T-Mobile Customers Will Get Free Gogo Wifi

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T-Mobile has become the “go to” wireless carrier for international travelers, thanks to their revolutionary Simple Choice International Plan, which offers automatic coverage in over 140 countries around the world, with unlimited data and texting at no extra charge, plus a cost of just 20 cents per minute for calls.

I still haven’t made the switch to T-Mobile, even though I really should. I guess I’m just complacent sometimes, and was perhaps hoping the competition would match (though they haven’t). There are also other options out there, like Google Fi, which Tiffany recently wrote about.

As if T-Mobile wasn’t compelling enough for the frequent traveler, they’ve just added another awesome perk. Starting June 13, T-Mobile customers get an hour of Gogo inflight wifi on their smartphone on every flight, plus unlimited messaging (including through text, iMessage, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, and Viber).


Here’s a graphic which explains how the benefit works:


This might just be what I needed to finally switch from AT&T, which I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while now. While I’ve long had a Gogo monthly membership, with this perk I might just take advantage of the T-Mobile benefit for most flights, and on longer travel days I can purchase a 24 hour pass for $16.

For the casual traveler I think this is incredible, though. The average person is probably more than happy being able to use inflight wifi for an hour, and being able to message the whole flight. This really is a huge value add perk, in my opinion.

What do you make of this new T-Mobile Gogo wifi perk?


    I switched to T-Mobile in March of last year, and haven’t looked back.

  2. I love T-Mobile! 🙂 This is awesome news since a lot of my travel is for work and is literally an hour of cruising between take-off and landing! Hah – now I have another reason to justify why I have T-Mobile!

  3. I switched to T-Mobile a year ago for the international coverage and have been very pleased.

  4. I love T-Mobile. I switched from Verizon two years ago. I was just in Japan for work and my phone worked like a charm. A little slow but fast enough to download some documents, google maps, etc. It’s a life saver compared to Verizon.

  5. Just to clarify: you only need to make one WiFi call ever, not once before every flight. The first time you do this does some setup and registration so that they can identify you; that’s why you don’t need to sign up for a GoGo account or login with your TMobile account.

    The funny thing is how they’re coming full circle: back when free WiFi wasn’t ubiquitous and T-Mobile was synonymous with slow, they ran a large network of WiFi hotspots. They were free for customers on more expensive plans, or you could pay for access even if you weren’t with T-Mobile.

  6. I used t-mobile for about 2 years, it was bearable. Then I switched to at&t … amazing! The only thing I miss about t-mobile was calling over wifi, and I guess this.

  7. SWITCH! I cannot tell you how much I LOVE LOVE T-Mo! A month ago, I landed in Doha, and all of my texts, snapchat, everything just came up just like it would after a domestic flight! It’s a great thing! Worked very well in the UAE as well. Heading to Europe in about two weeks, so I will have to try it there as well, but if it worked well in Qatar and the UAE, it can only work better in Europe.

    Wi-Fi calling is great as well, several buildings that I frequent have no service from any of the major carriers, as they are big, concrete buildings. Wi-Fi calling saves me. It’s so great. Just switch. Now. Do it. Stop reading. Go switch.

  8. If you only use your phone on major cities I guess T-Mobile is a good choice. If you travel across the US including smaller cities and rural areas forget it. I will stick with ATT.

  9. I was with Tmobile since 2007
    Originally I found their customer service to be a 10
    over the years I then had customer service that was a 3 dropped calls
    calls with echo delays that sounded like I Was in a football stadium and other issues unresolved in Southern California where I live
    No benefit could keep my business if the quality of service sucks
    Verizon while far from perfect has superior call quality and if not on strike radically better customer service

  10. Great job by T-Mo! Probably the most innovative of all the US mobile carriers! Switched from AT&T to Verizon in December and Verizon coverage is worse than ATT. I’ll probably switch back to ATT and can’t go to T-Mo as I do a lot of outdoorsy and backcountry trips where T-Mo coverage is non-existent.

  11. I hadn’t looked at tmobile for a few years but just chatted with an agent about switching. The only real incentive, outside this new gogo agreement, is wifi calling but rep just verified that wifi calling is an option only on tmobile locked phones, no way to use my current Moto X Pure for wifi calling. But I see I can use it on Google Fi, that might be the option I go with…

  12. Just got 2g in Nice France and U can’t use it for a Hotspot ..UP THURS !!!! Have it for years Rubbish

  13. @sice that’s not true. I have an unlocked Nexus 5X and wifi calling works on it. Ordered it directly from Google.

  14. I wasn’t happy with my Sprint service in Ecuador last year, so I just got a Google-Fi phone today (after reading Tiffany’s report last week) for another trip there. I will probably switch my iPhone from Sprint to AT&T and take both phones. Surely one will work.

  15. Great news. An hour of free WiFi is nearly half or better of the flight time for most routes out of DFW. I’ve been using T-Mo since 2013 and for the most part, I’m very satisfied. The free international data in particular is awesome, and it’s surprisingly good even in relatively remote areas in Europe like Transylvania. BUT, there is one major limitation – the coverage is AWFUL in rural areas in the U.S. You’ll get a lot of Edge network or just plain old no service. I have to rely on my mom’s Verizon phone most of the way between Dallas and Memphis. Keep that in mind if you’re going to be out in the boonies frequently.

  16. Another T-MOBILE option is unlimited calls, texts, and data anywhere within Mexico and Canada, back to/from the USA, for only $10 a month. We travel to Mexico very frequently and this add-on is super. Plus you can add/drop anytime as needed.

  17. Re: Kimmie

    The Simple Choice Plan already includes unlimited calling/data/text in North America without any additional charge.

    Re: T-Mobile

    I just got back from 3 weeks in Europe and everywhere I went, I would be connected by the time the plane hit the ground. It is truly an amazing benefit to have. Yes, as someone mentioned above, it is not blazing fast, but it was still pretty decent. Enough for basically anything except streaming video.

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