Time to consider a career as a baseball umpire?

Check out this CNN article about the life of a baseball umpire. Not that exciting to me, except for this part (bolding mine):

They are, however, well cared-for while on the road. Each ump gets a $340 per diem to cover hotel and food, and when they fly, it’s always first class. Working a full postseason can tack on an extra $20,000, plus expenses. They also get four weeks of paid vacation during the regular season.

If that’s true, where do I sign up?

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  1. As an official at the professional & college level… you have NO IDEA the pressure and work required to get to that level.

  2. Yeah it’s great when you get to the MLBs. But before that you’re driving to all your destinations and staying at Motel 6 (if you’re one of the lucky ones).

  3. Yeah, as a referee in another sport (which has a much more miniscule revenue stream than MLB), the compensation does not begin to make up for the abuse and stress.

  4. What the others said…

    And I might add, it takes on average 10 years to get to the Major League level.

    That’s longer then an MLB player. And during those 10 years (if you last that long) you work for peanuts and travel 3rd class.

  5. I’m not questioning that it’s a tough job, I’m just surprised that they seem to fly paid F. There are plenty of people making a million dollars a year working their rears off that still fly coach for work….

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