Singapore Airlines Will Offer First Class To Copenhagen

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In 2015, Singapore Airlines reported that they’re making losses on almost all their long-haul routes. Interestingly, we haven’t really seen them reduce long-haul operations since then. In fact, they’ve been launching new routes instead to cities like San Francisco and Stockholm. Perhaps the A350 is helping their profitability somewhat, but you’d think capacity would at least be reduced in some markets.

Well, it seems like Singapore can’t get enough of Scandinavia. Routesonline reports that Singapore will be upgrading their Copenhagen route to a Boeing 777-300ER. The route was previously served by the smaller 777-200. This is significant as an overall increase in capacity should lead to more award space in all cabins. The biggest news is that First Class will finally be introduced on this route.

Unfortunately it seems like most dates, if not all, are served by their reconfigured 777-300 with just four first class seats. Even so, award availability is fantastic given that First Class has just gone on sale.

115,000 miles one-way is quite expensive, though at least the taxes are only SG$34 after their recent devaluation. Luckily Singapore miles are quite easy to collect through flying and credit card transfers. If you’re looking for a getaway to Southeast Asia over Christmas or New Years, you might have a chance at snagging several First Class seats on this route. Overall, I’m very excited about this capacity increase. Go Scandinavia!

  1. The B777-200 has more seats than the B777-300ER, so the capacity increase is actually -4 seats per flight. The increase here comes with the Arlanda Flight served 5 days weekly with the A350-900.

  2. The retrofitted 777-200ER has 271 seats while the new 777-300ER configuration only features 264 seats. Good job Daniel!

  3. As well as checking the configuration before posting incorrect content, you could have also pointed out that the 777-300ER means premium economy will be introduced on the route; the 777-200 doesn’t have it.
    One Post at a Time Daniel brings down the reliable reputation of OMAAT.

  4. @ niko jas – so one mistake is indicative of a blogger’s reliability? have you tried starting your own blog? if you haven’t, stop trashing daniel for it

  5. @Jason Z and niko jas unless you guys are aspiring to fly economy, this certainly is a capacity increase, with 12+ more business class seats, 4 new F seats and the introduction of premium economy (28 seats)!

  6. @Alvin | Young Travelers of Hong Kong I love your blog! Thanks for standing with me 😀

  7. Daniel, that’s not at all what your post says though. Why didn’t you state it like that in the original post? As of now, it reads as an overall increase in total seats to Copenhagen, which is incorrect.

  8. Leaving aside the general nastiness, why is the introduction of first class between Singapore and Copenhagen particularly notable?

  9. @Callum

    Copenhagen is by far largest international hub of the Nordic countries, and none of the operating airlines offer any “thorough bred” First Class product.

    By also introducing the PEY – Premium Economy Product, Singapore Airlines is down-scaling its exposure to the discount market (Economy). Please bear in mind that the block-time from the Nordics to Singapore is twelve hours +.

  10. @Daniel, based on the content of your original post, my gut-feeling is that this has been copied, and mistranslated.

  11. @Callum — Singapore Airlines first class is one of the best in the business, and the best first class for some.

    Is this first class for the Copenhagen route the Suites?

  12. The introduction of F is notable because CPH has more or less zero F demand. Even Emirates who offers F all over Europe is sticking with a 2-class config for CPH. This is probably linked to scheduling of aircraft and increased demand for C and PE at CPH.

  13. While the F demand_from_ Scandinavia is low, the demand for First Class to the region (particularly from Asia but also the US) has increased exponentially the past years. The Copenhagen-Malmö metropolitan area is a huge high end culinary destination for example.

    Not surprised to see this upgrade from SQ.

  14. First class seats really aren’t a big deal, because there are so few of them, and because very few people buy them, at least at anything like full fare. Lots of award and upgrade use.

    But blogs like this love to focus on the super high end, hence the stuff about Etihad Residence which hardly anyone ever flies. It’s a type of air travel pornography to focus on the super high end, and people live to fantasize about them, although the reality is that almost everyone here and elsewhere does not fly F (or there would be far more F eats, duh).

    Moreover Business Class has improved greatly over the last 15 years, again removing demand for F.

    But as an occasional treat, especially if paid for with miles, why not?

  15. Thanks Lucky! Snapped up 2 return tickets over Christmas in F to CPH on route to Iceland:)

  16. Hi Daniel, thanks for sharing, I hope to see more posts from you in the future.
    Thanks again, Alastair Majury

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