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We arrived at the airport an hour and a half before departure. After checking in, dropping off our bags and clearing security, we had roughly 30 minutes until our flight was supposed to board.

The terminal was packed and there seemed to be quite bit of confusion in the gate area. About half of the flights leaving were reassigned to new gates and there was definitely a shortage of seating.

People also seemed quite excited to take a picture with one of the Duck Dynasty guys. Somehow we managed to survive without that selfie.

Thankfully, I have a Priority Pass membership thanks to one of my premium credit cards with lounge access (in this case, my Citi Prestige card) and it includes guests. So, we all had access to the VIP Lounge.

There are actually two VIP Lounges in Terminal 2 at SJD. One is near Gate 8 and the other is near Gate 4. We went to the one near Gate 8.

The lounge is at the far end of the terminal and there is good signage throughout the terminal to get you there.

VIP_Lounge_Los_Cabos - 18

We were checked in immediately. And I must say Priority Pass’ new system of using their app for access is a welcome change since it means one less card in my wallet.

VIP_Lounge_Los_Cabos - 1

I was really surprised by how sharp the lounge looked. It’s much better than most domestic lounges in the US and is by far the best Priority Pass lounge I’ve been in.

VIP_Lounge_Los_Cabos - 3

Then I realized we were only on the first level of the lounge and there was even more room upstairs.

VIP_Lounge_Los_Cabos - 8

VIP_Lounge_Los_Cabos - 6

VIP_Lounge_Los_Cabos - 7

VIP_Lounge_Los_Cabos - 12

VIP_Lounge_Los_Cabos - 11

The buffet was the same on both levels. They had the typical lounge snack food (chips, fruit, etc) along with more substantial items like sandwiches and salads (that actually looked pretty decent). You’d place an order and then the servers would bring the food and drinks to you.

VIP_Lounge_Los_Cabos - 9

VIP_Lounge_Los_Cabos - 10

The server also brought over a couple of drink menus. We stuck to water and coke so I can’t comment on the quality of the wine or mixed drinks.

VIP_Lounge_Los_Cabos - 4

VIP_Lounge_Los_Cabos - 5

My girls split a tuna sandwich and a turkey sandwich. The fact I couldn’t get a picture before one of them took a bite should serve as proof they liked it.

VIP_Lounge_Los_Cabos - 14


We made one last stop at the restroom and then started heading to our new departure gate.

Boarding our flight home

At the gate, my wife was called up for extra screening. This wasn’t a surprise after her boarding pass printed with the fun SSSS designation.

The screening was basically the telenovela version of TSA security theater. I suppose it makes some people feel more safe. But, it was clearly a superficial show without any substance.

They barely looked in her purse and didn’t even touch the bags she was carrying because she handed them to me while taking her shoes off. I’ve had more thorough checks leaving Costco. But, the whole thing meant we could hang out and look at planes, which my kids enjoyed. And we wound up first in line to board the plane, which is always nice with little monsters in tow.

VIP_Lounge_Los_Cabos - 19

I did manage to get yelled at by the police officer on the tarmac. Apparently the image below is contraband. It clearly represents a fundamental risk to airport security.

VIP_Lounge_Los_Cabos - 20

After an uneventful flight back home, we made the rounds picking up dogs and getting back into our normal routine.

Bottom line

I was impressed by the VIP Lounge in Los Cabos. It was definitely the nicest Priority Pass lounge I’ve been to. The service was prompt and the food was good. There isn’t anything that would make me go to the airport early. But it’s great to have access to a clean, quiet space when the terminal is so chaotic.

  1. This must be new. I visited in April 2015 and it was a pretty pathetic lounge with loud TV, sparse food, and upstairs closed.

  2. Mike,

    With the Priority Lounge APP, does that need a mobile connection?. I was just wondering if you had a international sim card or international service.


  3. “I did manage to get yelled at by the police officer on the tarmac”….. In the late 70s, I took ONE picture of a plane on the tarmac from the Airport Restaurant window at the Budapest Ferihegy airport. Within five minutes a police officer and a solder in full uniform showed up and asked for my camera. I was about 14. They took my camera claiming I just took picture(s) of …whatever.. not even remember what they said. I’m glad we are finally made it to the communists’ security level .. took a while… hurray. Khrushchev and Brezhnev are both smiling in their graves.

  4. Was in that lounge for an hr. in early January, and was impressed like you were. The lounge was a little crowded, and then we discovered the stairwell to the deserted 2nd floor (except for bartender)- BINGO!

    My 8 yr. old loved the Turkey sandwich and soup. Salad was good as well.

  5. Hi All,
    went to the lounge in December after a few days in Cabo with the family. I found the lounge to be clean, but don’t you dare try and help yourself to a sandwich or a drink as the staff is there to serve you and you are there to tip them after they serve you. There is also a pool table for the kids in a room off to the side. There were no cues and maybe 5 balls in total but the pool table was well maintained.

    Great review…

  6. @Sam – No need for a data connection. In fact, if you’re using an iPhone, you can add your Priority Pass card to Apple’s Wallet app. They just enter the PP membership number manually. Since there is a QR code on the app, I imagine they can scan it in some lounges as well.

  7. Amol – The entire airport experience at SJD was vastly improved since our previous trip a few years ago. One of the benefits of Odile, I guess.

  8. The lounge is probably larger than the entire original Los Cabos airport. In the late 70’s there was one bunker like building and the car rental desks were outdoors.The drive from San Jose to Cabo San Lucas was gorgeous. There were no hotels or golf courses… just endless sand and sea. You could ride horses along the beach.

  9. Preprinted SSS. About the dumbest thing ever. If someone gets that, they can easily decide not to fly, or hand their bags to another person traveling with them. Then the “no picture” thing. Like it would really be difficult to take them on the “sly”. And of course, people take them all the time. The internet is full of them.

  10. Did you rent a car while in Cabo? Heading there in a couple of months and I could use some recommendations as I heard some the big chain car rental companies are a rip off.

  11. @Mo – We did not a rent a car. I thought about it and decided to just do the transfer to the resort since the mandatory insurance increases the daily rate on a rental quite a bit.

  12. @mo. I used Avis. I didn’t find it rip off as long as expecting to have flat tire Or something similar. I was charged $300 damage fee for one tire with nail in it. It had to be in it before I rented it because I had to stop to put air in it shortly after renting.
    Also, PEEL OFF the rental company sticker on the back of car. It is a magnet for local.police. I was pulled over twice in one week with made up reasons in Cabo. They played the game both times of follow them to local police station than pulled over down the road to tell me the judge won’t be back for a week so I will be sitting in jail for a few days. Or I could give them cash right there for the fine….

  13. @Endre – How long ago did you visit Cabo when this happened? I’ve been going to cabo 1-3x a year for the past 10 years and have rented cars during most of those trips and have never had any issues with local police. I find the local police do a pretty good job in keeping the tourists safe and maintain order in the Cabo San Lucas area.

  14. I was there first in 2014. Garbage lounge with nice people working there. Flying around 2PM most days, you will find the lounge totally full. I wish those pictures reflected the norm.

    Never in a million years would I let a loved one eat tuna in a 3rd tier lounge.

  15. We travel to Cabe several times a year and now own a home there. We love the VIP Lounge in Cabo. It has been open and expanded into this location well over a year and only briefly closed during Odile and the airport renovation. I find that it is better than many domestic lounges and the service staff is wonderful and very professional. The food is not spectacular but for finger sandwiches and light salads very nice. Beats stale nuts and crackers from a bin and the garbage food in the airport. The lounge is quiet and welcoming even when full. Again, your option is to be in a very loud packed terminal ( often filled with too many rowdy sun burned, overly full of tequila, week-long vacay burned out peeps). Another very nice benefit is the business conference room and better yet, the free massage! In all, for Mexico (and even US) this is a gem. Anyone being afraid to eat in this lounge should steer clear of Mexico and travel in general. They are very clean!

  16. We visited this lounge today and it was one of the worse experiences in Mexico. They gave us a hard time just getting in and were as unfriendly and unhelpful as could be. Don’t waste your time or energy here.

  17. I have been to this lounge 3 times now. 2015,16,17. The first level has decent staff. They actually serve you. The woman who runs the second floor is extremely unpleasant and likes to keep the floor as her personal lounge. Its always empty up there. We heard a patron verbally upset with the service and found the same ourselves. The food, drinks and space are great but they really need to fire the woman upstairs… Unless she owns the place… She sure acts like she does.

  18. We’ve been to this lounge on Christmas, 2017, and unfortunately that was the worst VIP room experience i ever had (though not all over the world, but at least a dozen..) If you drink alcohol, you may find it decent. But as a non-drinker, i found it pathetic. The room was a chaos- food residue all over the place, the room was filled with tipsy- or drunk people. I thought i went to a bar instead of a VIP lounge. I can see how friendly the staff to the guests who drink- they had shots over and over. Though the staff did see me and asked what i would like to have, but my sad little cup of tea never came since they were trying to accommodate those guest who had shots, then i just decided to leave. I understand that it’s Christmas, people want to have fun. But staff drinking with guests???!!! i have never seen that before. So unprofessional. Did not have food because they were all wrapped with saranwrap, did not look appealing. The starbucks next to the lounge has better service for non-drinkers.

  19. This place is pathetic. I was there in June 2018. The food is horrible, soda is flat, wifi doesnt work, servers dont walk around to ask what you like. The tuna and turkey sandwiches were the worst food i ever had in a lounge. Service was poor. We ended up going outside to order fast food.

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