Portland Hotel Calls Cops On Black Guest For “Loitering”

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A story is going viral of a man who had the cops called on him and was kicked out while staying at the DoubleTree Portland.

The incident occurred when Jermaine Massey was spending a night at the DoubleTree as he was in town for a concert. When he returned to the hotel he saw that his mom was calling, and since she was on the east coast and it was late at night, he was worried something was wrong. So he sat down in a quiet part of the lobby and took the call, before returning to his room.

After a few minutes he was approached by a security guard, Earl, who asked if he was staying at the hotel. He said he was, and he claimed that he flashed his key card to Earl. Earl asked what room he was in, and the guest said he didn’t know, and asked if he could just finish his call (again, he had allegedly flashed his key card).

This is the point where the video picks up, where the guard calls for police, as they suspected he was loitering. The guard also said that he thought the guy might be a threat to other peoples’ safety.

Eventually the manager, Luis, shows up. he asks what the issue is, but only does this after calling the cops. I have to say that I think Jermaine is acting really calmly given what’s going on, and then the manager says he should calm down, and says that Earl “wouldn’t ask me to call 911 without cause.” He then says “I’m trying to help you out bro.”

The crazy part is that even after it was determined that he was in fact a hotel guest, he was still asked to pack up his stuff and leave, so he booked a room at the Sheraton instead.

Here’s the video where Jermaine explains the background of what happened:


And here’s the video where he has footage of the security officer and police:


Look, here’s the thing. Obviously loitering in hotels is a serious issue, and that’s basically one of the primary jobs of hotel security. Was this guy being approached ahead of everyone else in the lobby racially charged? Probably.

But after it was established that this guy was actually staying here, the security guard and manager should have both apologized profusely to the guy for the misunderstanding.

The problem is that once people get into a situation like this they just keep digging themselves a further hole. It’s completely unacceptable how far this got, and that they ended up kicking the guy out altogether. What is wrong with them?

“Earl” sort of reminds me of an airline employee on a power trip. “Why are you acting like this?” “Because 9/11.”

I will say that of course this is just one side of the story. We do have video footage of what happened and I certainly feel like the security guard was in the wrong here. Jermaine is acting really calmly throughout the situation, and the lack of the hotel employees changing their stance after they realize he’s definitely a guest is just pathetic.

This hotel should be ashamed, and these two employees might need some extra training, to put it mildly.

  1. Retraining? They should be fired. I’m guessing you’re going to stop giving your money to Hilton in solidarity now?

  2. They’re apparently still charging him for the stay?? Corporate better put the smackdown on this hotel.

    Not surprised it’s PDX though, despite the hipster reputation there are long-running and deep-seated racial issues there. Most recently, the train stabbing.

  3. People that get into security types of jobs are often on power trips…to admit they are wrong is admitting defeat; and we can’t have that!!

  4. I think a clean sweep of management from the GM and down is required. Their GM’s commentary on the matter was pathetic as well.

  5. These men should absolutely be fired. The way they handled this situation was disgraceful. I can’t believe it.

  6. It never ends. I’m sitting in a Hilton Garden hotel lobby in Jacksonville reading this. Luckily, it’s during the day and the clerk is a brother, so it’s all good.

    It’s just ridiculous that once they figure it out they still double down. They want our money but prefer we’d keep out of sight to avoid scaring the white folks.

  7. I live in the Portland area and am darker skinned. Just like someone mentioned Portland is not as it seems if your anything but white. The saying should be “keep Portland wierd… if your white, otherwise you’ll be ostracized.”

    These employees should be fired and ridiculed cause honestly I don’t give a fck about their feelings if they’ve been treating others this unfairly for this long.

    I was reading comments in response to the news article and obviously the uppity dumb white racist folks had to make a dumb point about “well if he would have showed his ID to the cop he would have been fine he should have just answered the question” yeah well guess what you remedial racists, the whole point is a cop never should have been called for a situation that wasn’t dangerous or threatening. People’s arguement is that we should always just obey the cops and to an extent I agree but what I disagree with is being forced into a situation where I already know I lack any power when it could have been solved like adults with words. When was the last time you saw a cop get called on any white person minding their business quietly for sitting in a damn lobby, let alone anywhere? Go ahead I’ll waittttttttt……. Never. Let alone questioning wether they stay there. Cause yeahhh that’s the new thing, is dark skinned people just go hang out in lobby’s of hotels we’re not staying at. What does a person of any color or background stand to gain from that? Nothing. So it’s clear the point of intercepting the man was because like always these pussy white people are to afraid to ask some clarifying questions instead of determining anything and then calling a higher force which now has life and death implications for us if we’re misunderstood. I swear y’all racist so pussy. Always picking on the lone black guy or on women and children.

    Lucky I love you and and am wholly accepting of the gay community, so no disrespect when I say these guys and all racists can suck my dick. I hope the worst happens to them and their families 🙂

  8. This is a ‘day in the life in America’. Always has been, always will be. Hotels, bus stations, shopping malls, parks, private homes… There isn’t one corner in the USA where racism doesn’t reach.

  9. I typically don’t find it particularly wise or useful to render and publish judgment based on the case presented by only one side. There may be more to the story we don’t know.

  10. Checked FT and found this hotel is the same hotel that had someone found dead in a stairway on Christmas day in 2014, leading to a lawsuit against hotel and Hilton. I would not want to stay there if I ever visit Portland again….. Not sure if that incident made the hotel security become overly aggressive though…

  11. This doesn’t make me want to rush back to America nor stay in a Hilton (ex-Diamond). This gentleman was a guest for God’s sake. Appalling. Fire the security guard and the manager.

  12. The racist SOB is just following the example of the most respected man in the US: Trump. When you’re wrong, double down.

  13. This is very similar to the Starbucks situation where the cops were called on the two black gentlemen that were “loitering”. Fire these 2 guys.

  14. And if I’m sitting in a hotel lobby and taking a phone call and am asked what room number I’m staying in, I would have absolutely ignorned that security officer. One, because I never know my room number off the top of my head. And two, because the security officer would have never asked a white man that question. Ever. Absolutely racial profiling and embarrassing that a black man was kicked out of a hotel that he PAID FOR. Thanks Lucky for bringing this to light, most other travel websites have not.

  15. Phoning your mother, while Black.

    Hey @William, take that “pussy white people” back. Everyone in this thread, obviously including Lucky, was on your side (one exception? two?) until you spouted racist label on all whites. Racism is the problem, remember?

  16. Not surprising to see this happen. Americans are great at pointing the flaws/abuses in other countries but are in total denial about how shitty their country is.

  17. Obviously, my personal experience is not an indication of culture at large, but as Asian, I never got asked if I’m a guest, even on my younger days when I would return to hotel around 2-4AM. Now, my fiancee, a typical Polish (white/blond/etc..) gets asked if she is a guest from time to time. Specifically if she is by herself, like waiting for me at the lobby. Not sure what type of criteria they use before asking if someone is a guest of the hotel. Honestly, I would not be offended if they ask if I’m guest of the hotel, but that’s me. But calling the police before confirming on their system, and then kicking guest out after confirming to be a guest is just pathetic.

  18. Guisun- they think your girlfriend could be a prostitute.

    The problem with Portland is that it seems as if the whole town is “loitering”, college age panhandlers in every doorway and on every corner.

  19. Guisun, let’s keep it real. In America and many other parts of the world, people generally stereotype Asians, especially East Asians, as being docile and non-threatening. I am not at all surprised you’ve never had an issue like this. I am also not surprised your blonde Polish fianceé has been questioned as to whether she is a guest, especially if she is pretty. There are stereotypes about Eastern European women being prostitutes. This sort of thing is why stereotyping can be so dangerous.

    Colleen, if your first instinct after reading this story is to say that there must be more to it, then you are a lost cause and an example of what is wrong with America. Run and tell that.

  20. Guisun…..if you’re Asian what do you think these ignorant security guards could possibly be worried about, you breaking into a room and finishing some kid’s math homework?

    As for your wife…….they think she’s a hooker

  21. Kudos to the Doubletree for exercising an abundance of caution in this situation. Potential safety issues for guests are of paramount importance. It’s pretty obvious that only one side of the story is being told here.

  22. @ Debit — This is completely expected in Portland. Racism spans political parties, and Oregon has a very long history of black exclusion.

  23. I think in addition to just commenting here, we should all collectively “review” the Doubletree Portland on tripadvisor and provide a link to the video and call out their behavior in the review. Does anyone know which specific Doubletree this was ?
    I’m guessing its the one on Multnomah ?

  24. @arshi007,
    This hotel has been trashed on yelp despite many people violating the review T&C by posting reviews not having staying there themselves. (I know because I had a review removed by yelp based on my wife’s unpleasant experience.). We are not supposed to post reviews (good or bad) without having personal experiences. You can find this hotel via google with the following keywords “portland doubletree murder”…. It’s the same one in the news today…

    @Liu X
    I suspect what happened was a security guard being suspicious of a black guy pulling several chairs in the lobby and asked him to identify himself. But the guy was on the phone and got angry being questioned while on the phone with his mom so he probably didn’t reply very nicely initially (was not recorded) . Due to the escalated encounter the hotel called police.
    I’d say the hotel is at fault and not being professional. Even if the customer gets agitated or angry they should not kick out paid guest unless he’s showing violent or disruptive behavior.
    As far as I can tell the guy seems to be quite calm at least in the video.

  25. While our city is liberal, it’s also considered to be one of the whitest cities in America. The city has a history of redlining and suppressing minorities. Yet, I find that the locals here are often in denial about out racist past. In my opinion, the “progressive” and “liberal” facades distract from the lack of diversity and the inequality that is present in our city. After all, Portland is over 71% white. Racism is an issue that is not recognized enough here in Portland. While this might seem counterintuitive in such a liberal city, a lot of people are simply not aware of out racist history and the injustice that is still present in our city. Honestly, I’m not surprised this type of thing happened in Portland. Just terrible.

  26. “We do have video footage of what happened and I certainly feel like the security guard was in the wrong here.”

    No, we have video footage of SOME of what happened, the point where the rent-a-cop was calling for the real cops. There isn’t, so far, any corroboration of what exactly happened and what was said prior to that point.

    I love how there is a rush to judgment from both sides, with only one person’s side of the story. I have no idea who to believe as there isn’t enough corroboration either way. There absolutely is racism and racial profiling going on out there in the US and the world. But there also are misunderstandings, people who exacerbate a situation, people who antagonize and escalate a situation, etc. Jermaine may be telling the story 100% accurate…or 0% accurate…or somewhere in between – we simply have no independent verification of the incident before the point at which Jermaine began recording.

    As the old saying goes, there are 3 sides to every story: yours, mine, and the truth.

    But I get that it makes for good click-bait, regardless.

  27. If Hilton corporate is smart they will quickly take action to show that they consider this sort of behavior by employees unacceptable. Firing the security guard and manager, fully refunding Mr. Massey’s stay and reimbursing whatever the other hotel he had to book at the last minute cost as well as any transportation expenses he incurred getting there plus a large number of points and personal apologies from the GM of the hotel and from Hilton corporate seems like a reasonable resolution to me.

  28. I can read this crap in every other type of news media. I hope this is not a trend where there will be more of these types of articles here, because since I am inundated with these stories every single day in other news media I don’t really have a desire to read about it when I come to a travel blog to read up on what is supposed to be an enjoyable hobby.

  29. I wait judgement until investigation. This case is different from the Starbucks one. At Starbucks, the 2 dudes were not paying customers. So Starbucks had every right to remove them. If Hilton really kicked out a paying customer, that’s a different story.

  30. @Bill, aww, poor baby. I’m so sorry stories of racism make you so uncomfortable. I hope you can find yourself a safe space where all these icky stories aren’t reported. Might I suggest, Fox News?

    I for one applaud these kinds of posts. People need to constantly be reminded that racism still exists in this country, because so many just want to cover their eyes and pretend that it doesn’t exist.

  31. @Voldoo: “Guisun…..if you’re Asian what do you think these ignorant security guards could possibly be worried about, you breaking into a room and finishing some kid’s math homework?”

    Because there’s nothing like doubling down on the racism in a post about racism, is there?

  32. @Paul I don’t watch Fox News. Exactly the reason I don’t like these types of articles because even if someone just voices a desire not to have this type of content on a website devoted to travel they get accused of being watchers of Fox News, being uncomfortable with racism etc. Its toxic content and it tends out to bring out the worst in people. Plenty of other places to read these stories don’t see why its soo upsetting to you that I raise a concern with it being on a travel website that I come to in order to have a break from the 24 hour news cycle.

  33. @Bill You don’t think Jermaine was trying to have an enjoyable travel experience also? Maybe he stayed at the hotel on points he earned while reading travel blogs.

  34. @Bill, this is a story about a racist hotel. It belongs on a travel website just as much as any other story. You just don’t want to see it and for some weird reason, you think that nobody else reading this website should see it either. That’s the part that makes everyone suspect you’re a racist who watches right wing media. You have given everyone that impression.

  35. Panda and others – do you really not understand that 1) Doubletrees are Hilton products and 2) The owner of the hotel is not Hilton and 3) the third party manager is likely not the owner nor Hilton. Sigh.

    The truth is, we have no idea exactly what occurred. We have one story, which is possible, and we have are missing the other side of the story and the earlier video/audio. Given what we know, it’s likely this guy is a racist. But why are so many of you so quick to judge all of one city and white people for this one guy? You know there are 200 million white people in the US? If 1% of them are racist, that is 2 million people – a lot. But that also means 198 million wouldn’t be. Stop painting in such broad stereotypes – its just what appears this security guy did.

  36. I’ve stayed at that hotel several times, and always have had an enjoyable stay. But I’m a White Female.

    I will say, not excusing the behavior at all, but perhaps an ‘explanation’…. Across the street from this hotel is a park. In that park is all sorts of trouble and bad behavior, loitering, drug activity, who knows what all, etc. I’m almost afraid to catch the train at that corner because of the activities in that park. Perhaps the hotel security and manager were thinking this gentleman was a part of that mix. Obviously he is not, but perhaps they were being cautious. A piss-poor way to treat this fellow either way.

  37. ‘Earl’ and the manager are a pair of dicks and should be fired.
    Secondly, as a long-standing visitor to the US over the years, Portland is one of my very favourite cities to visit. Residents may not see it, but the ‘Portlandia’ series does typify the city, in a very exaggerated fashion. Not a bad thing.

  38. Both should be fired, and a massive lawsuit is coming which he will win. I would sue not only the company, but I would drag both employees through the court as well.

    The USA is a very racist country and these types of people get away with this every day!!

    …on the heels of the white wrestling coach making the black wrestler cut his dreads before a meet. He had some woman cut them off right next to the mat. Disgraceful beyond words.

    I’m sure black people will steer clear of this hotel, and I wouldn’t be surprised if white people do the same (except for the racist – this is the new hotspot in town for their kind).

    We must take a stand against companies that continue to allow racist people to target others, employees who feel they can discriminate against women, gays etc. Frankly their time is up, and humanity is no longer going to stand for this and it will cost you your business and MORE!!.

    What a world, but thats what you get from a fake 200 year old society. Sad.

  39. If you think cops don’t hassle white people then you obviously don’t know the story of John Rambo. This true story was made into a documentary. While initially intended as just one, the harassment continued and the documentation spanned three separate histories of this harassment. These can be seen today on Netflix plus a few other mediums. John just wants to be left alone, but it never ends.

    John Rambo shows us its not about white or black or any other race, its about those in power refusing to leave law abiding citizens be in peace.

  40. @denb – if you don’t understand when I say “pussy white people” in the context of being racist then you miss my point. All people who prey on other people minding their own business are pussy. Unfortunately it’s only one color of people who tend to do that. Which proves my point about Debit.

    @Debit – So your suggestion is to waste my time on people minding their own business? Sounds like exactly what every white person in these videos has been doing to dark skinned people? Funny how your suggestion is to do the same thing these clearly racist white people have been doing. No need to go back and fourth, your answer shows what type of person you are.

    Let me remind you your calling me a whiney boy while you’ve sat behind your screen for years on this blog making dumb comments while being to scared to type your real name or where your from. Who’s really acting like a bitch? lol

  41. William, this is depressing. Your term is racist, I’m white. When I told you directly you should take it back, you doubled down.

    Are you actually part of the solution, William? You know NOTHING about me, except that I’m white, I’m male and I criticized you.

    I wonder if you have persuaded anyone of anything. Then again, I wonder if anyone ever does, in any “comments” thread. Sad.

    My partner is brown. I’m a vocal anti racist advocate. I don’t give racists a pass. Am I part of some problen, as you see it, William? Your phrase is racist. You should man up and own that. We all make mistakes. Only the honest own them.

  42. You have reserved and paid for a hotel room . That means you have a safe place to stay doesn’t it ? Seems like something you should be able to count on . Having to find and get moved to different lodging in the middle of the night sounds horrible .
    Maybe there is more to the story but, it doesn’t seem like it .
    Initially Earl needs a couple of weeks time off but , more appropriately should have his security guard license revoked

  43. We don’t know that they actually charged him for the room, but obviously terrible behavior from people working in “hospitality”.

    I was in a Portland a couple of years ago for an event. Beautiful nature, but the place is VERY white. Coming from the DC area which is amazingly diverse it was somewhat startling and definitely noteworthy. I was working with a local African American guy and during some down time got to chatting about Portland. He had moved there from the east coast (NC, I think) and I mentioned how “white” Portland seemed to be. His eyes got wide and he nodded his head. He said living there was a very different experience for him and like nothing he had ever dealt with before.

  44. Fun facts about Oregon:

    Before it became a state, a law was passed that banned black people from Oregon territory.

    The original state constitution specifically banned black people from the state.

    Oregon did not ratify the 15th Amendment (giving blacks the right to vote) until 1959, and while they did initially ratify the 14th Amendment (birthright citizenship including for former slaves) they actually rescinded that! It was not re-ratified until 1973.

    In the 1920s, Oregon had the largest KKK group west of the Mississippi, and in the 80s was home to the skinhead movement.

  45. Portlander here. First I will say that there is absolutely no excuse for how this gentleman was treated. Once he showed he was a guest, the staff should have apologized and made right. The staff all the way up to management needs some serious training. Where this hotel is located, it’s not exactly like it’s in white-landia. There are people of all backgrounds in that area.

    That being said, we have a crazy bad homeless problem here in Portland. The homeless do hang out in businesses, harass customers and are trashing Portland. Businesses are starting to leave the downtown area and moving to the suburbs or just closing. A lot of the homeless don’t necessarily look homeless either. My point in mentioning this is that businesses are being less tolerant because of this, and not to just people of color. I’m not saying this was the reason, but who knows.

    Again, the way this man was treated is straight BS. Hopefully the other hotel treated him right.

  46. @Portlander
    You’re right, west of the river in downtown is whitelandia, especially the Pearl. But is a black person more likely homeless than a white person? Are black people not allowed to wear hoodies, when white people are?

    Actually maybe Portland is worse than other areas, because many people in Portland pretend there isn’t a racism issue. It is much worse in Portland than California.

  47. @denb I read your comment and slept on it and would indeed like to apologize. Hateful language and generalizations do nothing to solve the problem or create useful dialogue. I apologize to you and anyone else I offended.

    I suppose reading these type of stories get frustrating because people always say things like “prove it doesn’t happen to white people or prove it’s happening the same amount” and it gets frustrating because how do you prove something is “not” happening let alone trying to get someone not your skin color to believe that it is, especially when they live in a world that’s entirely white and dont understand that acts as a coupon in ways. I’m adopted by white parents, wealthier older white parents, and I’m confident that had I not been adopted they wouldn’t have had some of the conversations we’ve been able to and they wouldn’t understand the plight of colored people. And that’s kind of my point. You might have a wife of color and be in favor, but more often that not I see WELL INTENTIONED people who think their not racist doing something exactly that and it’s because they’ve never been made aware. Can you admit your likely only more aware because of your wife? You only desired or were forced to become more aware by unintentionally finding out about how she’s treated because you have a direct relationship that affects you. That’s how it always is. My dad used to think that black people just needed to try harder and that no matter the circumstance they could overcome it, it took time and hours of dialogue for him to still only PARTLY understand that their are numerous socioeconomic factors that affect a child’s outcome even if that child wants everything in the world to be better and is actively looking for resources to change ones life.

    I say all this to say, I was wrong to say what I said previously but there is something to say for people like this mentioned in the article who are indeed white and unwilling to ask questions, to engage, to learn, but guess what, that’s what white privilege is, they didn’t have to ask to be believed by the cops. In fact they gained little information because they felt the man(s skin color) was a threat so they called police. Maybe you can understand why I at least call people pussy or cowardly who do this because they always wanna tell us to not be afraid of cops and to listen to cops and it will go okay, but the whole point people miss is we wouldn’t be dealing with cops if pussy/cowardly people of any background ask questions instead of letting fear control their emotion.

    White people who call the cops on black people doing nothing continue to show how little they know about how those situations go for us and conversely the white people that do know how it goes for us are doing it on purpose because their racist.

    So one is a lack of understanding because they fail to ask questions (fear) and the other is purposeful racism because they don’t want to (hatred). Neither are helpful but both make up the majority of white people. I don’t say that to make you feel vilified I’m telling you that’s been my experience with white people through out my ENTIRE life with people I both love and care about like my parents and with strangers I strike up a conversation with.

    If you are white (this goes for everyone) and your saying you somehow don’t fall into either prior category then I love and commend you. What you don’t realize is you are more powerful than any black voice because we are not to be believed until someone of your color stands up to other white people and has these conversations so that they may better handle a situation in their own future instead of calling the cops and continuing the cycle.

  48. Good lord William. You need to work on your locus of control beliefs by a factor of 100.

    White voices are more powerful than black voices? Hmm. Let’s review:

    -The only single demographic that is allowed to be attacked in the political sphere, media sphere and in corporate america are (straight) white males.
    -The only single demographic that can be fired for cause without worry of losing a lawsuit or bad publicity are white males.
    -The only demographic that is placed behind in corporate hiring practices are white males (and Asian males in tech)
    -The only demographic that doesn’t get preference treatment into college are white males (and Asian males at the likes of Harvard)
    -The only demographic that doesn’t have scholarships for its demographic are white males and the ones that are not race or gender specific are significantly harder for a white male to win
    -The only demographic that is demagogue’d in the public are white males.

    What do I get for being a SWM? Slightly less likely to get pulled over by a cop than a black person. I’ll be happy to trade that for what I listed above. More likely to be born to a wealthy family – not compared to some races and certainly not true for me as I grew up dirt poor.

    I could go on and on. Racism is barely a thing in the US anymore and has been that way for a long time. Yes, it exists, but its hardly stifling unless you want it to be and let it (again, locus of control). Most African immigrants make more than whites in the US. Chinese and Japanese Asians make more than whites in the US (by a lot). Indians make more than than whites in the US (by a lot). Hispanic and black income have been growing significantly faster than whites. My CEO came here poor from Cuba as a kid and now makes $5m a year and absolutely loves everything about the USA. The only reason you can’t do well in the US is your own self. There are advantages and disadvantages to all races in the US.

    Personally, I’d rather be a minority than white. I’d be in the C suite already instead of just at VP and I’d have had my undergrad and MBA covered entirely by scholarships with my grades/SAT/GMAT scores instead of having to pay all of it myself with no help from family.

    There are over 300 million people in the US. If 1% of them are idiots, that’s 3 million people – a lot. But that means there are over 300m who aren’t. Your locus of control is much, much larger than you will admit.

  49. @rob – you literally misunderstood my comment entirely, but saying racism is over is enough for me to know you’ll never understand what I’m saying due to your ignorance.

    What I meant is there is clearly white privilege in America and it’s only when white brothers can speak on that fact that we will believed since we’ve been saying there’s racism for decades to no avail.

    You don’t think so, so why argue with an idiot. Although I will say your white boys love copying our culture and your daughters sure love fucking us so maybe your right? lol

  50. No, I understood your post just fine. You just dislike white people, no different than this security guard may dislike black people.

    I just listed a bunch of real, hard hitting minority privileges in the US without even spending more than 2 minutes thinking about it. Those are life altering privileges I never can or will receive. Please list all of my white privileges for me. I’ll wait.

  51. @rob I dislike white peope but I’m adopted by upper middle class white people?

    All your examples of “minority privilege” or problems that white men deal with have nothing to do with the potential of death or harm do they? Yet you wanna compare it to black people constantly being harassed mistreated and shot at and tell me that we’re treated equally. That your pain is just as great. Now you may be so soft as to be hurt to the same degree but to think white men have dealt with anywhere near what colored people from all around the world have dealt with is fucking hilarious. Hey name me a time it wouldn’t be SAFE for a white man in history? Oh that’s right never.

    And I’m not gonna sit here and prove white privilege to you as someone dark skinned cause you won’t believe me, thus proving my first point with your own comment. Congratulations you look remedial and you played yourself.

  52. @Rob: “Racism is barely a thing in the US anymore and has been that way for a long time.”

    If you hadn’t already said that you were white, that comment alone would have made it obvious.

  53. Yeah, just ignore those real, life altering minority privileges because they don’t help your point. /rollseyes

    Cops kill 2x as many white people each year as black people (although proportionally, its higher for blacks, however, blacks are also more likely to commit violent crimes – ~40-50% in the US so its actually lower than their proportional crime instance).

    However, other minority races/groups (Jews, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Middle Easterners, Native Americans, etc) are *far* less likely to be killed than either blacks or whites by police, So, if *most* minorities are killed less than whites by cops, how is that a white privilege thing?

    Statistically speaking, you are *extremely* unlikely to be attacked by a cop no matter your race if you don’t pull a weapon on them. The Washington Post counted 18 incidents each of the last 2 years for un-armed blacks to be killed by cops and about 250 in total. That is 4.7E-7 % chance of happening if unarmed and only marginally worse even if armed. Compare that to the 3,500 workplace deaths white males had last year.

  54. @James

    Thanks for commenting. My observation is there are probably far more white homeless people than black. Strolling downtown west of the river, the SE, NE and NoPo it’s what I see anyways. And of course anyone should be able to wear a black hoodie.

    Can’t comment on Cali but no denying the racist PacNW is still present. The uneducated tend to
    be racist and there are plenty here. That of course is a generalization and not to say there aren’t educated racists too. But just saying… Racism of any sort is awful and I can’t believe it still exists to today’s society.

  55. @rob “cops kill 2x as many white people” yet America is only made up of 16% black people. Obviously their gonna kill more white people. Holy shit your dumb. Lol.

    Yeah guess what black people make up at least 40% of the prison population so that must mean 40% are bad right? Or maybe through out history although we only make up less a fifth of the population we get unfairly treated by white people.

    You should learn more about proportionally, scale, and magnitude but you won’t since your white ignorance has gotten you this far. I wouldn’t either if it was working for me.

    And clearly you don’t understand institutional racism which is why we have the statistics your trying to throw out. But again why would you have to right. Just keep spouting how the white man is so persecuted and well keep laughing about how you have it so hard not getting stopped and harassed.

    Even white people on here know you racist. No need to hide it. Go head and throw out a “white power” while your at it.

  56. Sigh, again, re-read what I said yes blacks are killed more proportionally than whites, but:
    1) Those other races I mentioned (Jews, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Middle Easterners, Native Americans, etc)) are much lower than whites per capita. So how is it a white thing if most other minorities have far less instances than whites? Maybe its an pan-Asian privilege thing?
    2) According to the FBI uniform crime statistics, blacks are significantly more likely to commit violent crime (~50% of violent crime), and thus have a police encounter. Once you compare death by cops vs # of violent crimes committed, whites are more than 2x as likely to be killed by a cop than a black per incident of crime.
    3) Most importantly, as I mentioned, death by cop is extremely rare for all races. And yes, there are bad cops out there that need to be put in jail. I am not a fan of cops in general and haven’t been since my brother got 20 years in prison at 18 years old while his female accomplice got 60 days for the same crimes when I was a kid.

    LOL I am not racist. I just disagree with you.

    PS prejudice and racism are not the same thing. All racists are prejudiced but most people in the US are not racist at all, but do have some prejudices, which is built into our DNA after a hundred thousand years of tribal life. Racism, the belief that a race is superior, is the most overused word in the modern world. Prejudice – ones bias – is actually the correct word to use 95%+ of the time. I have extreme prejudice, for example, for Mexican food. I could seriously eat it every meal and be happy. However, I don’t believe its inherently superior to say Asian or Italian or European or Jamaican food (<3 me some Scotchies) and understand others have their own preferences which can and will vary.

  57. @rob none of the other races you mentioned were forced into slavery for hundreds of years were they? So maybe it stands to reason the affects of hundreds of years of real institutionalized RACISM are now still affecting our ability to progress in a different way people of other backgrounds have. The structures and institutions that have been built in America were meant to be profitable only to white people, they didnt bring us as slaves and tell us we’re gonna get shit did they. When soldiers came back from war in ww2 most soldiers got VA loans and got their first homes. Guess who didn’t. Black people. They weren’t allowed. And from this time on, let alone before that, white people have been passing on and building more wealth and assets than their black counter parts who were side by side with them in war. This is just one example of disproportionate racism that overall affected all black people as opposed your examples of some white people. And how although it might not be as clear in this exact time period it’s the reason why INSTITUTIONAL RACISM is still around.

    By the way white men are only persecuted on tv when their obviously guilty. Again, exception and rule. You’ll probably bring up Brett kavanaugh. But how bout we look the majority of every other white male persecuted, they abused their power in some way and are rightly being persecuted. The only person who doesn’t give multiple women claiming sexual assault the benifit of the doubt are usually sexual abusers themselves. Hmmm. So go on and defend these white men in the media. Most of them end up guilty for a reason.

  58. Again, you feel like you have no locus of control.

    So you effectively saying its not a white privilege thing (since the other races are better than whites) it’s just an anti-black thing? Don’t buy that, but at least that’s more credible.

    Answer me this. Why did black society do well in America from 1865 until 1960, with a tight family unit, strong ownership of businesses and faster growing incomes than whites did? Why has since 1960 blacks under performed every other minority in the US?

    Surely you’ll admit there is less racism in the US today than in 1865-1950s and more generations removed from slavery? So why underperforming now vs outperforming before then? In 1960, blacks were way further up the totem poll in the US than Asians and Hispanics and even the Irish in some areas not much before that.

    What’s happened since then is the destruction of the black nuclear family, going from 80%+ in wedlock births and now 80% out of wedlock births. Children in black families born in wedlock have nearly identical success as whites. It’s the out of wedlock that is causing most of the issues. “whitey” can’t fix that, only the internal black culture.

    This whole argument, btw, is not even new or novel and goes all the way back to the Booker T Washington vs Frederick Douglas debate.

    B.T.Washington, 1911 – “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

    I wasn’t talking about “persecution” with white men on TV for crimes. I’m talking about typical commentary about them. Negative in 90% of media, the butt of nearly ever TV commercial, the white husband in every sitcom is portrayed as a bumbling idiot, etc. Reverse these for any other race and the outcry of “Racism!” would have companies, shows, etc shutting down faster than you blink your eyes. But because its a SWM? Free game.

  59. I lived in Portland for 20 years and I’m white. In spite of some very progressive things about the City, @Tiffany and others dead on correct. It’s the whitest major city in the country and Oregon has an awful history of racism including banning black people from the Oregon Territory, segregation (check out the VanPort flood and who lived there) and harassment of Asians. Ever wonder why Delta dropped its Portland hub in the 90’s. It wasn’t profitable because CBP had developed a well earned reputation of harrassing Asian passengers and they stopped using those flights. Racism is alive and well in Portland, sadly.

    Add to Portland’s racist past and present the fact that that Doubletree is a badly managed POS in a neighborhood where there are, in fact, dodgy things happening and you have a recipe for stupid racist sh*t to happen.

    Portland is a great city but it has it’s problems. That Doubletree is just a problem.

  60. Good grief, is there anything more tiresome than a white American male claiming that they are the real victim? That somehow they have to overcome such awful discrimination to succeed? I suppose that’s why they tend to be such Proud Boys: they really think they made it with the deck stacked against them.
    It’s pathetic.

  61. Is Doubletree in Portland not Black Friendly?
    Does Doubletree in Portland checks the Black customers and visitors more than others?
    Good,I am going there soon! LOL!

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