Swiss’ Brand Video Sums Up What I Love About Airlines

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Swiss has an incredible brand video that I posted last year. I must have watched it a dozen times back then. For whatever reason I stumbled across the video again a couple of days ago, and I’ve probably seen it a few dozen times since then. Heck, I have the soundtrack from the song just playing in the background on my computer all day.

While I love marketing, it’s rare that airline brand videos resonate with me or that they seem like more than a marketing campaign. This video is different — it sums up what makes me love airlines. No, not because all airlines are great, but because it’s a visually stunning reminder of how complex the airline industry is. While I’m sitting on an airplane judging the quality of the champagne and food, I often take for granted everything else that goes on behind the scenes to make my flight happen.

Here’s how Swiss describes the video:

Over 100 employees from more than 30 divisions are joined together by one story. “The people behind SWISS” conveys the diversity of our employees and their wide range of responsibilities. They do their work with unparalleled passion and commitment for SWISS customers. Day after day. The movie was shot over a four-week period in Zurich, Basel and Geneva. A 5 minute movie was compiled from over 20 hours of footage, giving viewers unique insights into a fascinating company and its people.

If you have five minutes and haven’t seen this video, you have to see it, especially if you’re an aviation geek. And even if you’re not an aviation geek, it might make you appreciate the airline industry slightly more. Enjoy!

While not quite to the same level as the above video, if you’re digging that and have the time, Swiss also has a great video about their flight attendants.

And also about their pilots.

I love an airline with good branding, and this is an area where Swiss really excels.

Anyone love these videos as much as I do?

  1. Definitely love most airline’s brand videos, and many good ones are from Asian carriers by showing how much they strive to really be better than the competition

  2. Hi Ben,

    Long time reader, first time commenter – thanks for all the great reviews, etc.

    Also, thanks for sharing the video – haven’t seen it before. It reminded me of a TV show I saw here in Japan that covered a company that does all the blanket, etc. washing, and untangling of head sets, etc.

    And, like you say, it’s a great reminder of how complex the industry is, and how much time and effort goes into dispatching even a single flight – not just within the passengers’ sight, but also in the background.

    …it sure does make things like a short delay, a slow wi-fi, or a not-so-good meal seem a bit trivial, doesn’t it? 🙂

  3. God, beatiful videos! Thanks for sharing 🙂 makes me want to fly LX soon instead of always being stuck on LH.

  4. I will never fly them again until there is another economy class with more legroom. Forget the legroom; the 3-4-3 configuration is horrrndous. Customer service, food and entertainment were great but the comfort level is non-existent. Seriously, the most uncomfortable flight ever and I’m a petite woman at 5’3″ and 115 pounds.

  5. have an upcoming flight with Swiss from Lax-zur this fall, the video looks great and I hope everything is exactly like that during my flight. however, the fuel surcharge for the award is horrendous at $450 usd from MM points in J. I had no choice as the miles are about to expire. this is probably my first and last flight with them no matter how good it is, the cost is just too much.

  6. I flew Swissair 5 years ago. My outbound flight from O’Hare to Florence via Frankfurt was with Lufthansa. It was excellent in every way. The return flight experience- Florence to Zurich to O’Hare – couldn’t have been more different. Snippy gate personnel wouldn’t let me take my regulation roll-a-board but allowed scores of Chineese nationals to take huge suitcases into the cabin. The seats were not as represented on the seating chart–even though prior to selecting them, I called Swissair to verify that they were bulkhead. The absolute worst airline food I have ever had (gotta love that mystery meat!). My point is, Swissair should put less cash into marketing and more into customer service. I have a choice in airlines and Swissair will never be one of them.

  7. Now a video about the turkeys who selected the economy seats on the 777 please…so hard and uncomfortable.

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