Rimowa & Moncler Debut $3,200 Reflective Carry-On

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Rimowa has quite a loyal following for its high quality hard shell luggage. Rimowa luggage is quite expensive under normal circumstances, but that pales in comparison to a new product that has just been introduced as part of a collaboration.

Rimowa’s Moncler “Reflection Cabin”

Rimowa has released a new carry-on designed in collaboration with Italian fashion brand Moncler, called “Reflection Cabin,” and it retails for a jaw-dropping $3,200.

The new carry-on was initially unveiled at Milan Fashion Week, and has just recently hit the market. As the bag is described:

The collaboration combines each brand’s engineering expertise and repertoire of technically advanced material for a truly statement-making piece of luggage. Exclusively available in Cabin size, the ultra-polished aluminum suitcase combines a bespoke mirrored aluminum shell accented with matte black handles, matte black riveted corners, and lined with Moncler’s signature padded nylon fabric. The limited edition also includes a set of exclusive silver packing cubes made of Moncler’s padded fabric, a dark grey luggage tag and luggage belt designed by Moncler.

Here’s a video about the bag:

The luggage weighs 10 pounds, and measures 22″ x 16″ x 9″, so it’s allowable as cabin baggage in many parts of the world.

Ordinarily Rimowa bags of a similar size start at $490 for the most basic “Essential Lite” product, though the most popular type retails for $1,000.

Now we’re seeing a bag that’s more than three times the price, thanks to the Moncler branding, and the fact that the bag is reflective (you know, because bags doubling as mirrors is super useful). 😉

The Rimowa Dior bag is even more expensive

The new Rimowa Moncler bag isn’t even the most expensive carry-on that Rimowa is selling at the moment. Rimowa has done quite a few fashion collaborations over time, and the Rimowa Dior bag is even more expensive. It retails for $3,720.

But don’t worry, if you’re on a budget but really want something from the Rimowa and Dior collaboration, there are other options. For example, you can buy a Rimowa and Dior clutch for a mere $2,440. This sure looks like those Rimowa amenity kits that used to be handed out on planes, except with a strap, no?

Bottom line

If you’re a huge Rimowa and Moncler fan, have always wanted a bag that doubles as a mirror, and have $3,200 to drop, then this is for you.

Personally I’ve never understood designer luggage beyond maybe a standard Rimowa (though personally I’m not a Rimowa fan since I don’t like spinner bags or hard shell luggage — I’m a Briggs & Riley guy, though admittedly that’s not nearly as stylish).

Obviously I’m not the target market for this, and maybe this is a tangent, but all the time I see people checking bags that cost thousands of dollars and it just confuses the heck out of me.

Even if you have all the money in the world, and even if you don’t care about how quickly the bag will be damaged, do you really want to so openly put a target on your luggage for potential theft?

I don’t check bags often, but for those situations where I do, I specifically have some very cheap luggage bought from TJ Maxx.

So, who is getting the Rimowa Moncler carry-on? 😉

  1. “do you really want to so openly put a target on your luggage for potential theft?”

    You’re too poor to understand why this is a good purchase

  2. While sitting in the lounge, sipping on my Krug, I’ve always looked at my carry on and thought “god, I wish that were a mirror”.

    Props to Rimowa for listening to the people.

  3. So I do check luggage as am usually travelling for several weeks at a time for work. I have both a Tumi and a Rimowa. I buy them based on practical decisions – ie a want a double handle so my laptop backpack can sit on the suitcase – do the wheels easily move so I can drag it across easy surfaces etc. Most important is how much does it weigh, but will it protect my items (I have some medical stuff that needs to be checked). No way I would buy this though. I’d rather spend the money on a handbag (I think in the USA you call it a purse). As someone pointed out above, I do not make enough money to afford this!

  4. That thing is bougie as all hell.

    @pixielott46 – why would this be a good purchase compared to a regular Rimowa bag for one-third of the price? Or a comparably-made bag for even less? It’s very shiny, and it has a brand name on it…but so what?

  5. Lucky – I am surprised you haven’t mentioned the Amex offer that is widely available that gives you 10,000 miles or points (I believe it is only available on Delta, Hilton or Marriott cards, no Membership Rewards cards) for a $600 purchase at Rimowa. I intend to take advantage of it to replace a old bag I have been meaning to replace – luckily it costs just over $600, not this monstrosity…

  6. Can’t imagine the number of scratches that will be all over this “mirror” after the first use.

  7. Big Moncler fan but this is stupid. My outerwear may be Moncler but my checked bag is Ricardo BH on discount from Kohls.

  8. Moncler is for douchebags and clamshell luggage is horribly inconvenient. Rimowa under LVMH is doing away with any pretense of practicality and becoming a purveyor of pure Veblen goods.

  9. I’ll just stick with my Tumi Alpha, 2 wheeled of course. Over 500,000 miles and counting without a hiccup.. It’s a great product.

  10. They should have named the product, AUDACITY.

    For $3200 I’d rather have a nice vacation with my wife. I have a 21″ Tumi International carry on that has been serving me for the last 6 years and more than 300k miles home and abroad; cost me only $250.

  11. Ten pounds is heavy for such a “technically advanced material.” And what’s worse, it’s not even an attractive bag, looks like something you’d find at Walmart.

  12. Imagine the histrionics if one was stopped on the jetbridge on boarding and said bag was to go to the hold due to full cabin bins etc etc!
    There is always some glitzy new product to separate the vain from their money. Sad really.

  13. Am I missing something here? Both for this and regular Rimowa cases…even EK in F (passengers of which I would consider well within the target market) limit you to 2x7kg, so would anyone be able to get any practical use out of this?

    Or is the point just wheeling an empty one around the terminal?

  14. lol Rimowa trying way too hard to replicate the success with the first Supreme collab. Second one cut it but pretty much after that hasn’t been that good (and those Dior x Rimowa bags have been around for almost a full year… no collaboration of this sort sells directly for that long unless there is excess stock

  15. -> bought a posh carryon
    -> thought gonna carry it all the time so it wont be messed by checkin process
    -> flew E14X/CRJ/Q400/B1900 etc
    -> FKED UP

  16. BTW, nothing is more stylish than the OW Emerald/GS/Delta 360 dogtag on your backpack in a non-private airport.

  17. Since you don’t understand the hype of designer luggage, lemme try to explain it to you Lucky:

    You can get a $1 dollar burger from a fast food chain, or you can go to Umami and get a $30 burger. Both are burgers, both will take care of your hunger, but one has better quality made with better ingredients and will probably make you feel happy and satisfied as you are treating yourself to a nice meal.

    Same thing goes for designer luggage. It’s just luggage, sure, the quality might be superior or even the same as a cheaper but reliable option, sure, but if you love the brand, love the design, and it brings you joy every time you pack for a trip and use it to fly, then hell, it’s worth it.

    Let people be happy with what brings them happiness!

  18. Idiotic. Normal aluminum Rimowa serves its purpose perfectly. But sadly, their brand is slowly moving away from aviation market after its total takeover by LVMH. They stopped making amenity kits is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Even your cheap, normal bags would give more bang for your buck compared to a $3k Rimowa/Moncler bag, which I’ll absolutely staying away from.

  19. The people who are bitching about practicality aren’t the target market for this bag, or Rimowa even.

    Those who can do. And they don’t fret over a scratch.

    Having used Rimowa for decades, their customer service is second-to-none. I can get a broken bag replaced nearly anywhere in the world and they’ll deliver it to my hotel same-day.

    Enjoy your Tumi…

  20. How on earth can you get a Moncler suitcase? I have two Moncler jackets: that’s what Moncler is good for. Buying this case would feel the same if I bought a RIMOWA jacket. 😀

    Besides that: the design looks ULTRA CHEAP. It’s something for fashion victims (most of them have no money anyhow) or old men sitting in the first class with a 20 year old GF and trying to look younger.

    Wealthy people in Switzerland and Germany (that’s where I live) stick to their LV 4-wheel suitcases (I think that they are famous for luggage, right??) or a Hermès carry on. This Moncler thing can be probably sold in Doha or HK. Tastes are different around the world…

  21. @pixielott46

    So Pixielott: let us learn from you and tell us with your 46 years why is this a good purchase?

    Teach us poor people something about investments in Moncler suitcases.

  22. If you look at Supreme x Rimowa collab, the retail was $1600 but on resell market, it’s $3200. Sadly for Moncler, it ain’t no Supreme. At $3200, there is no upside in the resell market. So the only people who will buy these are the hypebeasts who take few photos with it to post on Instagram and then try to resell it at cost. But sadly Moncler is no longer an “in” brand like it was a decade ago so my guess their target audience are the ones who still think Prada/Versace/Armani is on trend. For those in the know, they wouldn’t touch this. PS, I have a Rimowa x Moncler from 2012. It was a lot cheaper then plus I got it in Austria so it was a lot less than buying in US.

    As for Dior x Rimowa collab, it was hot at the end of last year. LVMH got very greedy and over produced for this “limited run” edition. Now it seems like they can’t get rid of them fast enough. Even with the hottest men designer Kim Jones for Dior, they couldn’t move all the stock due to over production.

    Personally I prefer regular Rimowa carryon or my Louis Vuitton carryon by Marc Newson. The man is a design genius and I love the luggage width handle pulley. The best part of the carryon is my luggage glides effortlessly and doesn’t flip over no matter how I pull my luggage because of the way he design the pulley. The men is just brilliant.

  23. Some people would be just as cynical and sarcastic about the people who drop the cost of a first or a business class ticket… and say it’s just as pretentious posting selfies from 1A. I guess the only difference is we know the guy wearing a moncler jacket or carrying some Rimowa luggage didn’t just get a freebie with credit card miles and is there to empty the complimentary whiskey bottle.

    The point is those in glass houses shouldn’t through stones…

  24. While were the subject allow me to point out that it’s their second Moncler edition, the first was 2016 prior to the LVMH acquisition. If anything it’s interesting they’re continuing to collaborate with Moncler and Porsche Design, both still independent and not affiliated with LVMH.

    If you want to review something truly horrific, how about the transparent version they produced with off-white, LVMH creative director’s label. Who wants to see the content of your suitcase?

  25. the Dior bag is front and center in the dubai mall. the point isn’t about money or style, it’s about attention. Wyatt Koch shirts…

  26. Anxiously awaiting the Maison Margiela and Balenciaga collabs! Hopefully, they’ll agree to produce a line for every VC-backed fashion house!

    *insert regurgitation soundtrack here*

    I happen to love (the idea of) classic Rimowa. Practical? No. Iconic? Yes. But they’ve morphed into Gucci — the perceived value of the core diminished by the optics of stunt capsules and “bargain” lines. Nowadays, if I were to drop $3200, I’d buy leather. But that’s me. One person’s trash is another’s treasure.

  27. to quote my friend who worked in the Bottega Veneta “um, people who buy these bags generally don’t fly commercial…”

  28. I love Moncler, though their products are very expensive.
    I do NOT love Rimowa or clamshell opening bags…..they’re useless on a luggage rack etc….
    No outside pocket is a deal killer for me with any carry-on…Want to be able to store newspaper, phone in accessible place.
    Probably this finish will scratch like crazy.
    Bad bet!

  29. You must have not understood chinese market and how big the middle class is, how much expandable income they have and obsession to luxury brands.

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