Targeted: Double AAdvantage Miles On Premium Cabin Flights

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On the heels of British Airways’ double Avios promotion, American has sent out a targeted promo to certain AAdvantage members.

Because some have asked, I don’t think these are related (though the two carriers have coordinated promotions in the past), rather I think this is just the kind of thing you put out on the last Thursday of Q3.

Similar to a targeted promo AAdvantage ran last year, selected members can earn bonus miles for flights in premium cabins, including Premium Economy.

I wasn’t targeted — which is hardly surprising, as I haven’t credited a single mile to AAdvantage this year — but it’s worth checking your email to see if you were. You can also follow this link and check your AA account to see if the promo is available to you.

Certain partner flights can earn double miles as well, provided they are marketed by American and operated by BA, Finnair, Iberia, or JAL. Unlike the British Airways promo, previously purchased flights are eligible, which is nice.

Here are the full terms:

This exclusive offer is only for members who receive an email directly from American Airlines. You must register by 11:59 p.m. CDT on October 8, 2018, and before travel for your flights to count toward this promotion.

  • Offer applies to eligible purchased, published fares in First booked in F or A; Business booked in J, R, D or I; or Premium Economy booked in W or P on select airlines flown between the date you register and January 8, 2019.
  • *Offer applies to all eligible American-marketed flights and operated by American, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia or Japan Airlines. Flights marketed and/or operated by other codeshare partners aren’t eligible for this promotion.
  • Flights that don’t earn AAdvantage® miles won’t count towards this promotion.
  • Travel flown before registration for this promotion isn’t eligible for the bonus mile offer.
  • Double miles will be calculated at 100% of the base award miles earned for the eligible flights.
  • Bonus miles don’t count towards elite-status qualification or AAdvantage® Million MilerSM status.

It’s worth noting that American is awarding bonus redeemable miles here, and not bonus elite qualifying miles. Presently American awards five base miles per dollar spent, plus a bonus if you’re an elite member (Executive Platinum members, for example, get six bonus miles per dollar spent, which is a 120% bonus). With this promotion you’re earning an extra five miles per dollar spent. At a value of 1.3 cents each, that’s like an incremental 6.5% return on the cost of the ticket

Given how mild the premium for first & business class is over economy in many markets nowadays, maybe this will convince some people to just outright pay for business class when they otherwise wouldn’t.

In reality you’re getting a bonus of 6.5% on the entire ticket amount, rather than just on the incremental difference between economy and business class.

For example, say you’re an Executive Platinum member and an economy ticket costs $200, while a business class ticket is $300. The $200 ticket would earn you 2,200 miles, while the $300 ticket would earn you 4,800 miles. That could tip the scales for some.

Were you targeted for some sort of premium cabin mileage bonus from American, and will it impact the types of fares you book?

(Tip of the hat to Ricky W.)

  1. I was targeted for this but requires $2500 in First class spend FIRST:

    Register before you travel

    Earn $2,500 Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQDs) on Premium Economy, Business or First class tickets and fly on qualifying flights*

    After earning the required EQDs, you’ll earn double award miles on all those flights and any others* through January 8, 2019

  2. I was targeted. I often buy J or F on AA transcons, and I have an AA J transcon one-way already booked during the the time period.


    1) My other J flights are already booked away from AA
    2) You have to spend $2,500 before you get any benefit. My one AA transcon is about $750. I would three of those just to get the benefit, and I’m not sure double redeemable miles is enough to book J/F or divert bookings
    3) Way too short of a promotion period. I have some flights to LA in February, but they are out of this time period

    Overall, it’s a fail of a promotion, they send it to me every year and I ignore it every year.

  3. I was targeted, mostly fly discount J to Asia. Used to fly all OW in the past (EXP for a few years but did not qualify last year and unlikely to this year) but have been flying whatever is most comfortable for the money lately and OW fares have been mixed across all 3 alliances. No $ min on mine. A nice bonus if it works out/tie breaker but unlikely to swing my spend.

  4. I was targeted but my two J flights, one next week and one in December are already booked. This is the first time I’ve been targeted for any promotion since coming to AA with the merger in 2015.

  5. I am one of the AAdvantage Platinum Pro member received the promotional offer. I think they have targeted corporate customers as my offer quoted my employer’s name.

    As per my employer corporate policy, I am eligible for booking in economy and get upgraded based in my elite status . I have signed up even though this will not benefit me

  6. You’re way late to the party. I was targeted for this promo about three months ago. The promo just ended for me on the 22nd. I’m a low level elite with ua and aa. Typically book F fly all domestic. Good promo earned a lot of miles

  7. do you have to sign up for marketing emails to get these promos? I have NEVER received one, and I flew 154,000 miles on AA last year. So far this year I’m ‘only’ at about 85,000 – do they figure that they have my business so they dont need to bother?

  8. I was targeted for this in August, valid for flights through Dec 7, but it was for triple miles. As a data point, I had never flown on AA until 2018, but because of a lot of international business travel recently (usually booked in Premium Econ, sometimes upgraded to Business with miles+copay), I will likely be Executive Platinum by the end of the year.

  9. Your math is incorrect: you don’t get miles based on what you SPEND, rather what the airline gets after taxes on tickets are paid. So your examples are incorrect.

  10. I received a triple mile promo on premium economy/business /first class travel for which I had to register by Sept 14 (which I did) for travel thru 12/8/18. This is the second such promo I have received from AA (the first was for double miles in late Spring/early Summer).

    And it works! Work pays business to London from NYC, and despite being Platinum on Delta, my next trip to London will be on AA (and will net me ~105K miles for this promotion!). 🙂

  11. Targeted by specific to Paris flights.

    Also got an offer to do 2 tasks and receive Gold status until Jan 2020.

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