Singapore Airlines Is Now Serving Even Better Champagne In First Class

As far as I’m concerned, Singapore Airlines has the single best champagne selection of any airline in first class. On longhaul flights in both first class and Suites Class, Singapore Airlines offers both Dom Perignon and Krug. While they’re not the only airline to serve Dom Perignon or Krug in first class, they are the only airline to serve both Dom Perignon and Krug.

Both are fantastic, and there’s something especially enjoyable about doing a side-by-side taste tests of these two top notch champagnes. I didn’t think Singapore Airlines’ champagne selection could get much better, though they’ve one-upped themselves, at least for a limited time. FlyerTalk member SMK77 notes that Singapore Airlines is serving 2004 Krug for a limited time. While the 2004 Krug is a promotion, they’re continuing to serve Dom Perignon as before, so this isn’t coming at the expense of anything.

While I’ve had Krug plenty of time, I’ve never had the 2004 vintage, though I’ve heard great things. For what it’s worth, 2004 Krug retails for ~300USD per bottle, which is about double the retail cost of the Krug Grand Cuvee that you’ll usually find on Singapore Airlines.

While price isn’t necessarily indicative of quality, this means Singapore’s top champagne is in a similar price range to what’s otherwise the most expensive inflight champagne. Specifically, I’m talking about the Salon 2002 Blanc de Blancs that’s served on Japan Airlines.

I’m flying Singapore Airlines in both January and March, so here’s to hoping the Krug 2004 is still around. Unfortunately I doubt it will be.

Has anyone had the chance to try 2004 Krug on Singapore Airlines? How was it?

(Tip of the hat to Points From The Pacific)


  1. “While price isn’t necessarily indicative of quality, this means Singapore’s top champagne is in a similar price range to what’s otherwise the most expensive inflight champagne.”

    If that’s the case, shouldn’t the title of this post be “Singapore Airlines Is Now Serving Even **Pricier** Champagne In First Class”?

  2. I am flying the Singapore A380 from JFK to SIN next week. Hope they still have it.

    On a separate note, Etihad First apartment is no longer serving Bollinger, not sure if you have covered that, they now serve the Charles Heidsieck Brut Millesime 2006.

  3. The Singapore Airlines Suites are never called Suites Class. It’s Suites actually. Kudos to them anyway.

  4. I don’t believe Japan Airlines is still serving the 2002 vintage of Salon Blanc de Blancs. I believe they’re currently on 2006.

    Airlines typically serve the most recently released vintage of their Champagnes, if not non-vintage. For instance Emirates will soon be transitioning to Dom Perignon 2009.

  5. Yep, Emirates will be serving Dom Perignon 2009 along with Dom Perignon Rose 2005 which retails for $300. I checked my flight for November and that’s what the have listed (JFK-DXB).

  6. Ben how far in advance did you book for Singapore? Am looking for FRA to/from JFK a year out and not finding anything. Any tips?
    On saber that is

  7. @JL That’s even better!! I checked the menu for my flight today and they have 2009 listed….I’ll report back at the end of the month after I get back from DXB 🙂

  8. @Uri

    I was in the same situation as you when I did FRA-JFK a few summers ago so what I did was waitlist several days of saver awards and waited for one to clear (which it did, albeit only 5 days out). Certainly not the most ideal option but it can work.

  9. @Mileage Man

    That is disappointing. To my palate, hands down, the Bollinger Grande Annee is, year in and year out, the best-tasting champagne in the world.

  10. Salon 2004 is a spectacular vintage! Had it on JAL last year, and haven’t had anything like it since.

  11. Had this on flights JFK-FRA-SIN-MEL a couple of weeks ago.

    It tasted great, but unfortunately I’m not really a connoisseur, so I didn’t appreciate it as much as others would.

  12. I like your reviews,Ben, and your informative posts, but this one- not too sure about.
    Rankinh chmpagnes is a highly subjective and I know that my taste in the air is very different from my taste on the ground (for some reason the cheaper less complex brand taste nicer to me at 30K Feet).
    Either way I wouldn’t call something “better” if you have no first hand experience with it, and even then, if you were to dedicate a post to it, I think it would make sense to say in what sense it is better.

  13. @Mike — Krug 2004 is very clearly better than Krug NV. I haven’t had vintage Krug but that’s a fact. That doesn’t mean everyone will prefer it or care, but it is higher-end, produced in smaller quantities, and more expensive. It’s like a Mercedes S-class versus a C-class.

  14. I appear to be the only one so far who has actually tried this on SQ first recently – they served it on my last two flights in first the other week (incidentally they are also serving it in the private room for what it’s worth).

    Unfortunately, my personal opinion is that it isn’t as good, which is a real shame if it is costing more. The last flight I was on had a single bottle of regular Krug left and then switched onto the 2004 which meant I was luckily able to do a direct taste test.

    The 2004 was less flavoursome, less rounded and just simply less enjoyable. This was the case both in the air and on the ground in TPR.

    I wonder if it is a case of scarcity increasing the price rather than quality.

    I hope they switch back to the regular Krug asap.

    @BrooklynBoy “Krug 2004 is very clearly better than Krug NV. I haven’t had vintage Krug……” hahaha go back and read what you just typed again – try to keep a straight face.

  15. I unfortunately have not yet cracked the nut as to how I can constantly fly First so can only comment on the world’s top 10 “common people” terminal experiences – Paris CDG is number one. Like your commendation for Air France, CDG really know how to pamper and make air travel comfortable – seating in the departure areas is exquisite soft sofa style, pianists play relaxing classical music and announcements are not in-necessarily frequent and are always delivered in smoothing and reassuring bilingual tones.

    Singapore will obviously come next and there will then be a clutter of contenders for the next spot – Amsterdam, Helsinki, Seoul, Beijing, Istanbul, Bangkok – all have great facilities that cater to the ordinary plebs.

  16. Mean while on-board Etihad first class they are serving cheap dodgy Billecart-Salmon (the same you’ll also receive in business). Oh, how the crème de la crème of airlines have fallen!

  17. where can you buy these Krug, Salon and Dom in retail ? Looked for them at local liquor store and grocery but couldn’t find a store that has them. Live in a state where you can’t order alcohol online.

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