Swiss Adding Flights To Washington & Osaka In 2020

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Update: In the meantime Lufthansa Group has announced six additional US routes.

Swiss has just announced two new long haul destinations, which come as the airline plans to take delivery of their last two 777-300ERs in early 2020 (they will have a total of 12 of these planes in their fleet).

Swiss doesn’t actually plan to use the 777 for either route, but rather will swap around planes so they can use lower capacity A330s and A340s on the new routes.

New Swiss flight from Zurich to Washington

Swiss will launch daily nonstop flights between Zurich and Washington as of March 29, 2020. The airline will operate the flight using the following schedule:

LX70 Zurich to Washington departing 1:45PM arriving 5:00PM
LX71 Washington to Zurich departing 8:35PM arriving 10:40AM (+1 day)

Swiss will use an A330-300 for the route, featuring a total of 236 seats, including eight first class seats, 45 business class seats, and 183 economy seats.

Swiss is part of the Star Alliance transatlantic joint venture, so this means that there will be two daily flights between Zurich and Washington, as United flies the route as well. Swiss will also join their Lufthansa Group partners Lufthansa, Austrian, and Brussels, in offering service to Washington.

Lufthansa already flies to Washington from Frankfurt and Munich

Washington will be Swiss’ eighth US destination, after Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Newark, and San Francisco.

New Swiss flight from Zurich to Osaka

Swiss will launch 5x weekly nonstop flights between Zurich and Osaka as of March 1, 2020. The airline will operate the flight using the following schedule:

LX162 Zurich to Osaka departing 1:00PM arriving 7:50AM (+1 day)
LX163 Osaka to Zurich departing 10:05AM arriving 3:45PM

Swiss will use an A340-300 for the route, featuring a total of 223 seats, including eight first class seats, 45 business class seats, and 183 economy seats. The airline is in the process of refreshing the cabins on these planes, so you can expect the A340 will feature these updated cabins.

Swiss A340-300 first class

This will be Swiss’ second destination in Japan, as the airline also flies to Tokyo Narita.

Swiss upgrading two routes to 777-300ERs

As mentioned above, these new routes are made possible by Swiss taking delivery of two new 777-300ERs. Since Swiss is using an A330 and A340 for the Washington and Osaka flights, the airline will be upgrading two existing routes to 777s:

  • Zurich to Tokyo will be operated by a 777 as of February 2020
  • Zurich to Miami will be operated entirely by 777s as of summer 2020

Swiss 777-300ER

Bottom line

We’ve known for a while that Swiss was planning on taking delivery of their last two 777s next year, and I was curious to see what kind of expansion this would lead to.

The Zurich to Washington route has been rumored for a long time, so I’m not at all surprised to see that. Swiss is the last major Lufthansa Group airline to now add service there.

The Osaka route is logical, though not quite as obvious, in my opinion. Also keep in mind that they’re adding this second Japanese route ahead of what will be a very big year in Japan, as the Olympics are being hosted in Tokyo in 2020.

What do you make of Swiss’ long haul expansion?

  1. “Swiss will use an A340-300 for the route, featuring a total of 223 seats, including eight first class seats, 45 business class seats, and 183 economy seats.”


    8 + 45 + 183 =/= 223…

  2. Timing of the IAD route is pretty brilliant. The United flight leaves at 6:05pm, which makes connections difficult if you’re trying to fit an almost-full day of work in. By timing the flight at 8:35pm and operating it out of a United hub focused on connecting traffic, they’re going to pick up a lot of traffic from UA elites.

  3. @Ethan G…While I will agree with you about the departure from IAD, the arrival time into IAD is AWFUL for connecting traffic…

    UA’s outrageously large bank starts departing @ 5pm and is pretty much done by 6pm, leaving anyone connecting sitting around the airport until the next bank @ 10pm

  4. Nice to see Swiss back at IAD. I used to use their flight back in the day to Dulles…way back…in a 747-300, lol. For a long time it was an oddity as it actually went via Boston, which was fun, as you got to experience a 747-300 taking off from BOS to IAD with a small amount of fuel and 25 passengers.

  5. SWISS could not secure a slot in Seoul, so they had to go with Osaka in the Far East.

    The SWISS CEO also stated that given the current environment (climate discussions, market environment, regulatory restrictions at Zurich Airport), he‘s not sure if would order the two additional 77Ws again if given the opportunity.

  6. Anyone have an idea as to how soon these flights will be bookable from the time of the announcement. Any recent examples with Swiss?

  7. It is unfortunate to our country for Swiss not to fly to Seoul due to no empty slot in Incheon Airport. I hope Swiss will go back to Seoul in the near future

  8. @Stuart
    How long ago did Swiss discontinue their IAD flights? I seem to remember them flying in and out of IAD in 2009 and 2010, but not after that. I’m sure United’s decision to add an IAD-GVA flight in 2009 (in addition to their existing IAD-ZRH flight) may have contributed to Swiss’s decision to stop IAD service. I wonder what has caused them to change their minds.

  9. @Charlie, I honestly don’t remember when they stopped. In the early 90’s they flew to Dulles via Boston in a 747-300 which I used a few times. Then in the late 90’s and early 2000’s I used them quite a bit when they changed to a non-stop schedule on an A330. I am pretty certain that the route was axed long before you mention. I want to say it came during the bankruptcy reorganization but I could be wrong. Last time I remember using or checking them for mileage awards was maybe in 2001.

  10. IAD schedule works well for Dulles originating traffic. 5pm arrival is just after the major arrival bank of 12-4pm, thus resulting in less lines at the IAB. 8:35pm departure is also right after the jam packed European departure bank; it also provides a full day of work prior to flight.

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