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I don’t remember the last time I’ve laughed as hard as I did today. I actually have tears in my eyes as I scroll through Twitter.

During President Trump’s July 4th address yesterday, he said something that raised a lot of eyebrows. Specifically, he talked about how the 1775 revolutionary army “took over the airports.” Of course airplanes weren’t invented until well over 100 years later.

While I get that’s intrinsically political, I think Trump actually gave everyone a huge gift thanks to a hashtag that emerged on Twitter. Hopefully this is something that everyone can appreciate, regardless of what side of the aisle you’re on (because the humor has almost nothing to do with politics, but rather is just about air travel).

Specifically, the hashtag #RevolutionaryWarAirportStories is trending on Twitter today, as people recount what flying was like nearly 250 years ago. And. It. Is. Amazing.

Type the hashtag into your Twitter account and enjoy the endless entertainment.

Here’s just a small selection of what you can expect:

Thanks to whoever started this, because OMG it’s amazing…

  1. The comments on the YouTube page of the video are hysterical.
    It would be one thing if he meant to say “ports” and had a slip up, but he says “airports” twice!

  2. From the comments it’s pretty clear none of you have served in the military as you don’t know what a corpsman is. Additionally @lucky maybe you should try to stay non-political. I doubt any of your readers come to your website to see even more politics.

  3. Its actually sort of scary because I don’t know if Trump has all of his mental faculties, whether he is suffering from early dementia, or what the issue is. I just don’t know how you explain a grown adult saying that his father was born in Germany when he was actually born in NY (reverse birtherism???). I don’t know how you explain a grown adult saying that the sound from windmills causes cancer. They say he incessantly repeats the same points and can barely digest briefings longer than a page. Its scary to know how unstable and deteriorating the man may be, whether you support him or not.

  4. Oh no a teleprompter error… from the guy who almost never reads from teleprompters because he has his own thoughts and words… for better or worse.

    Here is what happens when a guy who only reads from teleprompters (Obama) has teleprompter problems… A disaster which will of course never be reported on by the kept media.

  5. Is this him just flubbing the delivery or is it in the actual written version?

    If the latter then it shows a lack of care in the WH communications department that no one spotted it.

    If it was the former then he’s given us all a good laugh. But prob lay has no idea why!

    My own story is the battle of the last hot towel with Benedict Arnold at the West Jet Military School.

  6. @ChrisC

    I would guess that it is probably either a typo or a misread but evidently it was meant to be ‘seaports’.

    Either way, good fun.

  7. Ummm. It was a joke on the terribleness that are our airports. LGA, LAX, EWR, JFK. They’re so antiquated and old, they could be from 1775. That’s the joke. And nothing else.

  8. It’s even worse than the airport gaffe – Ft McHenry was the War of 1812, not the Revolutionary War.

  9. Thanks, I agree on the laughs.

    One theory is that his writers trolled him and there were wagers on whether he would catch it! 😉

  10. he of course is now blaming a teleprompter failure for the gaff (gee donnie did the teleprompter insert the word air in front of port). The irony of this excuse is how frequently Trump castigated former President Obama and Hillary Clinton for even using teleprompters.

  11. He actually said ‘imports’ but anyone who hates him is just looking for an excuse to make him look bad.

  12. @ Will — That’s really what you hear at 35 seconds in the above video? Really? Seriously? Forreal?

  13. I’m going with Will being satirical 😉 play off the tradewars he’s POTUS has started 🙂

  14. I always felt like it was a battle any time I had to enter and use an airport in the United States, with the battle continuing in the sky. Several of my bags even have war wounds. And now I understand why!

  15. “I always felt like it was a battle any time I had to enter and use an airport in the United States, with the battle continuing in the sky. Several of my bags even have war wounds. And now I understand why!”

    Don’t worry, infrastructure week is coming up and Merica will build itself some of the most beautiful new airports the world has ever seen

  16. @DaKine: good link, some classics there. I was fully expecting the Smartest President of All Time ™ to burst into a full on riff of, “how we, as US Americans, must uh, get educated, you know, like in other countries?”

  17. Trump cannot read well. It’s a classic 3rd grader move to guess what the letter grouping actually says without considering the meaning behind the letters. Thus ramparts becomes airports.

  18. the stable genius’s airline went bankrupt due to British taxation without representation #RevolutionaryWarAirportStories

  19. Meanwhile the deplorables cheer. As the farmers go broke. Our deficit grows. China laughs. People who are ill struggle to get prescriptions. Banks get more powerful. We alienate our defense and trade partners. We cage children. Corporate oligarchs wipe out the middle class. Our “leader” gets cozy with dictators and murderers. Shall I go on?

    There is nothing funny about this. I realize we need to laugh at the insanity. It’s tempting. But it’s wrong. I am pretty sure they did that in Berlin in the 1930’s.

  20. In a less funny but also positive note, EVEN CNN had to report that:
    ‘The US economy added 224,000 jobs in June’

    With the same magic wand that was used for the ‘impossible’ (for the US Hatin’ lefties) above 3% GDP growth.

  21. @annon~ good news! There has been much info here in the last week or so to help you in your quest for finding a new travel bag!

  22. Maybe the US took over Nova Scotia and Ontario during the Battle at Baggage Claim because that is the only way that Alexander Graham Bell was an American when he invented the telephone.

  23. Would be nice if travel blogs could avoid overtly political articles. Thousands of websites for political talk. Would be nice to have a place where people could just discuss and learn about travel without politics being interjected.

  24. I don’t know why this bothers some people. I think it’s fair game to make fun of someone who willingly speaks in front of millions of people and makes a fool of themselves. It’s one thing to make a fool of yourself in a situation where you didn’t want any attention, but he wanted the attention during his big 4th of July celebration, so he’s getting it. If you don’t like it, don’t apply for a job where you are held to an extremely high standard and where you will be seen and heard by millions of people. Maybe rehearse your speech better to minimize mistakes if you have such thin skin.

    This goes for people on both sides. I still cringe from Obama’s “corpse men” speech and when he claimed there were more than 50 states. It was ridiculous for a man of his status and it’s fair game to make fun of him for that as well.

  25. Favorite one was something along the lines of…

    Light one lantern if by land
    Two if by sea
    Three if by the Delta Shuttle from LaGuardia

  26. @annon I think your right, i need to find a new one as well.
    @david what did i say that was even remotely political?

  27. @Lucky it wasn’t airports, his accent just makes it sounds like 8 different words although airports would be funny.

  28. @Bill

    The great thing about this blog is, you don’t have to read every single article Lucky posts, you can just click/open the ones who titles appeal to you…

  29. Who are the folks so thin-skinned that can’t just laugh at a blunder when they see it. If you can’t accept that our president is not always the sharpest tool in the box, you’ve been kidding yourself. These jokes are flat out hilarious. My guess is that the folks who are upset at this post got a lot of laughs out of Obama without the same concern for criticizing the president. And if not, lighten up, it’s not your blog.

  30. Let’s see, a travel blog heavily focused on air travel shares some clever memes about a flub (by someone who demands attention and who has massive resources and a really big brain) and it’s overly political?

    A bit snowflakey?

  31. A travel blog heavily focussed on air travel shares memes about a speech wrongly mentioning…airports, and it’s too political, biased, and disgusting?

    A bit snowflakish, perhaps?

  32. You know it‘s just confusing to see how people want Lucky to stop posting “political” blogs while screaming for freedom of speech when comment auditing policy was introduced before

  33. Bill – I assume you have a brain cell or two? If you don’t want to read political stories, don’t click on political headlines…

    BBK – Why would US hating lefties (a weird insult to use, I do hate the US and I am left-leaning, it’s not exactly a controversial or rare stance to take) not believe GDP could go above 3%? It’s been higher under Obama, I see no reason why a more business-friendly president wouldn’t outpace him (Trump is irrefutably a moron, but he’s not the one writing these policies). He’s certainly spending enough money to do so! Not that I really care much about what the GDP figure says – it’s preferable that it’s positive, but it doesn’t really affect how much money the poor and middle class have. What’s the point in your country being wealthy if it doesn’t benefit you.

  34. I always love the “oh please don’t be political “ angle. A plea to ignore the obvious. Trump can barely read as such he doesn’t have the mental dexterity to overcome a poorly written speech.

  35. I see some people complaining about political bias on this thread aren’t complaint about it on the ‘Trump needs to save US airlines’ thread.

  36. Trump cannot read properly and when he speaks I’ve heard 12 year olds more eloquently

    I suspect someone intentionally wrote errors into the TelePrompTer and he just carried on and as per usual won’t admit his error

    He never says sorry , apologises or is humble He’s the polar opposite of a gentleman

  37. @john key Leave it to a Trump supporter to believe that the problem isn’t Trump, it’s the people who quote what he says.

  38. Laugh now, weep again in 2020! Lol. Or maybe you’ll have moved from the “57 states” to Canada by then, as promised! No one will miss you!

  39. Trump has failed big time.
    I was expecting show of air supremacy not a measly Superbowl fly by.

    The next time you I expect to see a dozen B-2 flanked by a dozen B-52 and F-22 pulling crazy
    maneuvering together.

    A dozen each of bombers combined can carry over 500 megatons of payload, just over 35,000 times of Hiroshima. Now that is a salute (total annihilation) to America.

  40. @ Ben — Hopefully he gave everyone a gift in that his continued demonstration that he is an idiot will lead to him being a one-term President. I’m not holding my breath.

  41. Thanks so much for sharing Ben!

    Quite amazing and so reassuring but as Mark above possibly rightly says and definitely very well illustrates… common sense may not prevail in 2020 … helped in that by the way votes finally count.

    But like for the UK… the show goes on… in the meantime carpe diem 🙂

  42. Heard around 😉 “Most people don’t know this, but the band Jefferson Airplane was named after the plane President Thomas Jefferson flew in the Revolutionary war.”

  43. Seems like the name Jefferson Airplane came from the method of holding a roach between two wooden matchsticks or toothpicks thus a vaguely biplane appearance . My memories of those days are foggy though .

  44. When will you people get it thru your thick skulls! This is Ben’s blog! He has every right to pick and choose what articles he writes! If you don’t like it, don’t open it! In fact for those snowflakes threatening to leave? By all means go, you won’t be missed! If you are that thin skinned that you are offended by pointing out that we have a Moron in the White House please find another blog!! Your whining is getting tedious! We don’t care!
    Ben, carry on! The rest of us enjoy the variety and it does apply to airports even the imaginary ones the dwell in Donnie John ‘s head.

  45. Capturing the Allegheny Airlines hub was a critical strategic move that prevented Air Canada from opening a second front in the west

    Yes, but what about Atlanta? Does nobody remember the Peachtree Street Massacre, the SunTrust Stadium Siege, and the midnight raid on Hartsfield Douglas?

    Or when Nathaniel Greene and his troops recaptured all the Friendly’s on Long Island from a band of Benedict Arnold sympathizers. A few Denny’s were left in question (still are) but we’re negotiated over a coffee frappé. Never forget!

    And you have got to admit that the bayonet charge led by Hamilton on BWI was a miracle.

  46. I agree with @Anne k ! Ben covers the whole gamut of aviation-related topics, so there is every justification to join in the derision of the Idiot-in-Chief over his string of bloopers at his parade.
    I have observed over time here that there is a large contingent of humourless types whose only joy comes from taking offense at any imagined slight they detect.
    I am delighted that Ben and the team have a wicked sense of humour; something the thin-skinned here sadly don’t.
    Oh, last thing, as the descriptor ‘ snowflake’ is now being applied to both sides of the political divide it is now redundant and in need of retirement. Just sayin’ …….

  47. Funny as hell, for sure. I’ve been laughing all day.
    Until I remind myself that this fool is in charge of running our country.
    And that’s no joke.

  48. Ben, to be honest, it’s not funny. It’s more like pathetic, sad, stupid, embarrassing, and a true sign that our fake president has lost his mind….though I’m not sure how much of a mind he has to lose. It’s one lie after another, though his Revolutionary War comment about airplanes wasn’t a lie really, since the British Air Force was destroyed by the U.S. in 1775, leading to our independence in 1776. Thank goodness for our powerful aircraft carriers positioned just off of the Atlantic coast with hundreds of Navy jets at the ready. Up, up and away!

  49. @callum wow nice. I post an opinion and you attack me directly. Way to prove why even the mention of politics is toxic in today’s climate and why it should best be avoided on travel websites.

  50. HA! There should be some minimum level of competency to match the job description of “president” shouldn’t there? Like, “Must have basic reading and speech skills” perhaps?

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