Temporary American Express Card Perks For 2021

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We have seen card issuers get creative when it comes to adding limited time perks, given how consumer behavior has changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Around the middle of 2020 we saw temporary perks added to American Express cards, and that trend is continuing. In this post I wanted to keep a consolidated list of the benefits being added to American Express cards in 2021.

Amex’s new 2021 cardmember perks

It can be hard to keep track of all of the limited time perks being offered by Amex cards, given that they come in different forms — some don’t require registration, some are available through Amex Offers, some are targeted, and some haven’t been published yet.

Here’s a rundown of what’s currently being offered and what we can expect, broken down by card:

New Amex Personal Platinum Card perks

The Platinum Card® from American Express (review) is offering a couple of different promotions.

You can get up to $180 in statement credits with PayPal:

  • You can get up to a $30 monthly credit between January 1 and June 30, 2021, for a total of up to $180 in value
  • This is valid for purchases made at eligible merchants with PayPal
  • There’s no registration required

On top of that, there are some special Amex Offers deals for those with the Amex Platinum (registration required), which are valid for those who had the card as of November 1, 2020. Amex claims that this offers up to $1,700 in statement credits, and it includes the following:

  • Avis Car Rental — spend $250+ on eligible purchases, get $75 back, up to two times
  • BestBuy.com — spend $50+ on eligible purchases, get $50 back, up to two times
  • Goldbelly — spend $100+ on eligible purchases, get $50 back, up to three times
  • Home Chef — spend $50+ on eligible purchases, get $50 back, up to three times
  • HomeDepot.com — spend $50+ on eligible purchases, get $50 back, up to two times
  • Instacart — spend $250+ on eligible purchases, get $50 back, up to two times
  • Samsung — spend $1,000+ on eligible purchases, get $200 back, one time
  • Scribd — spend $9.99+ on eligible purchases, get $9.99 back, up to five times
  • The Container Store — spend $150+ on eligible purchases, get $50 back, up to two times
  • Virtual Personal Training by Equinox — spend $780+ on eligible purchases, get $130 back, up to five times
  • Wine Insiders — spend $30+ on eligible purchases, get $30 back, up to two times

Personally I think the Best Buy and Home Depot offers are the most lucrative.

New Amex Business Platinum Card perks

The Business Platinum Card® from American Express (review) is advertising that it’s offering up to 400,000 additional Membership Rewards points across back-to-business categories.

Through June 30, 2021, those with the Amex Business Platinum can earn 5x Membership Rewards points (an additional 4x points) on U.S. purchases made in the following categories:

  • Wireless
  • Shipping
  • Advertising
  • Gas
  • Office supplies

Card members can earn up to 80,000 bonus points per category, and registration is required through Amex Offers. Of course a vast majority of small businesses won’t be able to fully maximize those categories, but those are still some solid bonuses.

Personally I value Membership Rewards points at 1.7 cents each, so that’s like an 8.5% return.

New Amex Small Business Card perks

Amex small business cards are offering up to $250 back on eligible business purchases:

  • Registration is required through Amex Offers
  • You can receive $25 back via statement credits on transactions of greater than $500, up to 10x
  • This is valid through June 30, 2021

You can’t beat having this card on the Blue Business Plus Credit Card from American Express (review), given that it offers 2x Membership Rewards points per dollar spent.

New Amex Travel temporary perks

Don’t get too excited here at all, but Amex is promoting that Amex Travel has some new offers. For example, Fine Hotels & Resorts (available to those with the Amex Platinum) is offering a complimentary night or property credit of $250 or more for stays at more than 200 properties. You can find all the Fine Hotels & Resorts special offers here.

The catch is that there are ordinarily free night and credit offers. The list might be better than usual, but I don’t see anything spectacular. To clarify, we’re not talking about a free night without staying otherwise, but rather we’re talking about anything ranging from a third night free to a sixth night free.

Receive an extra credit at some Fine Hotels & Resorts properties

New Amex Delta, Hilton, Marriott perks coming soon

While they haven’t been published yet, Amex has stated that in the coming weeks we can expect to see new limited time offers for existing personal and small business cards issued in conjunction with Delta SkyMiles, Hilton Honors, and Marriott Bonvoy.

We’ll have to stay tuned for the details on those offers, though.

Bottom line

Card issuers are adding a variety of temporary perks in light of the way consumer behavior has changed, and it’s great to see that continue in 2021. So far we’ve seen the most perks added on Amex Platinum and small business cards.

I think the Amex Platinum $30 monthly PayPal credit is by far the most exciting, and it makes keeping the card a no-brainer.

Here’s to hoping we see new offers on co-brand cards soon as well.

What do you make of Amex’s limited time perks for 2021?

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  1. Anyone getting quick paypal credits? My best buy and Home depot picked up instantly but ive had nothing in regard to paypal and its been a couple of days now.

  2. The BestBuy credits have been great. I picked up a cheap 32″ TV for my home exercise area for only a few dollars more than the credit was for.

  3. @ben do you have any sense on if Amex is going to add anything to the Green Card? I called to ask for a retention offer and they said they won’t offer one, and won’t reduce the annual fee. Curious if you know if anything is coming to justify keeping it beyond the clear discount (worthless for me this year) and lounge reimbursement (also worthless).

  4. @Steve_CC Not only did mine credit in 3 days, I had the Resy sign up offer for 20% off restaurant spending and used PayPal and it stacked for a 120% credit.

  5. I dropped my Platinum when AMEX offered me nothing by way of a retention bonus to renew, and stuck with my AMEX Green.

    Speaking of nothing, that’s also the number of current offer on my AMEX Green! LOL

  6. @orflyer – that’s surprising. I called them just a week ago and got 15k points as retention for my green card. Did your AF post already for year 2?

  7. I do wish Amex had offered something smaller to new cardholders in terms of these offers. For example, spend $50 get $20 back at Home Depot. Given that they are giving the offers to some people that have had the card less than 90 days, it would be reasonable. If they were requiring you to have had the product for 12 months or more, that would be different.

  8. @Steve_CC, I was wondering the same thing. I’m guessing because we don’t have to sign up it’s a statement credit vs the immediate credit we get for amex offers.

  9. Edit** Well the link is now showing 75k but earlier today I was approved for the 100k offer and suggest many others attempt to find that better offer as it’s really fantastic.

  10. Has anyone tried using the Best Buy app to get the credit? I ordered something today and haven’t received the credit yet. May have to order on website

  11. Picked up a PS5 at best buy so the credit proved very useful. I feel like Amex has been working to make their cards have value during the pandemic. I was all set to get rid of my gold card but some of the perks they added on etc made it difficult to justify getting rid of the card.

  12. AMEX Gold Uber $120 credit . Why does it have to be $10 per month ? Why can’t I just spent $120 at once if I want ?

  13. Hi,

    I have had the platinum card since 2014 in good standing and use it quite a bit each month, recently paid my annual fee, yet I see none of the Platinum Amex Offers listed on here? I’ve been checking and refreshing for days, are these targeted?


  14. Any experience stacking up a Home Depot.com purchase using PayPal linked w Amex? Aiming for a 50$ + 30$ =80$ credit for a 100$purchase.

  15. D3kingg, it is the same with their other offer, for Grubhub. $10 per month – to make it harder to use. Their airline credit offer is also quite restrictive. The CSR travel credit is much simpler. Still, it’s good that they have two concurrent food delivery offers plus the airline fee credit.

  16. I got an email after making my purchases with bestbuy and home depot. Still haven’t received a credit for either.

  17. I purchased 2 $50 Grubhub gift cards on BestBuy web site (2 separate transactions) and already received credits for them. Also already received a $30 PayPal credit.

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