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Singapore’s borders have been largely closed for nearly a year, so Singapore Airlines has been getting creative with ways to engage those who want to fly. We’ve seen the airline open a restaurant on an A380 on the ground for a very limited time, and we’ve even seen the airline sell DIY at-home first & business class airplane meals.

KrisShop is the name of Singapore Airlines’ online shopping mall, and historically a limited amount of airline memorabilia has been on sale there, including things like airplane models. Well, the KrisShop’s selection of Singapore Airlines related merchandise for sale has just expanded significantly, and wow are there some cool things for sale!

There’s bad news, though — KrisShop only ships to Singapore addresses. Perhaps that’s a blessing in disguise, because otherwise a U-Haul worth of stuff would be showing up at my home in a few days. Even simply browsing this is avgeek heaven, as far as I’m concerned (a term that I last used to describe American Airlines’ headquarters).

Essentially KrisShop is selling just about anything you might find on a Singapore Airlines plane, short of the actual seats.

From a Singapore Airlines pocket comb for 1 SGD (~0.76 USD)…

To a Singapore Airlines mini-salad dressing bottle for 2 SGD (~1.50 USD)…

To 10 Singapore Airlines first class shot glasses for 40 SGD (~30 USD)…

To a Singapore Airlines first class blanket for 50 SGD (~38 USD)…

To a Singapore Airlines Lalique first class amenity kit for 89 SGD (~67 USD)…

To a Singapore Airlines first class lunar new year menu, including Krug, caviar, amenity kits, tableware, and much more, for 888 SGD (~670 USD)…

Bottom line

Singapore Airlines’ KrisShop has long sold some cool items for Singapore Airlines fans, ranging from playing cards to model airplanes. However, the national carrier’s online shopping mall is now selling all kinds of other fun things you’d otherwise find onboard, from combs, to blankets, to entire meal sets.

The major restriction is that KrisShop only ships to Singapore addresses, which sure is limiting (and probably a blessing for those of us who have no self control in this regard).

To those in Singapore, are you ordering anything from this selection? And to those not in Singapore, what would you order if you could?

  1. Built me up, only to take me back down again… I was already pulling out my credit card as I was reading this! .

    Maybe a follow-up article, on a way to get around having a foreign address? There’s gotta be one!

  2. Google “re-shippers”. It is a huge industry. Not sure if there is any from Singapore to US, but likely. My brother is a UPS driver and the re-shippers from US to Asia get thousands of boxes delivered per day to forward.

  3. As a student studying in Singapore, I’ll take that blanket. It’s great value for the money and I can pretend I’m flying SQ with the music of plane engines in my ears as I sleep.

  4. Lucky, you might want to double check regarding the International Delivery thingie in KrisShop. They do deliver overseas. It’s just that they have suspended KrisShop shipments bound for Myanmar, due to what’s going on there. But apart from that, they do deliver internationally.

    (I wanted to use my Aramex ShopandShip address, but I guess, I have a better option now lol)

  5. those specific items say delivery to singapore addresses only.

    the other stuff in the krisshop can be delivered overseas.

  6. Some items can be delivered internationally though none mentioned by Lucky. You can go to Krisshop and select to list items fir international delivery and see the list. Did not personally see anything of interest but YMMV

  7. Ai can confirm that they do ship outside Singapore. There are exceptions such as the wine fridges although I’m not sure if they still sell them.
    Now if only buying something counted towards PPS status.

  8. Lucky,

    You are absolutely right in your closing statement, not being able to order to my home will slow down my impulse to press Buy All 🙂

  9. My SQ miles were expiring a few years ago so I bought a SIA 70th anniversary Swarovski pen for just 7k miles. Real bargain.

  10. I live in Germany and use as shipping forwarder. I couldn’t resist and ordered the first class blanket, not cheap but a bargain compared to actually travelling first class which unfortunately I don’t think will happen in 2021. 🙁

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