Video: Couple Gets Married On Southwest Flight

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Well, this couple took put an aviation geek spin on “walking down the aisle.” A couple decided to get married on a Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Baltimore this past Sunday night. I haven’t been able to find much regarding the backstory of why they decided to get married on a plane, but Yahoo reports that the couple got married about 45 minutes before the flight landed in Baltimore.

The groom was wearing a tuxedo and the bride was wearing a white gown. The groom stood in the front of the plane, while the bride walked down the aisle from the back of the plane towards him, just as you’d find on the ground. One of the crewmembers officiated the wedding, and threw in quite a few jokes.

A Facebook user shared videos of the wedding, where you can see the bride walking down the aisle. There’s even music, with the bride walking down the aisle to Ed Sheeran’s song “Perfect,” and the couple later dancing down the aisle together to Chris Brown’s song “Forever.”

Here are all the videos:

Can’t think of a better way to spend a late-night, 5 hour flight other than watching a wedding happen on the plane!…

Posted by Skylee Campbell on Sunday, June 17, 2018

I don’t know what the heck possessed them to want to get married this way, but if you’re going to get married in Vegas on a whim, this seems about as good as it gets. 😉

At first I thought to myself “didn’t anyone find it strange that they boarded in full wedding attire?” Then I remembered my Air Astana flight from Almaty to Astana in 2016, where I saw a woman board in a full wedding dress. Sadly she didn’t get married onboard, though.

  1. The AV geek inside of me thinks its great!

    The British part of me thinks “Hmm, typical Americans imposing their will upon others. Just because they want to do this, they think that everyone else wishes to be a part of this…basically will have little choice but to watch etc. Americans really cannot help themselves.

    After watching the videos. SMH!

    Anyway, good luck to them!

  2. @Jordan,

    I’d have to agree with the British side of you. There’s something about this that is just so cringe-inducing. I absolutely wish the couple well – as we should any couple embarking on such a journey – but anymore I can’t help but feel this is less about the couple and something special and unique to them, and more about the potential notoriety they’ll achieve on social media for such a stunt. I don’t know their full backstory, but from the few articles it doesn’t appear they have any special tie to Southwest, so to me this just seems like some sort of publicity stunt. I do appreciate that they waited until the end of the flight to have the ceremony, though. If I was on the flight, I’d probably feel a a fair amount of fremdscham for them.

  3. People force their intimate moments on others without permission but throw a tantrum when others share their intimate thoughts.

    I am talking about PC police shutting down conversations about gays, women, immigration, or many other things.

    Hypocrisy everywhere.

  4. It is truly crass But then that’s the society we live in now People seeking attention. Their 15 minutes of fame

  5. Dislike. They shouldn’t bother a whole plane full of strangers with their crazy wedding idea.

  6. I’d rather boil my plums than get married on some filthy plane in front of a bunch of riffraff in Y.

  7. So bad I couldn’t even get through the videos. Glad I wasn’t on that flight and forced to watch this tacky display. And I can’t imagine why Southwest would agree to stage such a stunt. Just hope this is a one off event and not a new “thing.”

  8. Hey, I completely understand the comments based on what was televised, and put online. I was the one getting “married” but there’s a whole other story to this… and yes, it’s different than the details that were construed by the media. I never believed in fake news until this. hahah. it’s ridiculous. I chose to respond to this, and not any other article because I’m an avid reader. and frequent flyer.

  9. We were married at Chateau de Chenonceau in front of our family and friends on May 19th, 2018. This marriage, while it was real in our hearts, wasn’t legal in the USA, so we decided instead of just going to the courthouse in Baltimore, we could fly to Vegas and get legally married by Elvis. Of course we chose the latter! We missed our appointment to get married Saturday night and rescheduled to 3:15 on Sunday, which put us in the chapel right before our Sunday evening flight. We ran directly from our ceremony to the airport and my husband boarded before me, as I had stopped to grab something to eat on the flight. As he boarded, he immediately got the attention of the captain and the crew, as he was dressed in a Tux, complete with a peach rose boutonniere. The Pilot said something to the effect of he’s never had a marriage on board and the flight attendants suggested that they remarry us. When I boarded, wearing a white dress and veil, the crew announced me as the bride and everyone applauded as I made my way to the back of the plane to rejoin my groom. Throughout the flight the crew came up and asked us questions so they could put together a speech to remarry us. It was even announced over the loudspeaker before the mock ceremony began that we had come from getting married in Vegas and they were going to remarry us onboard. (This is to say, no it was not our legal marriage, and not even our “social marriage” as we refer to the wedding in France)
    About an hour before we landed, a flight attendant came and tapped us on the shoulder and told us it was time and I quickly threw on my veil – which was already in tatters from having been stepped on many times by my dear husband.
    It was a flight attendant named Alex who officiated, but Michael does say that the captain was in on it. I can’t attest to this, because it was before I boarded. Douvana was the main flight attendant who orchestrated our in flight nuptials.
    Southwest is fantastic and this was really funny. They even had the other passengers write marriage advice which was incorporated into a “wedding cake” made from a roll of toilet paper and drink stirrers.
    It wasn’t a publicity stunt, it was Southwest’s crew that put it together and we were very happy to play along. What bride would refuse to another walk down the aisle. Southwest was just going out of their way to make the flight special for us and fellow passengers. I’m sorry for any inconvenience it caused to anyone on the flight. I do wish they had done it earlier in the flight, as not to wake anyone. In fact we had been asleep just before the moment when they decided “it was show time!”

  10. I’m sorry it sounds like you will be critical no matter what I say. Most of the passengers thought it was pretty cool, including those that posted the videos and made this go viral. My husband and I were probably the last to know that we were on television. This is why they don’t have our full names. I do believe the SW crew was trying to do something special and I thank them for that. Thanks for your interest!

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