Starting Tonight: Link American AAdvantage & US Airways Dividend Miles Accounts

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Overall I think American has done a great job with managing expectations during the merger, as they’ve been largely focused on under promising and over delivering. They’ll be merging the AAdvantage and Dividend Miles loyalty programs starting in the second quarter of 2015, though apparently will start allowing accounts to be linked starting tonight:

The time has come – beginning tonight, members with accounts in both programs will be able to match their accounts on and (full sites only; not on the mobile sites or the app). Members will automatically be presented with the option to match their accounts on either site when they log-in or by selecting the Match My Account link in the My Account section. Once a customer has successfully matched their account, they will see a success message online, receive an email and will see a success message in the My Account section on both sites. Matching accounts is simply a way to self-identify, so the process to merge the accounts in second quarter of 2015 is easier on the business.

Stay tuned! I’ll have another post later this evening when the functionality is live, as it’s not entirely clear to me whether status and will be matched and miles will be transferrable (I’m guessing not, but I’d love to be wrong).

  1. Thank your so much for sharing this info, Lucky. Do you think there is a possibility US airway’s status trial might be affected by linking of the two accounts?

  2. Thanks for the info. Ben.

    I just logged in American, and I don’t see any announcement or logical hyperlink to select to take the user to any “combine” page at this point, so I’ll check back for updates.

  3. will this then set the clock to the latest activity so you don’t have to watch expiration as much on the less used account? THAT is the KEY DATE!

  4. Didn’t DL or UA give some bonus miles for the link? Unless this will match my status or provide some benefit, I’ll wait.

  5. Hi Lucky,

    Is this wise to do before or after those of us who took part in US Airways Trial Preferred challenge achieve Chairman’s status? Or, doesn’t it matter?

    Thanks for any reply.


  6. This is a little unrelated but had a random question.

    I’m going from TPE-SFO on an AA Award. Unfortunately, only HKG-YYZ is available, so my routing is TPE-HKG-YYZ-ORD-SFO. Of course, this triggers MPM issues, so I’m holding it as HKG-YYZ-ORD-SFO for now (hopefully something via LAX/YVR or TYO opens up).

    As such, I’m thinking about just doing TPE-HKG via Avios.

    Since the HKG-YYZ flight leaves at 10:40AM but would be a different award ticket (Avios + AA), am I okay going TPE-HKG that morning (scheduled arrival at 8AM) or do I need to arrive the night before to be safe? Not sure if CX has the same sort of protections AA has in terms of separate tickets while flying OW.

  7. isn’t this bad news? I mean should I do it? Currently we can book stop over with US airways miles but not with AA miles so if I transfer my US airways miles to AA account, I won’t be able to book round trip stop over with AA miles?

    I was thinking of booking ORD- Seoul-HKG-ORD with US airways dividend miles.

  8. Pop up:
    We’re combining frequent flyer programs in second quarter 2015
    If you don’t have a Dividend Miles account don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything.
    If you have accounts in both programs, you can request to combine your Dividend Miles account with your AAdvantage account. First, please be sure that your date of birth, email address, contact and all personal information in both accounts match exactly. Then, enter your account number so we can match your accounts.
    In second quarter 2015, we will:
    • Combine your miles and elite-qualifying activity from both programs into your AAdvantage account
    • Email you when your Dividend Miles account has been combined with your AAdvantage account
    For now, nothing changes for you. You can keep earning miles in either program on American and US Airways.
    ————–After Submit ———————————-
    We matched your frequent flyer accounts
    For now, nothing changes for you. You can keep earning miles in either program on American and US Airways.
    In second quarter 2015, we will:
    • Combine all award mileage, elite-qualifying activity and million mile balances from both programs into your AAdvantage account
    • Update your elite status based on your qualifying activity
    • Email you when your Dividend Miles account has been combined with your AAdvantage account

  9. I logged into my AA account on my iPad and got the pop-up message and was able to match my accounts successfully. Thanks so much Lucky for the heads up on this! I really enjoy reading your blog and trip reports. I have gained so much great info here that has allowed me to travel three times as much as I normally would!

  10. @ Jim — By linking accounts you won’t actually be transferring miles. You have nothing to worry about.

  11. Guess it’s more an exercise of data collection for them. they have almost a quarter to do testing and prepare for the ‘launch’! Hopefully it will go smoothly this time.

  12. @ Andrew C — That should be fine. They’ll be able to check you and your bags all the way through without issue. And in the unlikely event you misconnect, you’d be covered since you’re connecting to/from the same airline.

  13. @ Randy — Nope, no status matching is happening yet. They’re just linking accounts in preparation for the merger.

  14. Hi Lucky, I just completed my US Air Challenge with Chairman status, I am currently AA EXP till the end of Feb, by linking my US Air membership with AA, will this enable me to receive SWU stickers by March?


  15. Hey Lucky,

    I’ve booked a round-trip using 80k dividend miles for this September between China and Poland. For now, I understand there will be a changing fee for $150. But what would happen if I change the itinerary after their merge? Would AA honor the award chart that US is currently using? I mean, AA charges 105k for a round-trip between China and Poland, after all. Do you think they would charge me for the different rate (which is 25k) if I’d like to make a change?

    Thank you very much!

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