Walking Down The (Airplane) Aisle In A Wedding Dress…

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I’ve flown millions and millions of miles, and sometimes I like to think I’ve seen it all when it comes to passengers. Fortunately there are days like today that remind me I sure as heck haven’t.

Earlier I flew Air Astana from Almaty to Astana (more on that later) on a perfectly nice Air Astana A321. After I cleared security I noticed someone sitting in the airport’s restaurant in a full-on wedding dress.


Let me say that one more time: someone was sitting in an airport terminal in a wedding dress.

Well, not only did I see her in the terminal, but she actually ended up being on my flight. I sure was fascinated watching her walk down the (airplane) aisle in a wedding dress, unfortunately back to economy. With the number of empty business class seats on the plane, you’d think this would be an occasion on which a free upgrade would be in order. 😉


I still can’t really figure this out, though. First I assumed that maybe this was just her method of transporting her wedding dress, since I realize it can be tough to fly with one. Then I realized that the four girls around her were all quite dressed up as well.

So was this a case of “when you get off your work shift at 12PM in Almaty and gotta get married at 5PM in Astana,” or…?

  1. Ignore the haters, Ben.

    I was going to say that these girls probably already flew together on an Emirates A380. For the bridal shower.

  2. I saw this once in Atlanta many years ago but the dress was less formal, without the veil and the groom was present. It was clearly after the wedding on their way to the honeymoon. The bride said she wanted to wear her dress a few more hours…. And they were seated in Y.

  3. I doubt the first poster has the intellectual capabilities to reopen his browser and ever find your blog again, but you should just delete crap like this….
    Very funny story, btw!!

  4. Seen this before(Only in Frankfurt), not sure why? I assumed they did all the make up at the departure airport and will not have time for it on arrival.

  5. See, if you want to be a troll, at least be like Credit. I love to read his comments. Althoguh this particular one was a bit boring.

  6. Why didn’t you ask her what the deal was ? I regret the time I saw Titanic remake in IMAX 3D and didn’t ask the 92 year old woman in the theater with her care taker why they were there. Maybe it was the real life Rose.

  7. Another shout out to @Credit. I almost always disagree with his (her?) political & social opinions but (s)he has made me laugh. And he has had some very thoughtful comments.


    @Lucky, I can’t believe I am saying this but…you may fly a lot but you really don’t get out much. I’ve seen women traveling in wedding gowns on a few occasions. Years ago, I was flying into AMM and one of my cabinmates was a charming & giddy woman wearing a gorgeous Dior (I asked) wedding dress. I have no idea who she was but she was wisked off the plane the moment the cabin door was opened.

    If I remember correctly, Ben onced shared a cabin with the wife of Zimbabwe’s dictator and her bodyguards. Now that was a travel tale worth telling!

  8. She and her buddies were angling for the free upgrade in celebration for her “special night”.

    Back when I was a host in Las Vegas these women were constantly in bridal parties or celebrating their birthdays blatantly asking for freebies while wearing accessories that said “bride to be”! or “birthday girl”!

    Unless she was stepping off the plane and going to the church there is no other reason for that.

  9. I always pretend brides traveling in full outfits are headed to an emergency wedding. War, illness, and inheritance create situations where saving an hour by getting ready before a flight is important.

    More likely is that something got screwed up and they were supposed to have traveled earlier.

  10. Done it before for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Couple wanted something aviation themed as the groom was a pilot, so why not fly in the dress! Security check threatened to be a big issue but thankfully they were all very nice and wished us all many happy days ahead. And yes, we were all squeezed into Y! Not sure what these ladies are up to though..

  11. I know a couple who met in a travel group and so decided to get married on the plane. But she got dressed on the plane in the bathroom.. That boggled the mind for me, but she is tiny.

  12. I attended a wedding in Alma Ata (later Almaty) in 1996 and as part of that wedding we had to tour the city in former soviet black Zils and toast various monuments around town (war memorial, stadium, etc.) with bladder challenging amounts Georgian Sovetskoye Shampanskoye. Astana was barely a twinkle in Nursultan Nazarbayev’s eye back then. Perhaps this is an extentsion of hat tradition, a necessary step to get a photo in front of the great patriotic war memorial.

    Incidentally you should seek out some russian shampanskoye whilst you are there. Assuming it doesn’t send you blind; you’ll never complain about china southern sparking wine ever again

  13. It does seem incredibly strange to me. Not sure if it was cosplay or if it was in some way part of her wedding or the bride wanted to wear it to her honeymoon. But if it was wedding related, I’m all for brides and grooms celebrating however they wish. You might as well make another use out of your wedding dress. It is probably the most expensive dress you will probably buy, and you probably will wear it only once. Maybe one day someone will come up with an alteration service that turns wedding dresses into formal dresses that could be worn again in the future…

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