The Park Hyatt Vienna Is Incredible!

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It’s pretty easy to get jaded in our hobby. The fact that miles & points let us travel the world for pennies on the dollar is incredible in and of itself, regardless of the style in which you’re traveling.

That being said, for those who have been in the hobby for a while, it’s easy for this amazing opportunity to seem like the norm at some point. I certainly know that after well over four million miles and over 1,000 nights in hotels, I don’t get “wowed” quite as easily.

In other words, when I was a kid I literally couldn’t sleep for weeks leading up to a trip, even if it was in economy to Oklahoma. Then as I got older I’d lose sleep for a week before an international flight, out of excitement. And then when I was a bit older I’d lose sleep the day before a premium cabin trip.

The good news (or bad news, depending on how you look at it) for me is that I don’t lose sleep over “experiences” anymore. That may simply come down to the fact that I’m generally a sleep deprived person, so I can sleep through almost anything.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t get excited anymore. In terms of the miles & points world, I do still get genuinely excited about international first class and about some luxury hotels. I certainly hope I never get to the point where the Etihad A380 or Emirates A380 don’t make me giddy anymore!

But on the hotel front, there’s nothing that excites me quite like a luxury hotel on which I got an amazing deal.

We finished up our trip to Europe with a visit to Vienna, where we stayed at the incredible Park Hyatt Vienna. While I’ll have a full trip report shortly, I can’t help but immediately share how impressed I was by this property.

I love Park Hyatts. They’re one of the reasons I love to be loyal to Hyatt Gold Passport, since I can earn points towards stays at some incredible hotels, like the Park Hyatt Sydney, Park Hyatt Tokyo, Park Hyatt Maldives, etc.

Well, I think you can add the Park Hyatt Vienna to my list of top five Park Hyatt properties in the world. What an incredible hotel. The Park Hyatt is actually in a restored building, which used to be a bank headquarters — I love when old buildings are taken and given a new life.



I booked this using Points + Cash, meaning each night cost 12,500 Gold Passport points plus $150. Since this was a Points + Cash booking, I earned Hyatt Gold Passport points, stay/night credits towards status, and could even use a Diamond Suite Upgrade.


To say I was giddy about this experience was an understatement. What an absolutely stunning property, and it was truly characteristic of the Park Hyatt brand as well (which can’t be said for all properties).

The suite was gorgeous, with beautiful classic design and modern finishes, which is a combo that’s tough to beat.





The bathroom was the most well designed and stylish one I’ve seen in a very long time.


And the restaurant where breakfast was served was gorgeous. Aside from the lack of views, it was possibly the nicest hotel restaurant I’ve ever seen.


This hotel is awesome, and the miles & points hobby is even awesomer! 😉


What’s the last experience you’ve had which really reminded you of how awesome miles & points can be?

  1. What was my last experience which really reminded me of how awesome miles & points can be? Why traveling to and from MUC via LHF in F of course!! WOW ‘o WOW!! Seats! Service! Lounge! WOW!

    Which PointsPros helped setup!

  2. I think I may have read some quirky features regarding bathroom privacy. Look forward to your take on your upcoming report. Does look like a beautiful hotel!

  3. So it is now officially called “the hobby” then?

    Makes me think that RSM article was more accurate than has been acknowledged…

  4. Lucky, what is your best analysis of Hyatt’s future Diamond Challenge Program ? what is your prediction of the Challenge if they decide to open the program again ?

  5. I’m booked there for next summer. As a category 6 not a 7, it really seemed like a good option for using points and cash and then upgrading, but still getting the Park Hyatt brand. The jump from $150 per night to $300 per night in Zurich, Syndey, Paris, Milan, etc., is a little bit more prohibitive.

    The flyertalk review thread seems to suggest the hard product and location are amazing, but the service is taking a while to come around. It will be great to see your report.

  6. I think I stayed in same suite in 2014 July. Complementary suite upgrade as a diamond
    Best Hyatt I stayed so far. Retail was about $1000 a night.
    On the same trip also got complementary suite upgrade at PH Zurich and the retail for that suite was $3800 per night.
    A steal for 25-30k points at both these hotels

  7. Had a really great time in Vienna a couple of years ago as well — at SPG’s Hotel Bristol. Got upgraded to top-floor Junior Suite with a terrace and a view of Vienna State Opera. Best location of SPG’s properties, I thought.

    With Hyatt, judicious use of DSU on cash or, especially, points+cash reservations is a great guaranteed way to experience awesome rooms without dropping major cash AND without having to pray to hotel gods for an upgrade at check-in.

    Visited Grand Hyatt and Park Hyatt hotels in Tokyo this year but probably most amazed by Andaz Amsterdam. It may look slightly strange on photos (with a fish on a wall and whatnot) but it’s very nice in real life and everything just works!

    (Andaz West Hollywood should hire the same designer to re-do their hotel 😉 )

  8. PH Vienna is stunning. We upgraded to a suite and on our first day and due to an electrical issue we were upgraded to the Diplomatic Suite. My jaw hit the floor when we entered that room. On top of that they send champagne and strawberries. Service was top notch (PH Milan and PH Sydney are up there too), breakfast was amazing and we loved the pool.

  9. My favorite hotel so far! They upgraded us to a very beautiful suite on a points stay even though I’m a lowly platinum member.

  10. Would you stay at Mandarin Oriental, The Peninsula and Four Seasons properties also if they would have a loyalty program? By the way I still can’t understand why they don’t come up with some sort of rewards. Yes, those people who stay there doesn’t need points for sure but I still would love to see. Of course a co-branded credit card is definitely not appropriate to these brands but they should run their own program with non-transferable points at least so you could earn their points only by spending there.

  11. PH Vienna treats Diamonds very well. It seems like all Diamonds get suite upgrade gratis. Though, the hotel is very nice, I feel the service, especially housekeeping is very average, in some cases unacceptable for a hotel of this calibre. Breakfast at the Bank is not all that great, but the space is in what used to be the hotel cashiers, very opulent. If they improve the soft product and breakfast, this hotel could be one of the best in the Hyatt chain.

  12. That may simply come down to the fact that I’m generally a sleep deprived person, so I can sleep through almost anything.

    You know…

    “Some frequent fliers would be surprised to learn that their exposure to radiation exceeds that of nuclear power workers,” said the University of Surrey’s Scott Cohen, who has studied the dark side of hypermobility. “And few would realize that frequent jet lag disrupts genes that influence aging and heightens the risk of having a heart attack.”

    Settling down in LA is sounding better and better all the time, hmm?

  13. I’ll get back to you. My first points aspirational trip is coming up in 6 days, and I AM so excited I can’t sleep. HK, Bali, Singapore, all Hyatt suites (points & cash, diamond upgrades), Cathay and Singapore and a few nice lounges. It’s all I can do to focus on the pile of work I have to get done before next Thurs.!

  14. They sort of screwed up my reservations (probably because it was a last minute booking) so they brought me to the lounge and boozed me up with champagne while they sorted it out. A glass and a half later (Im a fast drinker) I was escorted to one of the most beautiful hotel room I’ve ever been in. All was forgiven.
    It really is an amazing property. Did you notice the tiles in the pool? Gold bars. Clever.
    The spa area was also pretty cool. Rainfall showers and waterfalls and an ice dispenser from the ceiling to cool you down after using the sauna.

  15. My wife and I stayed there this summer. She’s a Diamond member and we used points for a free stay. The breakfast was fantastic as were the staff. Great location, too. Being situated in a former bank made it palacial. According to the bellhop, Katy Perry and Arnold Schwarzenegger visited previously
    (name dropper). Hyatt is a
    great franchise, no doubt!

  16. Had a great trip to Russia, Turkey, and England this summer thanks to miles…and the excellent assistance of Tiffany and Alex at Points Pros.

    The PH Vienna sounds great. Unfortunately, the PH Toronto is old and gives the PH brand a bad name…except for the rooftop bar.

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