The Freddies

Wow, what a great weekend! I don’t have time to go through the whole weekend right now, but a few thoughts about the Freddies themselves.

First of all, they were amazingly well done. It’s a full catered event that lasts well over six hours, and is just a total blast. Now let’s get to the results, or at least the interesting things as I see them. The full results can be found here.

  • Why does Marriott do so well? Basically the final two for every hotel category were Starwood and Marriott. Starwood I can understand, but why Marriott? You can’t qualify on stays, it takes a LOT of nights to get their top tier status, the benefits even when a Platinum aren’t that great, and their award redemption is pretty mediocre. Why they did so well is beyond me, but I suspect it has to do with them getting out the vote through their email campaigns.
  • American and United didn’t get nominated for anything, not even top 5. I just find that to be crazy, especially when airlines like Midwest and Continental are beating them. No doubt those are better airlines in some ways, but from an FFP perspective I think one of the two airlines at least deserves a nomination. My theory is that they don’t do well because people choose to let out their frustrations of the deterioration of the service on those awards. No doubt Mileage Plus was better a couple of years ago than it is now, but they’re still miles better than most of the others. I think some people vote relatively compared to last year as opposed to looking at the big picture, but of course nothing can be done about that.
  • Kingfisher getting quite a few nominations cracked me up. Nothing against them, but I really hadn’t heard of them much. Every time they got a nomination our table had to chuckle a little, and towards the end of the show we gave them a big round of applause when they got a nomination, which made a few other tables chuckle.
  • There were a couple of very funny moments during the ceremony, which View From the Wing has highlighted here.

I had an amazing time and can’t thank Randy Petersen enough for his amazing hospitality.

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