Spirit Airlines Announces Their “Let Them Wear Leggings” Sale

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I can’t say I’ve ever flown Spirit, though I do love their marketing campaigns. And their latest one is pretty brilliant. Spirit Airlines has just announced their “Let Them Wear Leggings” sale, through which they’re offering 75% off flights (which doesn’t mean a whole lot on Spirit, since they make most of their money through fees). I’m actually not even convinced their fare sales are intended to be fare sales, rather than just opportunities to get free publicity.


Here’s how they describe the sale:

Because of recent headlines, we thought we’d double-check our etiquette atlas. Turns out wearing leggings are not a big deal. We thought everyone knew that, but guess not. Well at least at Spirit, we’re united (cough) about letting young girls dress how they want. If you want to fly with us, get your leggings on ladies. Or even gentlemen. No judgments here. Unless you’re wearing those new clear-knee mom jeans, then some judgments. But you can still fly with us. Just use this deal so that next time you can buy a complete pair of pants.

Spirit isn’t the only airline to capitalize on United’s situation. Delta threw some shade at United on Twitter yesterday as well:


Of course Spirit and Delta are taking the situation totally out of context, though I can’t say I blame them.

Marketing campaigns like this from Spirit are nothing new. They’ve had a “MILF sale” (MILF stands for Many Islands Low Fares, of course):

A Spirit Airlines ad uses a crass reference as a way to wink at its customers.

Following the Anthony Weiner scandal they also had “The Weiner Sale::


Well played, Spirit!

  1. Lucky – this is a great opportunity for a review of their BIG Front Seats! Fly to Vegas and back and get a cheap mid-week SPG or Hyatt stay in!

  2. My ATF Spirit sale was the “We’re Not Smoking Crack… Cheap Flights to Toronto” with a silhouette of someone smoking in the background.

  3. Something that barely qualifies as pants for something that barely qualifies as an airline, perfect!

    Though I like wearing leggings while flying Spirit….not so much

  4. I have never criticized the good folk of OMAAT for their choice of subject matter but please…

    Enough of these damn leggings posts! It was a frivolous story that warranted 15 seconds of attention and nothing more.

  5. Lucky
    You always say ” you have never flown spirit”
    Although I do think you are a little spoiled to fly a low cost carrier like frontier, allegent or spirit, I think you should fly spirit at least once to review it. You actually can pay 25-50 per flight segment for the big front seat which is acutally like a first class domestic recliner seat !!
    Do I still do t think you’ll get anything else for the fee but it’s worth a try so you don’t have to keep saying u never tried them when you report

  6. If you haven’t​ flown Spirit, you cannot really claim to be very familiar with the US airline industry.

  7. @Tom – you can be familiar with the business aspects of the US airline industry without flying all the airlines, and that’s what this about. I’ve never flown Spirit, Frontier, or Allegiant, but I’m familiar with their business models.

  8. I call the Spirit Airlines flight from LAX to Las Vegas the “Hooker Express”.

    So yeah, leggings are not a big deal.


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