Sister Of Korean Air “Nut Rage” Executive Accused Of Assault

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Most of you probably remember the viral 2014 incident in which a Korean Air executive, Heather Cho (also the daughter of the company’s chairman), went berserk after a flight attendant served her nuts in a bag rather than in a ramekin. She was flying first class from New York to Seoul Incheon, and demanded that the flight attendants get on their knees to apologize, that the plane be turned around, and that the flight attendant who served her incorrectly be offloaded.

She ended up being sentenced to one year in jail for obstructing aviation safety, though she was released after three months. As you’d expect, she was fired from the airline, though her sister took on many of her former roles, and in a text she promised that she would be “avenged.” As it turns out, now Heather Cho is making a return to her dad’s company, though she’ll be managing the company’s portfolio of hotels, rather than the airline.

Now Heather Cho’s sister, who is still at Korean Air, is being accused of assault. Specifically, The Korea Times reports that 35 year old Cho Hyun-min is being accused of throwing a cup of water in the face of an advertising agency employee at a recent meeting. Apparently she was dissatisfied with the agency’s work, and then “yelled and threw a cup of water at the employee.”

Korean Air is denying the accusation, admitting that she yelled and thew a cup to the floor, but not that she threw the cup at the employee. They also claim that she apologized to the person and others at the meeting. So far the agency hasn’t said anything, while Cho has issued an apology:

“I apologize for my foolish behavior. It is my fault that I failed to control my emotions.”

The story reports that if the accusations are true, she could be prosecuted for assault.

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  1. She is just abusive. They would have been taken to the cleaners in America.

    A few rich powerful families controlling a country. This is what trump’s America would like if the sane Americans didn’t put a fight.

    In south Korea really different than north Korea? Is America really that different than Russia? Not until Donny is put I the prison. Then may be i will believe the system works.

  2. @ht
    It interests me and I have been a reader since when lucky was only getting diet cokes on his flights.

  3. Classy family. This is what happens when you have virtually unchecked power and wealth in the hands of an elite few.

    This also reinforces my theory that the only reason Korean Air installed a first class cabin with a seat identical to the biz cabin is so that these heirs don’t have to mingle with common business-folk.

  4. Well not sure if what’s reported by Korea Times is true or what’s reported by Korean Air themselves but either way, I think we all can agree on one thing being true…….that the Cho family seems to have some serious temper problems.

  5. Why is this on this site? Is the person getting compensated in miles and points? Does the sister gets extra bonus miles if she hits the target with the water cup?

  6. @RF
    Yes. “Chaebols are a scourge in South Korea.”
    and until they realize that, S.Korea will never be taken seriously as a 1st world country.

    I love Korea and Korean culture, but they need to deal with this attitude of absolute power.

  7. I’m sure it was still insincere, but at least the language used in the apology was a refreshing change from the standard:

    “I apologize that my actions offended you in some way.”

  8. Korea wasn’t a wealthy nation until fairly recently. A lot of the older generation (and their children) are either uneducated, spoiled or both (like what China is experiencing). It’ll take a while before the current younger generation (who are largely well educated, often overseas) replaces those older Koreans.

  9. very unique this Cho family..would like to have chat with these two unique ladies in KE F cabin…oh I will certainly serve them the nuts and water they deserve! Proactively top them.. on their face!!

  10. Koreans being Koreans. This is part of the culture. As someone who has actually negotiated contracts with Korean Air, I can tell you this behavior is par for the course. Only customer who has threatened to kill me.

  11. Ryan you should write a guest article about when Korean air threatened to kill you. That would be hilarious.

  12. It is a Chaebol-thing where a few rich families are indirectly ruling the country.. Remember Park Geun-hye? She was sentenced to 24 years… for blackmailing these Chaebol.

  13. Myles, I would like to join you in your proposed action against these sisters from Hell. Madame Park has now received a very lengthy jail term but unfortunately we all know that this corrupt Asian disease is not going to go away soon.

  14. @Lily Ming

    you are gladly welcomed to join the party..beware that I do not bow down to any despot and respond accordingly to such..hope you are able to keep up..I hate waiting for someone..
    Bring your best attitudes and attributes as I always show them,especially to those who deserves them, how “lovely” I can be! And lastly fear nobody and be prepared to engage..I hate defeatist and cowards..if your are so, I will serve you as an hors d’oeuvre to the Cho sisters on the finest bone china…

    Just kidding! Hop on, on the next KE F flight, those Cho sisters better watch out..LOL !

  15. So it is getting hot for the Cho family..the evil sisters have to go..where?..back in their golden cage at more working..just let Daddy and big brother earn the green bucks so they can spend from know on more privately outside the glaring eyes of the Korean public..
    Seriously no pity at all!..these two hell ladies are so rich..they just laugh about all these public least the Korean public has their contentment in some way or another.

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