much lower than what SPG or Hilton quoted for for the same time period.

  2. 250k EQMs, wow! Lucky, I know you receive and use a lot of vouchers, but have you ever calculated how much you spend out of pocket on travel.

    I find it amazing that you have such in depth knowledge of all the different air and hotel programs and pay for it yourself.

  3. @ Scholar in Training — I’ll give you one guess. 😀

    @ Paul — I’d prefer not to throw out an exact number (feel free to email me, I’ve done the math), but let’s just say I’m coming out ahead overall. 😉

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