So I think we’ve found Lufthansa’s awesome onboard music track…

While Lufthansa’s in-flight entertainment is pretty bad, during my recent flight in Lufthansa first class between Vancouver and Munich I couldn’t help but fall in love with the main music track they had playing when you just put on headphones. I wasn’t sure what it was and asked if anyone knew, because I didn’t remember exactly how the song went.

Lots of readers asked me to post when I figure out the track, and while I’m still not positive, I’m now 99% sure it’s “Dayvan Cowboy” by Boards of Canada:

It’s an amazing song, in my opinion. Anyone else love it?

So if we’re keeping track of airline related music…

I think Etihad’s boarding music still ranks as the most relaxing music played by an airline:

I think ANA’s boarding music ranks up there as well, especially in conjunction with an “I’m so sorry” and “thank you for waiting” chorus:

And then there’s Turkish… which deserves an award for staying stuck in your head for at least three days:

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  1. If Joe Kittinger had that to listen to on the way down, it probably would have been a much more pleasant experience. Nice tune.

  2. haha! i love how i’m not the only one who thinks TK is umm, catchy, to put it mildly. guess it’s it’s legendary!

  3. You know, the right boarding music really does take some of the edge off the boarding process. Every time when I sit down calm, I notice that there’s music playing (usually it was the old United music used on their animated ads). USAir on the other hand never has it (hell, the don’t even have ife anymore), and the visible stress level among the boarding “passengers” always seem very high.

  4. Wow EY’s music is a meaty track (as in long) I did like the LH Theme, but felt it lacked a dramatic spot.

    Oddly enough I LOVE the man’s Voice during AirCanada safety video and promos. A slight dry rasp, but demands attention.

  5. I would really like to get ahold of JAL’s boarding music. It a march of some sort — not relaxing, but more like “We’re going on an adventure!” music.

  6. +1 for the AF and LH tracks. Delta usually has recent hits for their boarding music. A few years ago I enjoyed it when “Glamorous” by Fergie was in the rotation. I was upgraded about 95% of the time, so it set a nice mood with the opening lyrics “We’re flying first class, up in the sky, poppin’ champagne, living the life, in the fast lane, and I won’t change”.

  7. Definitely just downloaded Dayvan Cowboy on iTunes. Great find! Out of curiosity, how were you able to find it with nothing to go off?

  8. This is the full 30-minute version of the Etihad boarding music. No need to switch between part 1 and 2!

  9. Not sure which track you are referring to as i am at the moment flying on a LH flight somehwere over siberia. Anyway the music in my ears is absolutely cooking – the best best of the nerdy german electronic music tradition (i.e Autobahn, trans europe express , kruder dorfmeister etc.). I will endevour to find out who the heck it is and i will post the artists identity if i do find out. it makes me feel like I am living in some kind of science fiction movie as we zip along here burning huge quantities of jet fuel and doing possibly irrepairable damage to the world’s atmosphere…..

  10. Well I fly quite a lot on Luthansa, and always listen to the music on Channel 8, so it has been bugging me a while to find out the playlist.
    Well I found it on the lufthansa website and it is as follows.
    So, now all I have to do is find it and download it all from the web !

    Playlist Lounge
    Title Artist Record label
    1. Falling Stars David Arkenstone Greenhill
    2. Natureā€™s Beauty Jimi Dolezal Prudence
    3. Symphony of Angels White Light Lufthansa
    4. Another Geometry Yonderboi Ugar Recs.
    5. Hopeful Days Curtis Gage Seven Days
    6. Cuetips Digitonal Just Music
    7. Abutting Dissident Past The Mark NuJazz Europe
    8. Serendipity Tom Middleton Big Chill
    9. Shades In The Trees Bruce Andrews Sony
    10. A Balearic Dinner Sunlounger Armada
    11. Hierbas Ibicencas DJ Shaw Armada
    12. Ein Morgen am Tegernsee Robert Simon Thoma Prudence
    13. Miracle Lane Jimi Dolezal BSC
    14. Hi-Fi Rendevouz David Gordon BSC
    15. Faith In Tomorrow Tony Clarke KPM
    16. 15 Below Alucidnation Big Chill
    17. Tradition Deep Imagination BSC
    18. Nsangu Lux Tundra
    19. Summer Breeze Lemongrass Lemongrassmusic
    20. Halcyon Jon Hopkins Absolute Zero
    21. Dreams Of March Aiden Carter Sony

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