Spots at the October Chicago Seminar Do filling up quickly!

The Chicago Seminar Do, which will be held October 28-30, 2011 at the Holiday Inn Elk Grove, is filling up quickly.

There will be plenty of great presenters, including Gary on award bookings, Rick on credit card churning, and Brian on maximizing American Express points. The full schedule can be found here.

While I was originally just going to cover hotels, the mileage run speaker dropped out, so I’m covering that too. I’ve been told that my 1PM seminar about Starwood hotels is 80% full, while the 3PM seminar is also quickly filling up. Apparently the morning seminar on Priority Club and Hyatt still has plenty of room. Given how small the crowd is I might just have to share some super-secret tips. 😉

Hope to see lots of you there (or you can find me at the Saturday night Halloween costume party, where I’ll be dressed as… myself. Scary enough?).

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  1. How much of the seminar content would you say is unpublished on the 4 main blogs mentioned above (yours, Gary’s, Rick’s, and Brian’s)?

  2. I noticed some “Hands-On” sort of booking session. Is it a great idea to bring along my laptop to the sessions?

  3. @ David — That’s tough to say. Can’t speak for the other sessions and I haven’t planned mine yet, though the challenge is always that you’re trying to cater to both newbies and pros. I do plan on sharing some tricks I haven’t blogged about (and ones I haven’t seen blogged about elsewhere). That being said there’s only so much information to share, so naturally quite a bit of it will already be out there.

    @ Antonio — ROFL! Great idea, I’m in.

    @ BryceB — While I haven’t planned it yet, that would probably be a good idea. I’ll be sure to post an update once I’ve put my presentations together.

  4. Bring laptops but we cannot guarantee how good the wi-fi will be. It’s not a huge hotel and hundreds of people trying to signon may not work.

    More details in the Flyertalk and Milepoint threads.

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