Singapore Airlines’ Gorgeous New Ad

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I’ve always been a huge fan of Singapore Airlines’ marketing campaigns. Some airlines have ads that are exclusively product focused. Other airlines have totally abstract ads that don’t even incorporate their product. Other airlines rely on humor for their ads.

Singapore Airlines seems to have a consistent theme with their marketing campaigns, and I love it. The ads are abstract, though ultimately highlight the carrier’s onboard experience. On top of that, they almost always feature the iconic “Singapore Girl,” and specifically how “she” takes care of passengers.

Today Singapore Airlines released their latest ad, which is about their new A380 cabins, including their new Suites and business class.

The airline has uploaded the ad to YouTube, and describes it as “making every journey personal — from majestic clifftops to magical forests, let your imagination take flight with every journey.” Here’s the ad:

What a pleasure to watch, and it’s so on-brand for Singapore Airlines.

In 2013 Singapore Airlines unveiled a series of ads with a similar general theme, showcasing the lengths that the airline goes to take care of their passengers, which I really enjoyed. Here are three of those ads:

What do you make of Singapore Airlines’ new ad campaign? Do you love it as much as I do?

  1. OH MY GOD! I have found unicorn before I could book Singapore First class by using my miles!!! 😉

  2. This is an awesome ad however i have to point out that the butterfly seen on the girl’s finger looks like a monarch butterfly, which is highly poisonous and leaves a disgusting taste, not quite the nuance this ad is trying to convey

  3. @Andrew I’m not sure this advert is advocating that one should ingest the imaginary butterfly in the magical forest…

  4. Absolutely beautiful Ad. The best part is that the airline at least tries hard to make what they are advertising a reality (versus a mirage like the US airlines).

  5. Singapore’s ads are wonderful and epitomizes what I love about the airline – attention to details.

    However, ads by BA still hold first place for bringing out the emotions.

  6. Why is it that every time Lucky posts about Singapore Airlines, the first comment is some sort of sexist garbage about the appearance of their FAs. Are we living in the 60s still?

  7. It’s a beautiful ad, but I just wish it was more than just the “Singapore girl”. Like, it is 2018, after all. Could they not have one male cabin staff member to include, or maybe a businesswoman working on spreadsheets? I do love the ad, I love the airline, but I just wish there was some modest effort at least to acknowledgement that there is more balance to life, relationships, gender, sex, call it what you will, than in the 1970s…

  8. Flew on Singapore last year from LAX to SIN and then HGK to SFO in business. What a great experience. From the time we got to the airport in Los Angeles until we arrived in Singapore and returned it was the best airline experience we have ever had. Our male FA’s were exceptional also.

  9. Au contraire , the last time I flew Singapore 1st Class on award they: gave me a business amenity kit with just one item; a sliced Book-The-Cook lobster with no real lobster meat there; and tried to get me to give up my assigned window seat. Pay the fare and it will be marvelous (have done that); fly an award first class and you’ll be prone to much “abuse’. subtle or otherwise.

  10. I have flown SQ Suites several times and in every instance the cabin was 100% Male. They know they passenger numbers and the advertise accordingly. If there were more women than men flying in Premium cabins you would see that aspect reflected in advertisements.

    As far as FAs go they are meant to be attractive and a pleasure to look at. That’s the concept of their service. If you don’t like the service concept of SQ fly UA. You will find a perfect counterbalance to the “Singapore girl” in the “United union matron”.

  11. I love this airline. I believe they create magical expériences. They’ve stayed so true to their mission statement right from inception. My bands are up for the SIA team.

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