Some milk with that?

Sorry, but that’s the breast title I could come up with. Yes, this is part two of the “United 873” series. I think this flight might just be worthy of a short film. Fortunately this issue is much more civilized than the pissed off flight attendant incident.

I was seated in seat 6C on a 757, which is the last row in first class. Seated diagonally from me, in seat 5B was a lady with her husband and a baby. As soon as we start taxiing she puts on something that resembles an apron, takes the baby from her husband, and lays him down on a pillow. I figured there’s only one thing that could mean, and I was right. She proceeded to breastfeed him for the better part of 45 minutes (or at least he was laying under the apron and she kept looking down for about 45 minutes…. I should clarify that I’m no expert on breastfeeding). 😉

I have to give the parents credit for taking great care of the baby. He didn’t scream once. Heck, my seatmate and I were thoroughly entertained. Much better entertainment than “Confessions of a Shopaholic.” Nonetheless, I had my cookie without milk on that flight….

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  1. Sorry Lucky, this is no big deal, assuming she kept things covered. Wait till you have kids, then you will understand.

    I would rather mom breastfeeds in the seat rather than tie up the lav for 45 minutes. Sitting in 5C on a 752 yesterday (SEA-DEN), its a short enough flight that with the meal service, there is very little lav time as it is. But the guy in 1C that stood for most of the flight, seemed to look at everyone around him, pulled his luggage out of the overhead at least five times (but never closed the bin), that guy bothered me way more than a mom breastfeeding.

  2. @ COSPILOT — Sorry, to clarify, I didn’t think it was a big deal either. It was just a first for me (and somewhat entertaining), which is why I posted. I don’t think I’m showing any outrage or anything in my post. Actually, I complement the parents for taking care of their baby.

  3. No worries. I have read enough of your posts on FT that I didn’t think you were one of the sensitive flyers! I should clarify that you wont even notice (forget being entertained) later in life. Trust me on this one…. Well, there are exceptions of course, never say never.

  4. well, better than the lady sitting next to me in middle seat and decided to breastfeed WITHOUT covering. Granted, they had an European accent so maybe it’s not a big deal to them. Still, I thought she might be cold after a while….

  5. Sometimes I wish more parents would do this, and not for any perverted reason. I had a flight recently where the parents didn’t give their infant children anything to suck on/chew on for descent. Of course their ears were hurting and serious crying ensued.

  6. Yeah, that apron-thingie is for the shy breast-feeding moms. My wife will whip it out anywhere without hesitation. It has gotten to the point where I don’t even notice anymore. Sometimes the passenger next to her will get an anatomy lesson, National Geographic style, but kid’s got to eat.

  7. I’m a Dad with 2 kids and one more on the way who’s watched his wife do this countless times. But this is one of those topics I hate reading about on FlyerTalk. You get your adamant moms who say, “You’re doing what’s right for your baby! Feeding him from a bottle is tatamount to POISONING him!” You get your uncomfortable (usually male) flyers who say, “This is not a strip club! Cover thine self, woman!” And then you get your pervents who say, “Yeah… free show!” (like Lucky … only kidding!)

    I think the bottom line is this: if women want to do breastfeed during a flight, do it. If you’re in good shape, don’t use a cover up. If you’re not too fit, cover yourself with a blanket. 😉

  8. First peeing, then milking…there’s only a couple of bodily fluids/substances left.

  9. Thanks for the comments, folks. Like I said I saw nothing wrong with it, especially since she was extremely discreet about it, but I nonetheless was slightly entertained, especially since I had the clearest view of anyone on the plane.

    @ ConciergeMike — LMAO, fortunately we’re not going there. At least not for this flight. 😀

  10. That’s so funny that you got a kick out of…usually you wouldn’t know you were young…you seem very mature…so I got a kick out of you getting a kick out of this: ) I actually used BF as a tactic to get my father in law to leave…hahaha…he couldn’t handle it!

  11. Yeah, I get kicks out of the dumbest things sometimes, I know. Love the fact that you use the tactic to get rid of your father in law. Hahaha! 😀

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