Video: Fist Fight Breaks Out On Southwest Flight — WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

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Video footage has emerged of a brawl that broke out on a Southwest Airlines flight on Sunday night. Southwest flight 2530 was flying from Dallas to Burbank, when a fist fight broke out as the plane was arriving. In the video, two men are seen wrestling, and then eventually one of them throws punches. Per ABC7:

The suspect was arrested on suspicion of assault and battery, while police said the victim suffered a contusion to his left eye, a laceration to his nose and a chipped tooth.

Burbank police identified the suspect as Chaze Mickalo Cable, 37, of Lancaster. He was arrested for assault and battery and held on $50,000 bail.

Here’s the video:

Fight on plane in Burbank caught on camera

FIGHT OR FLIGHT: One man was arrested after a vicious brawl aboard a Southwest Airlines airplane in Burbank was caught on camera.

Posted by ABC7 on Tuesday, May 9, 2017

It sure seems like there’s an increase in violence on planes lately. I suppose it’s possible that there’s just increased visibility of these kinds of incidents in the post-Dao era, where everyone films everything. However, I feel like the biggest change has been with people taking videos of customer service interactions, while we’ve long seen take videos of fights on planes.

Some people…

  1. That’s what happens when you save seats on SW because you were both too cheap to purchase EarlyBird CheckIn !

  2. The cuts US airlines have made to domestic routes post 9-11 and the consolidation of airlines (i.e. no more Continental, Northwest, US Airways) means most domestic flights these days go out full or nearly full. The introduction of checked baggage fees has pushed more luggage on board. Planes are packed, passengers are cramming larger and extra carry-ons on board to save money and we’re living in a “me first” society where respect for others is a secondary consideration in many cases. These airline incidents now get attention on social and mainstream media. The airlines are making money and therefore don’t feel the need to improve the passenger experience. Expect more of the same.

  3. I agree with Grant. I just flew two Southwest flights DCA-TPA-DCA. Both were 100% full. Even on a Tuesday afternoon! And apparently WN even has bigger pitch than the other big airlines but it still felt like we were all packed in like sardines. I honestly don’t know how people fly in the back on long flights. Boarding took a long time because families with small children were boarding at the end for some reason so people had to shuffle around to accommodate them. Some folks had carried on bags that were clearly too big – but I guess that happens on every flight. However since they could check a bag for free on WN I think the saving money excuse goes out the window.

    People are tired and angry in general. Pack them in with no personal space and it doesn’t take much to set things off.

  4. I sometimes have to fly Southwest for work and it blows my mind why people don’t check bags when you get 2 free checked bags?!

  5. 1. Everyone thinks they are a victim and acts as such.
    2. Makes me think of a quote from The West Wing regarding why there is violence in the Middle East. “It’s
    because it’s incredibly hot and there’s no water.” Treat people like animals and they will act like them. I don’t make excuses for the people fighting, but sometimes people just need a little bit of a push to go over the edge. Just look at that melee in FLL for example.

  6. This incident is absurd but before we start rushing for government to ‘fix’ the airline industry lets just remember that 10,000 flights took place yesterday with no incidents

  7. Lots of fights like this aren’t on planes but are so frequent that nobody films them. In planes, people just pull their phones out and film, while not on a plane people might just walk away. I don’t think anything changed about people.

  8. I would love to know the reason for the fight.

    It just seems that people break out into anger in any attempt. How much provoking can be done on 2 hour flight between these two people to start a fight after landing.

    People need to control themselves, even in a nightclub this is not acceptable, let alone on a plane.

  9. Flight of the Conchords nailed all this a few years ago.

    Counting coins on the counter of the 7-Eleven
    From a quarter past six till a quarter to seven
    The manager, Bevan, starts to abuse me
    “Hey man, I just want some Muesli.”
    Neon signs, hidden messages
    Questions, answers, fetishes
    You know you’re not in high finance
    Considering second hand underpants…

  10. Anyone who blames the airline for incidences like this is completely delusional. Violent behavior has nothing to do with how airlines have become less, “customer friendly,” which is totally subjective, but rather because people are losing sight of human decency and preferring to vote with their fists instead of their words (or better, their feet).

    This stupid social media and insta-gratification obsession has made everything worse: “Someone with authority says or does something I don’t like, or I don’t agree with, even if I’m in the wrong, I’m going to videotape it and plaster it on the internet so that I can gain credibility and fame and support from the internet!”

    You break the rules, you physically harm other people, you throw a scene on a plane, you resist arrest…you pay the consequences.

    It’s why I absolutely detest the behavior of trolls like Adam Saleh and others like him…can’t wait for this trend to die off.

  11. Makes me sad to watch this. I know I’m older than most here, but it was once a privilege and special treat to fly and today it has descended into madness in some cases. People have frustrations and anger that are hard to imagine. I know I’m living in a bubble, protected by my airline choices and status but it does make me feel afraid for others who have no protection and fly economy on low cost carriers. I hope civility wins out and things improve instead of getting progressively worse.

  12. Pretty soon everyone will start having a GoPro on their forehead and record every flight they take and post it online.

  13. Seems to be a direct correlation between the everyday “low cost” of ticket prices, violent apples in our society who can afford to fly today, and bad customer service. All three are producing one bad cocktail

  14. I wonder if the propensity to fist fight on planes is helped by the security of knowing nobody has a weapon on them.

  15. While I would never condone fighting there are some real assholes out there it is hard to keep your hands off. Recently on a short haul economy I was placing my bag in the overhead but there was no space due to someone’s coat being there. Rather than put my bag on top of it, I gently moved the coat on top of another bag so my bag could fit in. Next thing I hear “hey idiot, don’t touch my fcuknig coat”! I said I only moved it so I could fit my bag in. Calm down.
    “That’s a $500 jacket, you wouldn’t like someone touching your jacket.” I said “well I wouldn’t have taken up baggage space with a jacket. I would have put it on top of my bag or hung it up.” His response “just don’t touch my fcking jacket again”. If my attitude had been aggressive I have no doubt it could have got nasty.

  16. Grant’s statement was thorough and clear; I agree with it.

    As an old guy let me add that we are inheriting 50 years of declining educational standards in the U.S. Those are 50 years #1. in which parenting has often been abandoned to the schools and #2. the population has doubled and #3. for the last half of those 50 years there has been a steady decrease in (real) take home pay while #4. expectations of living standards continue to rise.

    A huge percentage of our population are stretched very thin financially and emotionally.

    Btw, I am just as afraid driving since in gun-friendly country, with apologies to Alan B, you move someone’s coat and splat — oh damn, I forgot the codicil.

  17. You know what’s happening…All these things about planes every week now is just like school shootings. One happens and the news covers it so it continues to happen. Now it’s airlines. I’m over it.

  18. “I’m over it.” Too many people are “over” seeing coarse behavior, they’re “over” shootings, and they’re “over” savagery. How could the end of our way of life look any different, and we are “over it already!” Too bad the day will likely never come when people have “No Fear” of civility.

  19. Like was pointed out, all those guys standing around shouting “hey, hey” and it’s not till the last guy shows up and steps in to stop it! Really?
    Alan B. Did you toy with the idea of asking the sweet young man if he would prefer to pick his $500 jacket off the floor? (sorry, I’m just a feisty old lady) I simply couldn’t have resisted.
    There is no valid excuse for bad behavior at any time, in any place, especially on an airplane. So the reasons stated in the comments above, simply don’t cut it

  20. Maybe it’s related to the decrease in personal space. The pat downs and 3rd degree going through security and confiscation of personal items such as water and other personal items a recipe for an increased stress and anxiety.

  21. No biggie here in Hong Kong, we see them (Mainland Chinese) fighting on plane, fighting when shopping, fighting having meal………………

  22. @frequent traveler – never seen this in mainland China. It is typical american overreacting.

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