LOL: SNL Tackles LaGuardia Airport Sushi

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Saturday Night Live has had their fair share of airline and airport related skits over the years. During last night’s episode they had a hilarious skit called “Airport Sushi,” which I thought was pretty spot on.

While I’m sure the jokes about airport sushi are obvious enough, in reality this is more about LaGuardia Airport than anything, and it hits on just about everything people hate about the airport, from flights being delayed and canceled, to taxis being three miles away, to birds being in the terminal.

You can check out the eight minute skit here:

Well done, SNL!

What do you make of SNL’s “Airport Sushi” skit?

  1. Very funny, creative stuff – I just wish there had been a reference to service animals! LOL

  2. Thanks for sharing thatā€™s awesome
    Saturday night live can still be funny after all!

  3. I had the privilege of traveling in and out of LaGuardia and experiencing their world class services every 3 days for a year until last summer. Best part was that I was flying AA, so the amazing experience continued!

    A little side note: Isn’t United ending service to Cleveland from LaGuardia this month?

  4. It is part of a Mulaney ā€œtrilogyā€. Diner Lobster and Bodega Bathroom are also hilarious.

  5. @smallmj – it’s available on the Global website:

    just page down once and you’ll see it

    When I lived in NYC I avoided LaGuardia like the plague, unless I had so much luggage I needed to take a cab, but that was rare, as I’d mastered taking a backpack, a full-size bag, and a rolling golf bag to get to JFK or EWR.

    Last year for reasons involving me being stupid and not checking rental car rates at ISP before booking TPA-ISP on WN, I had to change my northbound flight to LGA so I could take the bus to JFK and pick up a rental car so I wouldn’t have to sell a kidney. When I got off the plane I was surprised to see a remodeled gate area that was actually pleasant. Then I took the escalator down to baggage claim and was right back in the hellhole. The transfer to JFK was miserable (although once we got out of the LGA nightmare traffic to JFK wasn’t that bad.)

    The sushi at Deep Blue at JFK T5 is the only airport sushi I remember having, and it was very good.

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