Televangelist Healed Plane Corrosion By “Laying Hands On It”

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Televangelist Kenneth Copeland is quite a guy. He preaches a message of prosperity and abundance, and boasts about being a billionaire.

Earlier this year his ministry took possession of a debt-free Gulfstream V.

Worry not — “The Holy Spirit confirmed to Brother Copeland that the Gulfstream V was the plane the Lord had set aside for [him].” Furthermore, all the people who donated towards the ministry acquiring the plane are going to “new places in the Kingdom” for their generosity.

But getting the Gulfstream V wasn’t enough, they also wanted a further $17 million to upgrade the avionics, interior, runway, and to build a new hangar.

This was hardly the beginning of his history with private air travel. In the past he enlightened us as to why preachers actually need private jets. Specifically, there are demons on commercial aircraft, and the devil is just trying to mislead people into thinking that they’re being excessive by flying on private jets. Here’s that video:

Now one of his sermons from a couple of months ago is going viral, via Newsweek. The message from the sermon is that “faith from healing comes from hearing.” And you guessed it, this involves airplanes as well.

In this sermon, Brother Copeland shares a story from several years back about when the ministry only had a turboprop.

Here’s the sermon, if you want to watch it (the relevant part starts 11min18sec in):

So, what did he do? Apparently their turboprop had some corrosion, and when Brother Copeland laid hands on it, it disappeared:

“We went through that thing from…nose to tail and they did X-rays of the fuselage and everything looking for corrosion. And there was some—wasn’t all that bad—but the X-rays showed that there was some spots of corrosion. And so I was, I was praying over it. And just as plain, the Lord said to me, ‘Lay hands on it. I’ll heal it.’

“What?! And I’d heard it plain. ‘Well,’ he said, ‘Kenneth.’ He said, ‘Corrosion comes from the curse.’ He said, ‘I provided that airplane for you, didn’t I?’ I said, ‘Yes, sir.’ He said, ‘Lay hands on it.’ Okay. And I started praying in the spirit. And the more I prayed in the spirit, the happier I got.

“So I just went up—oh man, you talk about laying hands on that thing. I laid hands on it all over. And it’s a big old airplane. It took a while to do it, you know. Laid hands on that thing. Just laid hands on it all over it, and praised God and laid hands on that, and commanded that corrosion to leave in Jesus’ name.

“They did more X-rays and came back, and there was just one little old spot there. I said, ‘Lord, what –’ ‘No,’ He said, ‘I’m going to remind you.’ I said, ‘Uh, what are you reminding me of?’ He said, “They could have said, ‘Maybe the — maybe the X-rays were wrong.’

“Are you listening? So we laid hands on it again, and it was gone.”

Amazing! With most airlines trying to cut costs by outsourcing maintenance, maybe they should just outsource it to Copeland Ministries? He could fund all of his private jet upgrades in no time this way!

(Tip of the hat to Mike)

  1. I’d love to see him “heal” a broken engine and then take the plane out for a spin immediately after.

  2. The guy is genus… it’s those fools who follow him and believing what ever garbage spewing out of his a$$.

  3. @Brodie ur the idiot if you think all the people that’s support the POTUS are the same people supporting this bafoon. There may be some overlap, but very different crowds as a whole.

  4. Brother Copeland could afford a fleet of private A380s if he properly monetised his anti corrosion powers.

  5. Hosea,

    What this guy is selling ain’t Christianity. As a Christian, I can tell you with 100% certainty that no where in the Bible does it say anything about fixing airplanes by “laying hands” on them. Such BS. This guy is a snake-oil salesman. Rest assured, if he has been baptized and truly believes in Jesus, he will have to answer for his behaviors while on Earth (good or bad). Probably will not work out well for him.

  6. God will not appreciate charlatans who bilk truth seekers like this. This guy will get his time to answer to God and to explain his corrosion…

  7. This person is not human. Always look at the eyes!!…always.

    Those that follow him are still soundly asleep.

  8. While misleading, I think what he is actually saying is that a billion dollars have “flowed through” his organization since inception. That would include any donations that were used for foreign aid causes. I do not believe he has a billion dollars in assets.

  9. Omaat is a church and lucky is the pastor. You people are the congregation. My pastor has never asked me for money only credit card referrals. However unlike Copeland I know my pastor lucky always had my best interests at his heart. He always puts his congregation’s interests ahead of his own. He always gives the best credit card links even if it means less commissions for him.


  10. @Debit – except lucky doesn’t condemn you to eternal damnation for not using his credit card links. LOLOLOL at eternal damnation. Really LOL at religion in general.

  11. It’s amazing to me as a Brit, how Americans find this funny. How is it funny, defrauding poor dumb citizens?

    In ANY other country… ANY on the planet… this would be illegal.

    It’s sad and should be embarrassing.

  12. The drivel from fake religion has the US wading through a cesspool of sewage. It’s rotted the minds of those who support and sustain it. It’s leaving painful irrationality forced on all of us. I say time to repudiate in the most forceful terms and stop the crazy from disparaging America any further.

  13. @jack – with very few exceptions, the two main groups supporting trump are well-educated unethical corrupts and uneducated stupid imbeciles.

  14. For all the Christians commenting on this, bear in mind that how you feel towards this is exactly how those of us with our sanity feel about you…

  15. Callus,
    Christianity has done more good for more people than any other group/organization in the history of this planet. If you feel that way about true Christians that are actually out in the world trying to make a difference and be a beacon for good, then I pray that you will see the error in your thinking.

  16. Common Man, “… more good for more people…” Unprovable opinion. And it conveniently discounts much. Also, define “true Christians”. Even Christians will not agree on the definition.

  17. @Gary Leff everyone probably missed it because your writing sucks and half your content is mind-numbing clickbait bs… this is thought leading stuff though!!

  18. It is illegal for atheists to run for public office in many southern states. That’s right these assholes discriminate. It’s time the liberal states start crucifying Christians. Send them closer to the God they love.

    The business of christianity is sustained by the Republican scumbags through tax free status. Yup the scum Copeland plays no taxes on his earnings. In return the Christian scumbags deliver the vote to these Republican scumbags from their pulpits. This is not religion. This is mafia.

    Remember a white Republican male is a subhuman scum.

  19. Lol what a joke “pastor”. Lucky, please also make comments regarding some other religion whose adherents refuse to sit next to a woman? Or an airline who refused an Israeli to board? Oh, what about dozens of countries who jail people for being gay?

  20. @Debit If you are a girl I want to marry you. Hell, even if you are a guy hmu, I may be able to make an exception in my sexuality

  21. This is just more of the usual anti-Christian bigiotry. You don’t see this site questioning what Jews or Muslims are doing. Hmmm, wonder why?

  22. Meanwhile, the millions of poor, hurting, diseased, and abused get nothing from this charlatan. Oh wait…they can’t give him anything can they?

  23. There’s one thing that he won’t be able to buy and that one thing is a pardon from God for how he has twisted and misrepresented the gospel for his own personal benefit. This 1 man has aided in helping to shipwreck and destroy the faith of untold numbers of Christians. He by what he teaches has poisoned the hearts and minds of believers all over the world. He himself won’t enter in and is making sure there will be plenty of others who do not enter in as well.He is a false teacher and a false prophet as well and has been seen kissing the pope’s arce , that alone should Tell you who is aligned with and who he truly serves. He will only continue to go from bad to worse. He is one of many in the prosperity camp who are marked for destruction unless they find repentance.He is to be avoided for one’s own spiritual well being.He is a sick man and needs Jesus, the real Jesus, not the false Jesus that he preaches and teaches about.May God have mercy on his soul and grant him repentance before he draws his last breath.

  24. I would very much like to see the maintenance logs for this plane. Did the LORD turn water into jet fuel too? No? Oh, that’s right people had to pitch in for gas money so they could secure their rightful place in the nut house, oh, I mean Kingdom. Yea, that s it.

  25. This people are nothing more than Con Artist. Of course, a lot can be said about the intelligence of people who trust these guys.

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