Passenger pisses off flight attendant. No, really!

I had one of the most eventful flights today from San Francisco to Washington. Thank God the crew was professional and had a positive attitude, or else this could have been a flight from hell.

Just when I thought I’ve seen it all, something like this happens. For now I’ll only post the worst of the three things from this flight. So what did a passenger do to piss off a flight attendant? Well, pissing in the rear galley will do it! I kid you not.

There was a relatively young girl, probably around 18 or 19, and she was obviously drugged. About an hour into the flight she went into the rear galley, squatted (while exposing herself), and urinated. Yes, all over the rear galley floor.

The flight attendants came to first class to ask for blankets they could use to cover the floor. They also got handcuffs out, although I’m not sure whether or not they actually had to use them.

After the incident the girl went back to her seat and apparently was passed out for the rest of the flight, on her seatmate’s should no less, a person she didn’t know. I have a feeling the “fresh choices” menu didn’t sell quite as well for the second half of the flight either.

Let’s just say our flight was met by a few people in Washington. šŸ˜‰

Brings new meaning to the term “pissing off a flight attendant,” eh?

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  1. “Brings new meaning to the term ā€œpissing off a flight attendant,ā€ eh?”

    LOL. Very funny. Sad, though.

  2. Oh dear.

    Just when you think things can’t get any worse… They do.

    At least the passenger didn’t have to pay for the blankets…

  3. Now’s the time United can put those new galley floor mats about which they raved so much to distract us from whining about Starnet blocking. Looks like they made the right move after all. Sigh.

  4. You know you’ve travelled way too many miles in a plane when this happens. Glad to know this was the worst of three incidents. I’d hate to think what might have been the worst if this was the best of the three. Can you pass me the barf bag, please.

    An hour since reading this post and I’m still amazed. This is up there with the rocker shooting heroin in a plane bathroom last week.

  5. You think they’ll wash the blankets before returning them to duty?

    Obviously this girl indulged a little before the flight or maybe she was just sleepwalking, which I have personally seen such things happen.

  6. Have to love the feeling of sitting in first class and pulling up to the jetway on arrival and then seeing the shiney badges!

  7. Was she drugged as in someone slipped her a roofie? Or was she just high on something? What a nightmare!

    Also, what were you doing anywhere near the rear galley? No first class? No close to the bulkhead or exit row? Sounds like it was already the flight from hell even before the girl pissed!

  8. @ MatthewLAX — Yeah, when the flight attendants told me at first I laughed. Then I nearly cried when I thought about what the FA’s were going through in the back, especially having to sit there during approach. Ouch! šŸ˜€

    @ Kevincm — Oh yeah. The things I’ve seen done with airplane blankets.

    @ Gray — šŸ˜‰

    @ Rochester Rich — Yeah, this was totally a new one for me. I’ve seen lots of stuff on planes from celebs to runaway kids, but this was the most shocking of anything.

    @ Scholar — The FA actually gave skykits to the people in the rear of the plane, but I didn’t get one.

    @ Tom92591 — Yeah, I was one of the first out, and the look of the people on the jetway was pretty priceless.

    @ Eric — She was definitely high on something. Apparently prescription drugs mixed with something else. At least that’s what the flight attendants said. I wasn’t actually in the rear galley when it happened. The flight attendants told me the whole story, and I then headed back to the rear galley to check it out.

    @ chitownflyer — And I’m pretty sure they’ve now come to an end. I might not step on another plane for a month!!!

    @ ua_to_ord — Heh.

    @ Sigfried — In this case I’d say that’s not the important question (would it be alright if she pissed in the galley if she was hot?), but the answer would be a resound no. šŸ˜€

    @ theflyingpinto — LMAO, too funny! I have a similar story actually as part three of this flight. Love the blog, btw.

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