SNL Spoofs The U.S. Customs & Border Protection Welcome Video

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On many international flights, a video is played before landing in the U.S., which highlights the immigration process for arriving passengers. I’ve seen a few different versions of this video, including this one:

Well, SNL took the liberty of making their own version of this video, in light of recent events. It aired on last night’s show, and is worth a watch:

Oh my…

  1. The weird thing is that a few months ago we all looked at dismay at Kuwait Airways for not allowing Israelis aboard its flights. At least Kuwait only discriminated against one country….

  2. I get a “The uploader has not made this video available in your country” message. In Brazil, not (yet) on the no-entry list.

    I find it a bit ironic of SNL to do that in a video poking fun at US relations to other countries šŸ™‚ [OK, this probably applies to all SNL videos, but still.]

  3. In the past, I would come to OMAAT to read tips and tricks about travel. NOT political opinions. However, I’m dumping this ALT-Left-Liberal-Garbage web site. And I’m recommending to my friends to boycott this Fake News blog. If I wanted to read articles about Liberals and their Social Terrorism, I’d go to Yahoo News, CNN or the NY Times.

  4. Hilarious spoof! I really loved the comment that fingerprints were required “to keep you and your family safe” and “you might need to pay a fine to cover the cost of safe removal [of fruit]”. Who could make these lines up!? And the actors impersonating the immigration officers were all smiling! That was the most hilarious part! ROFLMAO! Absolutely brilliant satire!

    Couldn’t see the second one, though. I guess those of us outside the US must be blocked from seeing the real video for security reasons.

  5. Works in the UK. Will see later today how close to reality it is. I wonder if my Global Entry is still good?

  6. John – PLEASE DON’T GO!!!!!! We’ll all really, really miss you.

    Though regardless, I’ll just point out that the existence of Saturday Night Live isn’t fake – it really does exist.

  7. John, I totally understands that this isn’t your worldview, and while I disagree with you, as your fellow American I hold myself accountable to make sure you are free to express it. Ben goes out of his way to keep this a travel blog and I hope you don’t leave because he posted something from a comedy show that has to do with travel.

    Have a great day, and let’s keep America great together!

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