St. Regis Chicago Opening In 2021

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Chicago will be getting a St. Regis, thanks to an existing project being rebranded.

Vista Tower becomes St. Regis Chicago

Magellan Development Group LLC has entered into an agreement with St. Regis and The Alinea Group over the Vista Tower project, which will now be rebranded as the St. Regis Chicago.

For some context, construction on Vista Tower started in 2016. The development consists of three interconnected buildings. This will be the third tallest structure in Chicago when complete, at 101 floors. The first 11 floors will consist of a hotel, while floors 13 through 93 will consist of 393 residences, ranging in price from $1 million to $18.5 million.

Initially the hotel was supposed to be known as the Wanda Vista Hotel (this would have been Wanda’s first hotel in the US), but now the entire project has been rebranded as the St. Regis Chicago. This includes the residences, which will be branded as the Residences at the St. Regis Chicago.

The residences will start to be available as of December 2020, while the hotel is expected to open in the third quarter of 2021.

What we know about the St. Regis Chicago hotel

The St. Regis Chicago will feature 191 guest rooms and several dining options, including a fine dining restaurant with private rooms and an outdoor terrace, and an all-day dining restaurant and lounge. The hotel will also have an indoor pool with outdoor terrace, spa, fitness center, ballroom, and meeting rooms.

While St. Regis hasn’t yet released any renderings of the hotel, below are some renderings from when it was supposed to be a Wanda property (and I imagine not that much will be changed).

Bottom line

The Vista Tower project in Chicago has been rebranded as the St. Regis Chicago, and will feature nearly 200 hotel rooms and 400 residences. It’s great to have another solid points hotel in Chicago, and I look forward to checking it out once it opens.

While the renderings look great, I probably wouldn’t get too excited, because the hotel takes up the first 11 floors of the building.

What do you make of the new St. Regis Chicago?

  1. Chicago is one of my favorite cities. I look forward to the opportunity to stay at the St. Regis when it opens next year.

  2. This should be right up there in terms of what is considered the finest of hotel options in Chicago. A key aspect that will help it stand out from others in the city is that the Alinea Group will be running the restaurants within the hotel. This is the group that runs Chicago’s only Michelin 3-star restaurant (Alinea) as well as a couple other excellent establishments in the city. Really looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

  3. ” floors 13 through 93 will consist of 393 residences” so thats roughly five residences per floor?? what??

  4. I live immediately next to this building. Beautiful location right where the river meets the lake, however the overall safety in this area has taken a huge hit over last 8 months. Riots, shootings, muggings in the Swissotel area (2 blocks from this proposed hotel) have been far too frequent. As an indicator, the rents have come down sharply in our building even relative to contemporary market trends.

    It could heavily impact tariffs or occupancy at this hotel.

  5. The entire design is certainly very… “big-money Chinese.” (And I say that as someone who made an amateur study of Chinese skyscrapers and their interiors.) I’d still rather be on Wacker.

  6. @Brad
    Alinea wasn’t the only 3-star restaurant in Chicago, there was Grace (before it closed), and I expect Ever (opened by the same chef, Curtis Duffy, a few months ago) to get 3 stars once Michelin gets around to reviewing it.

  7. Big fan of all things Chef Grant, so as noted above the partnership is great

    Agree too it’s a B location for Chicago, good but not great

  8. So St. Regis is now a conversion brand under Marriott? Is Marriott that desperate for money right now? I wonder if Marriott will grant the owner the right to manage the property directly or through a third-party management company. Ritz-Carlton was one of the last brands in which almost all properties were exclusively managed by Marriott, unlike most of the other brands. I can’t speak to how Starwood handled St. Regis but St. Regis has generally been seen as the most consistent brand among Marriott’s upscale and luxury brands. Ritz-Carlton is a real mess with a lot of faux luxury and so-called resort factory properties that have seen their better day. Unless I can get an amazing club access rate, J.W. Marriott or St. Regis are almost always a better value. Internationally, there isn’t much difference between J.W. Marriott and Ritz-Carlton, in my opinion.

  9. Meh…points-wise I’d still prefer Park Hyatt. Now if it’ll help me get a table at Alinea…then I’m in.

  10. Fun fact: This is the world’s tallest building designed by a female architect (Chicagoan Jeanne Gang). I love this building, and the views will be remarkable… if you’re in a residence. Not so much if you’re in the St Regis in a 4th floor room.

  11. @Sarthak Rents are down because there is a pandemic which has made city living / apartment living much less desirable. Stop being so dramatic.

  12. @Sarthak You ever think that maybe rents are down because there is a pandemic? And that apartment dwelling / city living is overall much less desirable when a pandemic is raging? Stop being so dramatic over a few crimes. That area and no area in Chicago has ever been crime-less. You just saw Black people on your lily white streets and now crime is supposedly a huge issue.

  13. Bill Gates predicts that Business travel will be down at least by 30% and teleworking encouraged in the post covid world.
    Wondering who will stay in these type of properties with sky high rates in these conditions unless the stays are paid by someone else

  14. @Ken your comment is off base. There has been an increase in crime in the area near Vista Tower. Specially, the area surrounding Swissotel due to low rates. It is well documented that individuals are renting rooms for cheap and hosting large parties of 50-100 people. If you had researched the issue before making a uninformed comment that you would have seen this. Even the Mayor has acknowledged this issue on multiple occasions. You can still read about the Chicago news even in Naperville.

  15. @ Timo

    There are 6 floors below grade (not below ground, but below grade – street level is artificially elevated in this area of the city by about 6 floors) that aren’t used for hotels or condos. The last two unaccounted for floors are left empty and open for the wind to blow through to minimize sway at the top.


    It’s not 3 interconnected buildings, just one big one one with 3 (actually 4, but one is quite short) “stems” as the architect calls them.

    @ Sarthak

    I live in either the same building as you or the other one across Field Blvd. that’s a near twin – not sure which one you’re in – but I have lived in the building since 2010 and while you’re right about rents, I haven’t noticed anything different or new with respect to crime this year personally. Not saying you’re wrong, but I don’t feel any less safe than any other time here.

  16. @anon

    Are 5 residences per floor a lot or a little in your opinion? Near the top, there are one residence per two floors, but near the bottom where the building footprint is very large, there are more than 5. We don’t build pencilscrapers in the city of big shoulders like NYC does (for better or worse). At least not yet…

  17. I could care less what the hotel brand is, but I’m excited to see what The Alinea Group dreams up for this hotel. I’d stay a weekend and perhaps never leave if there are enough dining options and a nice spa (I’ve been to Chicago dozens of times, before folks tell me I need to be getting out and seeing the city).

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