Celebrity Attorney Gloria Allred Spearheading Lawsuit Against Spirit Airlines

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Several weeks ago I wrote about a boombox brawl which erupted on a Spirit Airlines flight between Baltimore and Los Angeles. On this particular flight passengers were apparently loudly playing music from a boombox (I didn’t realize those were still a thing), which was annoying other passengers. When other passengers asked them to turn down the music, a melee erupted.

Given the ridiculous things over which passengers get arrested nowadays, I was shocked to find out that no one was arrested, and just one passenger was cited. Based on that I figured this story was over. As it turns out, the story isn’t over.

A lawsuit was filed yesterday by three passengers being represented by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred. They’re suing Spirit Airlines for failing to prevent what happened, given that the flight attendants kept serving alcohol to the passengers with the boomboxes, despite them being visibly intoxicated.

Gloria Allred uploaded a video to her YouTube channel with an explanation of the lawsuit along with appearances from the three victims:

She also posted an explanation of the case on her YouTube channel, though it’s extremely long and includes no paragraph breaks, so I won’t post it in full here. Instead I’ll summarize her claims, which are as follows (again, these are the claims of the “victims,” which I’m just reporting, and not taking as fact):

  • Three passengers allegedly blared loud music from a bluetooth speaker for hours during the flight, while dancing and singing
  • A flight attendant continued to serve them alcohol despite their clearly intoxicated state, failing to monitor/control these passengers
  • The passengers with the music turned it down for a few minutes following the requests of other passengers, but then turned it back up again
  • A few minutes before landing, the flight attendant returned and provided the passengers with the music with more alcoholic drinks
  • After landing, the intoxicated passengers began yelling racial slurs, including “F*ck white people!” “You don’t like our music?” and “What are these f*cking people going to do?”
  • The victims kindly informed them that their language wasn’t appropriate in front of children
  • At this point, unprovoked, the drunk passengers began to assault and batter the three victims
  • Spirit Airlines failed to control the drunk passengers, and the outcome seemed fairly predictable, given the airline’s negligence
  • The victims are seeking general, compensatory, and punitive damages from Spirit Airlines for negligence and for the intentional infliction of emotional distress


Bottom line

I’m sure Spirit Airlines has some responsibility for what happened, given that the passengers with the boombox had apparently been blaring music for an extended period of time, and were also served alcohol several times. That shouldn’t have happened. At the same time, there are two sides to every story, so I wonder whether the victims actually “kindly” asked the other passengers to turn down the music, if they were actually served alcohol “minutes” before landing at LAX, and if they were attacked “unprovoked.”

Regardless, this case has the potential to set an interesting precedent for the airline industry when it comes to the liability of airlines in alcohol related instances.

What do you make of this lawsuit?

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  1. It seems like approaching someone shouting F-white people and scolding them has to at least constitute contributory negligence!

  2. “A flight attendant continued to serve them alcohol despite their clearly intoxicated state”…..

    Gloria will win this one. The flying public has an expectation not to be assaulted on a flight by drunk passengers enabled by a flight crew that also failed to monitor/control these losers. And shame on law enforcement for not charging.

  3. I’m not really a fan of Gloria Allred, but I think/hope she wins this case. Spirit seems to allow passengers to imbibe too much spirits and become mean spirited in the process. Screw ’em.

  4. LOL… another lawsuit which can only fly in the US of A! Getting my popcorn for this one 🙂

  5. I’m sorry but this just seems like a frivolous lawsuit. The video clearly shows the flight attendant trying to break it up. Flight attendants ate not bouncers or referees Had this happened mid flight they would have notified the captain and landed And all those involved would have been thrown off of the plane. If it happened during the flight solid those whop suffered ring the flight attendant call button to notify them or go to the back of the galley to report he incident ? Whe the flight was landing that this when the fight broke out and flight attendants are required to be in their jump seats until the aircraft comes to a complete stop When it stopped they came to do what they could.
    As far as being intoxicated we don’t know all the facts. They could have come drunk on the plane, brought their own booze, as well as ordered a drink or 2. It may have not been possible for the flight attendants to determine hat they were drunk.
    This is just another case of someone trying to make a dollar
    I don’t see hat they suffered any hat. Maybee a little activation and perhaps they received a small bruise but nothing to justify he millions that I’m sure they are seeking
    Only in greedy America

  6. If Gloria is going to hold press briefing she should invest in few more microphones, talk about musical chairs.

  7. Good for spirit they will lose!

    Also, time for an FAA complaint because ‘devices that transmit’ (Bluetooth speaker) are bammed at all times during flight.

  8. The airline is totally at fault here. The airline created a dangerous environment for the passengers and even the crew.

    How many alcoholics are there in this country? People want to get drunk before and during a flight? I feel drunk enough just from the cabin pressure.

  9. This attorney is a disgrace. Not sure about this particular case, but time and time again she will have clients with no valid legal claim and she will hold a press conference and attempt to smear people to try to extort them to pay money to make it go away. She is a bottom feeder of the worst kind.

  10. both the airline and the drunkards are likely in trouble-.
    I was not previously aware of 3(d).

    § 121.575 Alcoholic beverages.
    (a) No person may drink any alcoholic beverage aboard an aircraft unless the certificate holder operating the aircraft has served that beverage to him.
    (b) No certificate holder may serve any alcoholic beverage to any person aboard any of its aircraft who—
    (1) Appears to be intoxicated;
    (2) Is escorting a person or being escorted in accordance with49 CFR 1544.221; or
    (3) Has a deadly or dangerous weapon accessible to him while aboard the aircraft in accordance with49 CFR 1544.219, 1544.221, or 1544.223.
    (c) No certificate holder may allow any person to board any of its aircraft if that person appears to be intoxicated.
    (d) Each certificate holder shall, within five days after the incident, report to the Administrator the refusal of any person to comply with paragraph (a) of this section, or of any disturbance caused by a person who appears to be intoxicated aboard any of its aircraft.

  11. I don’t think we are getting the full story here. It seems like these “victims” took it upon themselves to confront these other passengers. I don’t understand why they didn’t just have the flight staff handle it? It looked like a brawl going on in the video with both sides swinging. I think the answer here should have been everyone involved being arrested. I get that the plane had landed and this happened at very end of flight, so maybe the crew didn’t want to deal with it but the police really should have made some arrests here. If the people who are now suing told the police they didn’t want to go forward then I don’t want to hear about their civil law suit.

  12. @Bill :She sure gets a lot of press. and …you don’t think she’s babelicious?
    Sarah Palin, she not. But, I’d rather have an interesting conversation with her….and then get drunk with Sarah.

  13. Really? This incident highlights how screwed up things have become because of a permissiveness that starts from the moment a child is born.

    1) Compromise is a dirty word now because everyone is “entitled”.
    2) Lawsuit insanity. If the airline blocked them from getting on because of the boombox, there would have been a lawsuit. Now the victims are going after the airline as a “facilitator” instead of the perpetrators. Why? Because the rude and impolite racists with a boombox do not have as much money as the airline.
    3) Racial slurs that go only one way. I got news for people who feel that they are the victims of discrimination. Sooner or later everyone is a victim of some sort of discrimination.
    4) Greed that results in too many people crammed into too small of a space. Behaviour of an individual is different from that of a group.

    This is a very good article. Thanks Lucky.

  14. The offensive comments made by your reader ‘me’ are highly inappropriate.

    One thing I have always liked about the site is the lack of trolling, it’s a shame that this person feels the need to be offensive to anyone on a personal basis.

  15. I think if you look closer at the video, the victims are still in their seats, or standing at their seats, the accused women are not. They appear to be in the aisle in attack mode, look closer. Aren’t we as paying travelers entitled to be protected? This trial is good, you may hate Allred for your own reasons, but when you fly or take another form of transportation & your safety is foremost, you may have her to thank. I thank her in advance.

  16. I’m sorry this is the most BS trial ever. Had the passages been denied boarding or drinks there would be another spin on the resulting lawsuit. In fact almost every time a passenger is denied boarding it results in a lawsuit. Greedy peopme will always find a way to try to make a buck. Airlines have very specific procedures for this kind of thing which I’m sure we’re followed in this case as well.

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