Singapore Airlines Is Introducing In-Flight Fabric Care Amenities

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Singapore Airlines is known for being one of the best airlines in the world. In suites class & first class the airline offers great pajamas and amenity kits.

However, many are surprised to learn that the airline doesn’t have amenity kits in business class. Their logic is that they find it to be wasteful, as most passengers don’t use all the amenities in the kit. So instead they hand out eyeshades, socks, and slippers, and then other amenities are available on-demand, or in the lavatories. Ultimately you can get all the same stuff you’d otherwise find in an amenity kit, but it’s just not presented to you in a pouch.

That’s why it’s interesting to note that Singapore Airlines is introducing some new amenities in business class, first class, and suites class. They started being rolled out as of July 1, 2017, and should be available throughout the system by September 2017.

Business Traveller notes that Singapore Airlines has partnered with The Laundress to offer the following products to their premium cabin passengers:

  • The Laundress Crease Release – “removes moderate wrinkles from clothing and fabrics, perfect for passengers while on-the-go”
  • The Laundress Fabric Fresh Classic – “contains antibacterial properties that adds scent while removing odour from its source, freshening clothing when traveling”
  • The Laundress Wash and Stain Bar – “cleans hard-to-reach spaces, spot treats stains, and can be used for liquid-free handwashing on-the-go”

This is apparently the first time that laundry products are being offered in-flight, and it’s an interesting and logical partnership. This is apparently being done to celebrate Singapore’s 70th anniversary, so we’ll see if this is just a temporary promotion, or a new permanent feature.

Regardless, this seems innovative.

Has anyone received these new amenities from The Laundress on Singapore Airlines yet?

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  1. I got them last week on my Sin-MUC on their A350. Since my suitcase with clean clothes was not delivered by them until 56 hours after my landing at final destination, it was quite practical to have the laundry soap

  2. I flew ICN-LAX in F on July 11 and was given a second amenity kit with these products and some lip balm. The flight attendant said it was to commemorate their 75th anniversary I think.

  3. Suites Class SIN-DEL on July 7th and got this laundry kit in place of the Ferragamo kit. I viewed it as an extreme downgrade, although the products are unique I would prefer in Suites to get this in addition and not in place of.

  4. I received this amenity kit on my SQ Suites flight from Singapore to Sydney two weeks ago. Flight attendant noted it was for the 75th anniversary.

  5. Seriously, one thing I do not get is how such amenities, specifically for laundry use, would have relevance to travelers on SQ Business, First and Suites. A large percentage of us would have our soiled clothes laundered at the hotel. SQ has to do more, and have individual amenities catered to the traveler in the premium cabin.

    As a seasoned business traveler, I would be more appreciative of amenities that are for human use, to moisture my dry spots, inflight.

    Whilst the gesture to gift laundry detergents, in conjunction with the airlines’ 70th anniversary is appreciated, it is rather impractical, at least for the premium cabin class traveler in Business, First and Suites.

    SQ can definitely do better, to respond to competition, whom are also faced with similar challenges and headwinds. Recently, Cathay Pacific took to media, showcasing its refreshed inflight amenity kits for passengers of its Premium Economy, Business and First Class cabins:

    The link: – also showcases the top ten amenity kits, amongst our competition, in 2017.

  6. Well I rarely use the amenity kits. What I usually do is end up asking for the women’s kits and give them as gifts to my women friends.

  7. I have received it early this month on SIN-DEL in Business. The best and the most useful amenity kit ever for J.

  8. I think this is a quirky and efficient idea!

    [In regards to the comment about how this is unnecessary for anyone who flies business/first/suites] I fly internationally for both personal and work-related traveling, but I still do my own simple laundry at the hotel. I don’t think most people would call upon the hotel to Febreze their clothes or wash delicates – even if they fly business/first/suite/whatever. 😉

    Also, lots of people reading this blog use points and miles to fly premium cabins – doesn’t necessarily mean we want to, or we can afford to, have hotels do our laundry ($45+ to launder a dress? no thanks – I might be interested in hopping down to the dry cleaner couple of blocks over though…). I hope this is amenity is still around next Fall when I finally get to try Singapore Airlines’ business cabin.

  9. @ BK Tan
    While you find amenities that “moisture your dry spots” more useful, I bet for some business travelers, especially the more mature ones, amenities that “dry up the moist spots” would be preferred.

  10. Another boneheaded decision by SQ management that likely suffered from
    copious amounts of groupthink throughout all levels of staff at HQ.

    SQ premium cabins have been slipping in many areas (food and service becoming lackluster I find), these new amenities hardly warrant any celebration or fanfare.

    Wake me when they debut their new Suites class.

  11. Got the Laundress Stain Bar in J from SIN-MEL last week. A very useful thing to have in the washbag when travelling.

    Like may others I tend to refuse the amenity kit more often than not. It’s so wasteful to get a plastic pouch full of plastic things that I already carry with me or don’t need in the first place.

  12. All those tiny bottles filled with useless creams are such a waste in most amenity kits. I only like them for the toothpaste, socks, eyeshades, and earplugs, u know, the USEFUL stuff.

  13. Am currently travelling on holiday in Europe, flew Qatar Airways. I spilled coffee on my favourite shirt today and those SQ Laundress products would have been really useful!
    I find aside from socks and lip balm, I use the amenity kit post flight.

  14. I also received them on the SQ flight from SIN-DPS. In DPS laundry is practically
    given away as a free-perk..
    Upon leaving SIN, enroute to London, LHR the same kit was provided in Business Class on their A380. Seemed at bit weird.

    Could this be a test for more or less missed out kits in the SQ Business Class ???

  15. It is for their 70th anniversary, so I assume only for a limited time.

    Currently only provided on flights from Singapore (not to), excluding Kuala Lumpur.

  16. I received the anniversary kit on my last flight. I think the concept around these products is awesome. I always feel a little dirty when I get off planes and a few sprays of the fabric fresh really freshened up my suit jacket. I am definitely getting my wife to track down this at retail.

  17. I got the kit yesterday from SIN to Europe and I have to say I can’t stand to be handed any more chemicals in plastic bottles. The smell was rank, I am allergic to chemicals and perfumes and had to worry that people would start using it on the plane (thankfully they didn’t.) Honestly all of us in first/business class have preferred brands that we use for scent, creams/lotions etc and can well afford to buy or own. I find these amenities cheap and they just remind me of all the extra crap they include, which we already paid for with the ticket price. (I’d rather have a cheaper ticket and buy my own preferred cream or amenities.) The slippers on SQ flights are nice, the socks are of such horrible quality they give me a rash and I can’t wear them. Kudos to Singapore Airlines for not giving out the amenities bags as they are indeed wasteful I hope they stop giving out the cleaning products in the near future.

  18. Chuckling at the post re. hotel laundry. I have to say it strikes me as a slightly bizarre choice of kit but one doesn’t assume every “upper class” traveller uses the hotel laundry unless on a business account. Why would you when any half brain might would use their legs and use the local laundrette. That’s unless you have your nanny take it for you. Granted – that is perfectly possible for some.

    So no indication as to how long this will last? might it stretch into the new year?

    I also agree about wasted plastic and thought there might be a environmental reason behind SIA’s policy though I am perhaps a little idealistic? Though, when trying to sell the SIA product, the OH can’t believe there is no amenity kit to take home. For those where it is an occasional luxury, they make a nice keepsake and I’m using my ace Virgin UC wash bag all the time.

  19. I flew Singapore Airlines Business class from Singapore to New York and there were none of these kits unfortunately.

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