Singapore Airlines Adds Third Champagne To First Class Rotation

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Gosh this is so long overdue. Singapore Airlines invests in so many aspects of their premium experience, but when you’re flying first class with them, it’s hard not to get offended when they ask which first class champagne you want — Dom Perignon or Krug?

Krug in Singapore Airlines first class

Really, that’s all you can offer me? Well, the airline has been listening to customer feedback, because they’ll now introduce a third champagne in first class. (Yes, I’m of course kidding about all of the above).

Singapore Airlines Adds Taittinger To First Class Lineup

Singapore Airlines will be introducing Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs 2007 in first class as of October 27, 2019. This champagne is highly regarded, and for what it’s worth, retails for a minimum of ~$130 per bottle.

Singapore Airlines’ new Taittinger champagne

This new champagne will be served alongside Dom Perignon and Krug on routes to Auckland, Beijing, Delhi, Dubai, Melbourne, Mumbai, Seoul, Shanghai, Sydney, and Tokyo Haneda. It will be available through February 2020, at which point it will be rotated onto other routes.

Wine expert Jeannie Cho Lee, also a member of Singapore Airlines’ Wine Panel, said the following about the champagne:

“Taittinger Comtes de Champagne is a refined, elegant vintage champagne with an impressive minerally finish. Featuring this champagne is part of Singapore Airlines’ commitment to working closely with the best wineries in key regions around the world, such as Taittinger, to offer an increased variety of wines directly from the source.”

Each year more than 350,000 bottles of champagne are served on Singapore Airlines flights.

Other Singapore Airlines First Class Service Improvements

Singapore Airlines has also announced a couple of other improvements to their first class, though the details are vague:

  • From mid-November 2019, first class passengers can look forward to a special edition unisex amenity kit with a new series of crystal fishes from Lalique
  • From 2020, first class customers can look forward to an enhanced caviar service that will be expanded to more flights

Singapore Airlines’ previous Lalique amenity kit

Singapore Airlines’ previous Lalique amenity kit

Bottom Line

Singapore Airlines will be introducing a third champagne on select routes in first class in a few days. It’s a bit surprising to see an airline offer three different champagnes in first class, especially when you already have two exceptional options.

My guess is that Taittinger gave them a very special deal for promotional purposes. Having done the side-by-side taste test on Singapore Airlines, I’m looking forward to a side-by-side-by-side taste test on my next flight. 😉

(Tip of the hat to SINJim)

  1. “Yes, of course, I’m kidding…”?
    Has it come to this? A great tongue-in-cheek beginning really has to be ruined this way?

    To quote the most obvious symptom of this dumbing-down of everything everywhere:

  2. Does anyone know whether you can buy the Lalique aftershave that they have onboard in first class anywhere?

  3. It may also be due to limited supplies of Krug. The Grand Cuvee in recent years has only been produced in very small numbers, hence the usage of the 2004 Vintage (although sold as an ‘upgrade’). In fact on the way to and from PVG last month they had half bottles of the Grand Cuvee loaded rather than the 2004. This may give them some options to load fewer bottles on these routes.

  4. Retail price is no indication of quality so stop using it as a measure of how good it is or isn’t.

    in anycase they won’t be paying retail.

  5. How about less champagne and offering something other than Heineken as a beer when one is flying in the front?

  6. SQ used to be a market leader in amenity kits: back ‘in the day’ ( 80s through early 90s) they offered good quality kits ( most of them are rubbish now), that included a decent size bottle of EDT ( not the minuscule QR thing) by good designers such as Nina Ricci. Around the same time LeM provided 30ml bottles of Hermes EDT in suites. It was possible to get quite a collection after a few flights/stays.
    I doubt that Lucky would want to be associated with the clueless champagne/caviar set, eating and drinking as they do with enjoyment determined by a price tag. Decant some cheap plonk into an expensive bottle and they’d be none the wiser. But the French continue to pull off a massive con job ; so long as people continue to fall for it, no doubt they’ll milk it for all it’s worth.

  7. While Salon would be my preferred choice Salon undoubtedly does not make enough. The 2008 production is only 8000 (mag) bottles. So how about Pierre Moncuit or Delamotte?

  8. Actually, someone emailed SQ and it seems that they will only ever have two types of champagne onboard at any time. The first rotation till February will be Dom and Tattinger and then from February onwards will be Krug and Tattinger. Seems like no side-by-side-by-side tastings for anybody 🙁

  9. So, people paying $20k for a ticket will no longer be limited to only two champagnes, with the new choice being extolled by a Singapore employee no less, but no mention that flyers are still limited to only French champagnes. It’s like SQ dictated this.

    Among the list of silly problems of the 1%, this is silly problem of the 0.0001%. Ben, your attempt to use a little tongue-in-cheek levity to try and deflect readers from taking this is a serious post was classic Psych 101, but fell flat.

  10. I sympathize with @denb above but past experience has shown that many OMAAT readers are VERY literal-minded.

    Lamentably, humor alerts are probably necessary.

  11. @Joseph N
    If it is not French, it is not champagne! Yes, I’m a snob about it. Here’s my list in order of quality:
    California sparkling
    Cava (shudder the thought)

  12. @John “necessary” to what objective? Dumbing down has a cost. Agony for intelligent people would be an example. Which target demographic ranks higher, to justify this accommodation.

    Oh, never mind. I’ll just learn to never offend people who are grotesquely stupid. Not their fault after all.

    Or is it?

  13. I think the most important part of the service enhancement was overlooked. The fact that they are expanding the caviar service, and hopefully putting an end to the “supper” and “brunch” service shenanigans that applies to half their flights!

  14. ChrisC. Lucky did not state price was an indicator of quality, keep your negative opinions to yourself.

  15. When I’ve flown JAL F 3 years ago, I
    Just say I like the Taittinger comte de blancs better than the Salon, I could care less about price, the Salon did not satisfy me. I’d like to Taste it again on the ground. I then had the Taittinger again in MH F (Swapped from Dom) and I was still very impressed.

  16. I look out for the usual statement in these articles that price doesn’t equal quality which is only in the article in the first place to appease somebody who mentions it without fail in the comments as a way of trying to criticise Lucky. If you were to blind test champagne with experts and draw a graph of their opinion of quality with price, they would absolutely be correlated. Yes there is a huge premium built in for it being a luxury product (like everything), yes there are bargains to be had from tiny independent producers and yes it’s a natural product so there will be fluctuations but generally the price/quality relationship is valid. In general people pay a huge amount for these tickets so want to feel like they’re getting something extra special and out of the ordinary onboard. It’s therefore natural to comment on the retail price (the price an airline pays is irrelevant as the passenger can’t buy at this price). It’s also why the airlines partner up with well known perfumeries for luxury amenities but you never see equivalent comments about that

  17. I think it’s the end of days.

    Flew SQ First from JFK to Frankfurt yesterday. When I asked for Krug I was told they had none because the catering at New York failed to load any.

    Had to drink Dom instead. How terrible

  18. Would love to see an airline that served good beer – and no, KLM with their draft Heineken does not count.

  19. On a separate matter the vodka served to go with the caviar is definitely below par. At a minimum it should at least the Russian Standard Platinum or the Beluga.

  20. They have also added Comtes de Champagne to a number of regional First flights (like Jakarta, Manila, etc) that previously only offered Dom Perignon (not Krug). On a regional flight several days ago, both Dom and Comtes were offered and was told by the flight attendant that Krug is being phased out on long haul First as they run out of supply. Eventually, only Dom and Comtes will be offered across all flights in First. I understand this given the limited supply of Krug Grand Cuvee, but it shall be missed. I personally would have voted for La Grande Game or Cristal as the replacement but I shan’t complain about Comtes.

  21. Just flew Singapore first class last week
    Sin-HND had dom 2009 and Comtes. NRT-LAX had Krug grand cuvee and Dom 08 and Dom 09.

    Krug is being phased out.

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