Singapore KrisFlyer Promo: 15% Credit Card Transfer Bonus

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In mid-November, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer launched its first ever transfer bonus for converting US credit card rewards points. This promotion was due to expire yesterday, but has now been extended. Let’s go over everything you need to know.

KrisFlyer’s 15% credit card transfer bonus

The Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer program is offering a 15% bonus when you convert credit card rewards points into KrisFlyer miles:

  • This is valid for credit card rewards converted into Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles by January 16, 2021
  • In order to be eligible you need to convert enough points to earn at least 10,000 KrisFlyer miles in one transaction
  • There’s no cap to how many bonus miles you can earn with this campaign
  • Since the promotion is being offered directly by KrisFlyer, you won’t actually see the bonus reflected on the bank transfer page, but rather will only see it in your KrisFlyer account
  • There’s no registration required

The promotion page specifically lists all the programs by country that are eligible, so specific to the US, the following transferable points programs are eligible:

Should you transfer points to Singapore KrisFlyer?

There are two major things reasons to consider taking advantage of this promotion:

  • Bonuses like this are rare; I don’t ever recall seeing a transfer bonus from a major US transferable points program to Singapore KrisFlyer
  • Singapore Airlines primarily restricts premium cabin long haul award space to members of its own KrisFlyer program, so if you want to redeem for these products, this is your best bet

Singapore Airlines Lounge London Heathrow

That being said, there are also reasons not to take advantage of this promotion:

  • Singapore’s borders are currently closed, Singapore Airlines is operating a skeleton network at the moment, and it’s anyone’s guess when the airline will increase operations
  • Singapore Airlines Suites & first class is currently zeroed out through October 31, 2021, and that could be extended even further
  • Historically KrisFlyer miles expire 36 months after they’re earned, regardless of any qualifying activity (with the pandemic they could be extended, but it’s not a sure bet)
  • The beauty of transferable points currencies is the flexibility that they give you, and you lose all that flexibility when you transfer them to one particular partner

Singapore Airlines’ A330 business class

Personally this promotion isn’t enough to tempt me, but I’m sure others will feel differently. The way I view it:

  • If coronavirus weren’t a thing, I could see myself speculatively transferring some points to KrisFlyer with this bonus
  • Under current circumstances I’d need closer to a 50% bonus to make any sort of a speculative transfer, personally

Singapore Airlines’ 777 first class

Bottom line

Right now you can earn a 15% bonus when you convert credit card rewards into Singapore KrisFlyer miles. While this opportunity is rare, I’m not sure it’s worth giving up the flexibility of transferable points for a 15% bonus. But that’s just my take, and others may feel differently.

Do you plan on taking advantage of this KrisFlyer transfer bonus?

  1. Thx Lucky. I feel the same way. I have a first/suites trip coming up in May. I saw recently in one of your articles that these are being converted to business. Logging into my Singapore account it still says first/suites. Should I assume I’m ok? If not I may cancel -but since I originally transferred these points in early 2019 for an early 2020 trip (that was obviously cancelled) then time wise are they giving us any breathing room for point expiration? Seems like they aren’t and people like me may be screwed…

  2. So long as you do at least 10,000 points, I assume you could transfer from multiple accounts?

    Ex: it’s 95,000 KrisFlyer for OW biz from LAX to Asia, so that’s a transfer of 83,000 points total. I assume I could do 25,000 UR, 25,000 MR and 33,000 TY?

  3. I think KrisFlyer has given a 6 months extension for miles that were about to expire this year, maybe early next year too. For me the 36-month expiration rule is the major reason not to transfer right now. Suites award availability for true long hauls has been spotty even in the before times, and now it’s not clear when (or if) A380 will be back. Their business class is not special enough compared to other airlines to warrant a transfer.

  4. Correct @SBS although if you are PPS there is no expiry date. My PPS expired in September. Obviously it was extended for a year. At the time they had an option for me to transfer points from my Amex which would count towards PPS status. PPS was always useful for me in the old world as it meant I jumped to the top of a waitlist. As I changed flights a lot traveling for business it was helpful.
    I received this email overnight but won’t be doing it.
    FYI they are allowing people from Australia and NZ in. Problem is when you go back to Australia. / New Zealand you have to quarantine.

  5. @Tina SQ has made first class and suites unavailable to be purchased through October 2021. They just haven’t updated the schedule out to your trip. Things could change but I think it’s pretty much guaranteed you will not be flying on an A380 come May.

  6. Tina, I’m in a similar situation. I had a Singapore suites ticket in September that it now seems unclear if I’ll actually be flying in the suites on an A380. It’s London to Singapore though, so my hope is that route may recover enough for an A380 by that time. My plan is:
    Plan A: Keep the suites booking and hope A380’s return
    Plan B: Hope there’s at least a 777 on the route and I can at least fly first class
    Plan C: Downgrade to business class and at least I can use the points before they expire

  7. Isnt it a member of Star Alliance and so you can always redeem them for Star Alliance awards? I would think that isn’t too bad in terms of flexibility

  8. This extension is a reply to the promo Cathay Pacific Asia Miles 15% conversion bonus from CC points that starts today. Personally, I’d transfer to Asia Miles due to its significantly lower miles requirements for SE Asia/US West Coast flight redemption.

  9. Please bear in mind that Krisflyer is likely the world’s strictest program with interpretation of rules near criminal.
    I had miles that were soon to expire and I booked a SQ flight. There was a massive blizzard in NY and I know (prior experience) SQ does not function well during blizzard irrops. I called SQ to help me rebook. The polite agent assured me she would cancel and rebook, it would take several hours, just check tomorrow. The next day my miles had been swallowed up as expired, despite the rebooking. Had she simply changed the res it would have been ok.
    When I reached out to SQ they began phoning me every night at 2 AM to discuss my concern. Despite my explaining the time issue they persisted.

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